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  1. What if we add Smits we already has Dale Davis son, we need Reggie Miller’s kid had we would be set!
  2. We’re down by six to St Francis !
  3. Why he didn’t play Fritz! It took him two month to make a basket and his defense and rebounding were horrible.
  4. Is there any hope of landing Trendon at IU.
  5. We know Romeo is leaving and so does Archie. So what is it that everyone thinks we need to bring in yet. We need a sharp shooter, at the guard position or forward position. With Green ,Al, Rob and Franklin I think we need the forward position filled up a little more. So do we have a chance of landing Watford? Right now I worry about consistency scoring. The big unknown is how good is Hunter? I have no ideal if he will be the big sharp shooter we need.
  6. I like Romeo he has been a class act and I wish him the best. He will be drafted and he should take the money! If he was your son what would you tell him. Be honest! You would say son take the money and buy me some new golf clubs! 😂
  7. Is there anymore spring practice updates!
  8. Hey it’s fine if he didn’t want to play at IU. Then he would just be playing for himself and we’ve seen what that does before. I would rather Archie get some guys that can play great team ball.
  9. I am with you I think Archie will do us proud! Hoosier football an basketball fans are just tried of being told to wait. Football what are we talking 40 years. Basketball what going on 25 years let’s get this thing going’s!
  10. I still believe in Archie with all this ream went though they had 18 wins. I say let’s see what in picks up yet this year. Before we panic. I will say I am very tried of waiting from us to be great again year in an year out. Same with football, how many years until we win 6 to 8 games every year.
  11. Hey, we didn’t need Brooks we need shooters. I only know whats been written about Hunter. I hope he is that good. Rob will be great next year. Al can play and Devonte actually showed up the last 4 games. Where has he been. So who’s the real Devonte and can he really play like he has in the last 4 games. Davis needs to enroll right now and start working in the weight room with the football guys! I am hoping we can get Watford and a shooter. Race looks good but, doesn’t seem to be much on offense hope that is just him catching up after being out so long.
  12. When is Trendon going to announce his team choice?
  13. That is a stone cold fact. Mike Davis ran us into the ground. Took way to long to get rid of him. KS screw us up took serval years to rebuild that mess. Then Crean did good for awhile then we couldn’t defend a high school team and he left us thin on talent. Archie first two years have been so so. Hoping next year we make a big step forward.
  14. What is it about this tournament that we can’t play worth a darn in it.
  15. Well I don’t think we make the NCAA this year. Great comeback from our young men! To many turn over in this game! I think if we get an invite to the NIT we should take it and play.
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