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  1. I agree Mile! Just likeIU football. Purdue dominated us in the bucket games, but we have won 5 of the last7. We should have one the two we lost!
  2. Purdue! I am wondering about who will show up tomorrow?
  3. Maybe they should use the NET rating system for grades! How many Quid. 1 classes you ace.
  4. Is this a must win game for IU. I don’t think so I terms of getting in the NCAA tournament. Would it be a big feather in out hat to get in yes! Would it be a big help in the psyche of this team going forward yes! Could relieve so pressure on them to win. Do I think to win this game good DG needs to show up, NOI think the good IU team needs to show up. They show up to play against Minn, but where were they the last three or four games. How they couldn’t push the effort button against Purdue is outside my thought process. I will be watching and cheering them on hopefully to victory, I will be coming to the game I hope they come to!
  5. I am not even going to try and act like I understand this net stuff! Who came up with it ? Who can explain it? When the record of one team is almost identical to another. How can one teams net be 32 another’s be 59. So what’s the factor that drops the one team so far down. On the argument that we play to many cupcakes. Everyone plays thier share of cupcakes early, I get that, but I do believe IU has gone a little to far. We should be able to toughen that early schedule up and still win those games. Not saying play top 50 teams, but we shouldn’t be playing 300 plus teams either. Maybe this is the difference in our net rating.
  6. Hey, i wouldn’t hate that lineup, but I’ll trust Archie to pickem. Starters or not they all need to come focused and bought in like last night. We didn’t play a perfect game last night. We did how ever make plays to stay in the game until we were able to go on a run and take the lead. Go Hoosiers!
  7. Hey it was a much needed win. We had some real right spots. We knew Davis was could have a great game. Race really played well. He did all the things last night that helps you win games. Rebounds, Defense, scored. I hope he can keep it going Can this team keep it going. I hope so!
  8. The tech was super weak and that last foul was bull !
  9. We have shown who we are over the last four years are more. We don’t have enough talent to be consistent. We have one outstanding player, one player that still has and upside in Hunter. The rest are bench players for most other schools in the Big Ten. More then anything I have been disappointed in our recruiting over all. Not being able to fill glaring needs! Archie has no one he can go to an say get us going. It is also something he has failed to recruit. So it’s hard to think we will win this game. I love recruiting Indiana kids get as many as you can! They have got to be able to play at this level though. Let’s go get talent where ever it is. No more play ground talent! Basketball talent please!
  10. Seems like people or losing faith in this team!
  11. Great win, got sloppy 2nd half! Still made plays we needed to! When you can knock down some outside shots everything flows better.
  12. I hope so he should has got that one on Hunter,
  13. Come on guys finish this thing off!
  14. My daughter played High school volleyball. In her Junior year. They had a wonderful senior girl who was voted captain. She was very positive, but wasn’t a strong player herself. The team struggles all season. Then at the end of the season. My daughter a junior spoke up in the locker room and told the team we are better then this. We are not playing hard and we can do better. the team went on a small winning streak and got to the sectional championship game. Something that no one though possible 5 games before that. My point is OK Greens your captain, he isn’t getting it done. So someone else needs to step in and wake these guys up!
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