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  1. We got some options this year! Turn it over sit down
  2. Has anyone heard anything on this?
  3. What a cluster this is. So what’s that do to Wisconsin bowl chances? I think the Big Ten comish and his staff should be grilled over this. Maybe instead of starting late we should have start early and add extra open weeks to have room to reschedule games.
  4. Week #6 1. Iowa 2.Indiana 3. Penn St 4. Ohio St. 5.Minnesota 6. Northwestern 7.Purdue
  5. I’ll go along with that Penix doesn’t need to be the one running the ball! Scott and James need to get this running game moving!
  6. We struggle to run the ball! So is it our run blocking scheme? Are our linemen not strong enough? As a line coach an running back coach where would you start! Before the Maryland game if we play!
  7. If they need a celebrity opinion about IU. Then I say I u don’t need them!
  8. There we go LeBron James gave us credit! I’ll be able to sleep tonight!
  9. Sometimes you have to bounce! Jump outside run to a crease! Something. Ok Ohio st control our offense line. But we haven’t ran the ball well all year.
  10. So what are we doing that is so much different that we can’t run the ball. Our backs look slow to the hole.
  11. I love our team but that running game needs to become part of this team!!
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