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  1. Not an insider by any means and sometimes question why TJD is still not pulling the trigger but I do feel that he will be a Hoosier... It just makes too much sense on all fronts.. Crazy supportive fan base that will always hold him dear , a coaching staff that has the team on the rise, awesome facilities... And almost certain immediate playing time... I know there are other things that he likely is looking at when considering his decision also but I don't think he can convince himself to go anywhere else to live his dream...
  2. ..It is more like every hour for me...Even before my morning coffee😁
  3. Been a lurker since the beginning of HSN3, just commenting here to encourage continuing new info posts, I want to say to the guys on here that bring info that I would not get without you guys ... Keep it coming, I appreciate all you do and hope you continue! If you decide not to post it here I would gladly except it in private message😇 ... GO HOOSIERS!
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