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  1. Bob

    Should Tom Allen be fired?

    My feelings are to not fire Tom Allen! This was only his second year. He had no good experienced QB to step in. This year he has a very young defense! The problem is DeBord and the special teams coach. I would probably throw the OL coach in there also. This line should have preformed better! If Allen doesn’t make changes there I will probably switch, because, that would tell me he isn’t strong enough to be a head coach!
  2. Bob

    Michigan pre-game thread....

    I don’t expect to win at Michigan, but man that would be sweet! I just hope we come out healthy to give us the best shot possible to beat Purdue!
  3. Bob

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    I to struggle believing in this team! The OL wasn’t anything close to what we were hoping! Ramsey is Ramsey weak arm he would be a great backup QB just not a great starting QB. Against Minnesota early he was constantly throwing slightly behind the receivers. Several times had he been in step I think the receiver could have turn the play into a big gain instead it was just another 4 yard gain. So I guess what I am saying is I don’t really have faith that Payton Ramsey can win in the big ten!
  4. Bob

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    My gut says we beat Maryland! Then lose big to Michigan and Purdue both will run up the score!
  5. Bob

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    Thank you milehiiu, sounds like Mr Glass is more then qualified to do this job! I find it interesting that Harry Gonso supported him. I was a freshman in High School in 1967. My team came to IU to watch the Hoosier play Minnesota. We sat in the end zone bleachers and watch IU win that game late in the fourth quarter i believe. I have been a fan ever since. Been hope to get back to the Rose bowl again!
  6. Bob

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    I hope they can clean up the free throw thing! That will catch up to us if we don’t! Teams will foul DeRon instead of letting him score buckets around the basket.
  7. Bob

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    I don’t know what Fred Glass was before he became the AD at IU. He spent a lot of money on the stadium to make upgrades. If he was a good businessman I would think he then would spend the needed money to fill the stadium! The only way is to put a product on the field that excites and draws in the fans! Can’t keep coming close need to win flat out win. If he was an academic then maybe he doesn’t get it that you need to win to fill that stadium and make money! It is a shame to watch a game on tv an they don’t show the crowd because the stadium is almost empty!
  8. Bob

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    No that wasn’t me but thank you! I love the Hoosier and want them to always done well.
  9. Bob

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    I am not up on who some of the good young OC are that we could maybe interest in IU. Surely some of the top mid majors guys would be interested!
  10. Bob

    Maryland Pre Game thread

    I totally agree we need to give Allen a couple more years. I think the telling tail will be if he makes changes at OC and special teams coaches. Allen needs to go out and hire a stronger staff. He needs to be the HC. Hold these coordinaters accountable! We played a lot of Freshman this year. The experience of the players should pay off next year. Ramsey isn’t our starting QB. You can see the big ten teams loading up the box because he is no treat down field! His first 20 completions against Minn avg. 4.5 yards. DeBord is terrible, every place he has been the offense has gone backwards. The question really is who is out there that IU can get! I am tire of words, we need wins! Big wins!