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  1. Your right ! Nothing, is wrong with live games. Just saying I feel they could have Figured this out an played!
  2. Nor every game can be televised at the same time.
  3. So the people who couldn’t attend the game could watch the game being played later!
  4. . High school is playing ! Let’s have college games on TV tape delayed. In sparsely filled stadiums. I may hear the out come before the tape plays ,but I would still watch it and other games of interest ! if we’re still dealing with this thing when Basketball comes around again don’t fill the gym. Tape the games show them later. let the players on the side line spread out further then the 20 To 20 yard lines if you need to . Just seems to me this could happen with a little effort from the higher ups!
  5. So you’ve had it, so sorry! Hope your ok. It’s just starting to hit my county! See more People everyday that test positive!
  6. Well the health of the players and coaches should be the determining factor in any decision made. The problem with this damn virus is no one knows much about it. Are there long term side effects from it like damaged lungs! Are there any long term side effects at all?
  7. I hope your wrong, unfortunately I believe your Might be right. They could sell limited amount of tickets, then use television to show games on tape delay maybe. I don’t know heartbreaking times! I am so ready to watch some IU games!!!
  8. Thank You! Looking forward to hearing something new !
  9. Did football practice start July 1?
  10. So do you think Archie will pick up a transfer to take Justin spot?
  11. Good luck Justin, wish you well. I have to be honest, I keep waiting for him to be more offensive! He never became the shooter we needed. Was that because of the system or because he’s not a good shooter! My guess is he isn’t a good shooter. Can’t say I felt confident any time he took a shot unless it was a dunk.
  12. Has there been anymore info come out on Peyton?
  13. I was thinking about DA also. Has he officially entered the Transfer Portal? I haven’t see anywhere that he is transferring!
  14. So during these troubled times just what can the players do. Is there any interaction between players and coaches. Anyway to work on strength and skills fundamentals.
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