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  1. Not at all objecting to the rule, and I honestly didn't even think about the cameo money, etc. The Lilly King point was a good one. My objection is really to the players thinking they are worth more than they actually are. Some would most likely be better off in the current system. But I guess the market would set that price.
  2. I think the guys stating the players are worth well over $40k are overexaggerating a bit. IU has 1 guy playing right now that any of us on a message board would even know if it weren't for them playing at IU. How much could Al or Rob make on NIL? My guess, it's not much. Trayce could probably make some good additional money on endorsements in the state, but no one else.
  3. Just googled "How old is John Beilein" if you guys are wondering how the game is going.
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