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  1. RPI ratings N Ala 245, Portland 216 Troy 316. These are some of the cupcakeiest if that’s even a word ! 😂 your right knight played his share of cupcakes early ,but he still mixed in some games to find out who we are. Go Hoosiers
  2. Just wondering how some of the big targets we lost last year are doing?
  3. My guess is UK will drop Evansville from thier schedule! 😂
  4. I totally agree! I am a IU basketball fan forever ,but this type of game is way beneath us!
  5. What is the status on all our injuries. Hunter and Phinisee are playing so hopefully they are getting closer to being full strength. Any word on Green! I know a severe hamstring injury can take awhile to heal properly. With him being a senior I am sure he is biting nails to get out there on the floor.
  6. I didn’t watch the game. So I have nothing to add. Hope to catch it on BTN sometime. From just some quick glances at what’s being said. No one seems excited. It’s really early so a win is a win.
  7. We will be under dogs the next two for sure. Purdue will be tough at Purdue, it’s the rival game anything can happen! I think we beat Purdue and take a run at Michigan
  8. I’ll take it! How sweet it would be to win 2 out of three!
  9. So what do you think the odds or that we win two of the next three? Penn St, Michigan, an Purdue.
  10. From what I seen on our last game. We need to work on our free throws. Don’t know anything about Portland St. just very hard for me to get excited about these first games! Go Hoosiers!
  11. Sorry! I just don’t think we should schedule this poorly! We don’t have to play NC or Duke and Ky. We should be playing teams ranked will under 200! This is a joke.
  12. I read an article that said out of 92 teams in some elite conference. Indiana non conference schedule ranked 85th. That’s embarrassing! If we are afraid to play the better teams then Archies salary should reflect that. Why pay him elite salary to play bottom feeder teams! If we want to say we’re and elite then let’s act like it. We’re INDIANA
  13. Who sits your non conference schedule! Wow it looks embarrassingly weak this year! I understand starting with a couple powderpuffs in a few early games. But then start ramping it up. How will we know if we’re any good. Get in the Big Ten and lose 10 or 12 in a row.
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