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  1. We know Romeo is leaving and so does Archie. So what is it that everyone thinks we need to bring in yet. We need a sharp shooter, at the guard position or forward position. With Green ,Al, Rob and Franklin I think we need the forward position filled up a little more. So do we have a chance of landing Watford? Right now I worry about consistency scoring. The big unknown is how good is Hunter? I have no ideal if he will be the big sharp shooter we need.
  2. I like Romeo he has been a class act and I wish him the best. He will be drafted and he should take the money! If he was your son what would you tell him. Be honest! You would say son take the money and buy me some new golf clubs! 😂
  3. Is there anymore spring practice updates!
  4. Hey it’s fine if he didn’t want to play at IU. Then he would just be playing for himself and we’ve seen what that does before. I would rather Archie get some guys that can play great team ball.
  5. I am with you I think Archie will do us proud! Hoosier football an basketball fans are just tried of being told to wait. Football what are we talking 40 years. Basketball what going on 25 years let’s get this thing going’s!
  6. I still believe in Archie with all this ream went though they had 18 wins. I say let’s see what in picks up yet this year. Before we panic. I will say I am very tried of waiting from us to be great again year in an year out. Same with football, how many years until we win 6 to 8 games every year.
  7. Hey, we didn’t need Brooks we need shooters. I only know whats been written about Hunter. I hope he is that good. Rob will be great next year. Al can play and Devonte actually showed up the last 4 games. Where has he been. So who’s the real Devonte and can he really play like he has in the last 4 games. Davis needs to enroll right now and start working in the weight room with the football guys! I am hoping we can get Watford and a shooter. Race looks good but, doesn’t seem to be much on offense hope that is just him catching up after being out so long.
  8. When is Trendon going to announce his team choice?
  9. That is a stone cold fact. Mike Davis ran us into the ground. Took way to long to get rid of him. KS screw us up took serval years to rebuild that mess. Then Crean did good for awhile then we couldn’t defend a high school team and he left us thin on talent. Archie first two years have been so so. Hoping next year we make a big step forward.
  10. What is it about this tournament that we can’t play worth a darn in it.
  11. Well I don’t think we make the NCAA this year. Great comeback from our young men! To many turn over in this game! I think if we get an invite to the NIT we should take it and play.
  12. Since people are talking about IQ’s has anyone heard from Dakich since we been on a winning streak?😆
  13. I say Keion it’s your call go where you want! The only thing is if you go to KY, you’ll miss out on something special that’s starting to happen at IU! Archie is building great thing! So be part of it or Not!
  14. Here’s my take. Basically I think Keion has known for awhile where he wants to play. Then he has a couple of other schools that he thinks wouldn’t be bad either. He still knows where he wants to play. He has to think about playing time and exposure. I am sure he is confident in his abilities to go anywhere. Neither school IU Or KY players are going to make it easy for him, but I think he has a better chance at IU of seeing the floor for major minutes. Everything should point to IU . so what does it really mean. He will choose the school he really wanted to play for from the very start. Which is only he knows for sure.
  15. What does KenPom know! Keep playing hard Hoosiers and we will win! Go Hoosiers!!
  16. Sorry Rico, I just had read about it in the Star. What to share it. I had been celebrating our victory maybe a little more then I though! 🥃
  17. Wow was it just me are did anyone else think Izzo was about to clutch his chest and fall out of his chair. Shouting we should have won we should have won. That kid what ever his name is, should not have made those shots . How unfair!!!
  18. I hate Purdue just as much as and other IU fan . I just read an article about how Matt Painter addressed the student body at Mackey Arena and ask them to stop chanting IU sucks. He said the profanity chants Haarms received at IU we’re awful and there is no place for that kind of stuff. That Purdue needs to clean up there own backyard, because they are much better then that. I have a whole new find respect for Matt Painter. I love IU we are a very proud fan base. I want to cheer and be loud and drive opposing teams crazy with our support of our beloved Hoosiers. I hope I never hear profanity chants at opponents or single out a opposing player ever again we also are much better then that.
  19. It was a great team win ,but hats off to Justin Smith. Best game I’ve seen Devonte play. Super excited to see what Rob can do as he gets better!
  20. I am one that has been very hard on Smith and Devonte. So I must back up and say wow guys great game. You both played great. Please play that way the rest of the year!
  21. I have never been recruited so I have no ideal. I would think if you are and Indiana high school player , and you plan on choosing a in state school why not announce it during your last year. If you are considering and out of state school I would wait. Why take the cat calls in opposing gyms. I know that doesn’t always pan out that way but that’s how I think. Romeo waited,but Romeo also was considering, Louisville and Vandy I believe till the very end.
  22. They are Crean’s! Archie wouldn’t have been able to replace that many players after he was hired if they all left. I am sure Archie thought well if Crean recruited them they must be able to play. To a degree they can. I like Al he’s a winner, I think Smith is worth another year. If he works hard this summer on his ball handling and shot and gets his Dad to stay off the internet. Also he needs to get right with his attitude also. Moore if he puts on some serious muscle could help, but I don’t know if he will. Race is a keeper from the little I have seen him, he to needs to work on his shot. Greens the big disappointment very low basketball IQ. His body language tells me his attitude is little to be desired. D1 is to big for him. I don’t think it is a coincidence that since DeRon is healthier and Race is available, Ron Phinesse is getting healthier and Green is on the bench we’re playing better. It was a combination of injuries and bad attitudes by just a couple of players. Just my opinion
  23. I think Race has done a great job so for to help this team. Would like to see a little more offense from him. Hoping that come as he get more playing time.
  24. Well if Billy drinks the soda. I’ll get rid of the bourbon! Lol
  25. Is there any updates on any of the recruits we have offered?
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