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  1. How many scholarships does IU have to give for 2020. Last I saw so far this class ranks 11th in the Big Ten. Is that right
  2. True and we had the most predictable and less aggressive OC in the conference the last two years! So should be a great game ! To your point I think we are right there just need to finish !
  3. The schedule is what it is ! The west teams we play this year is Purdue an Northwestern, I believe they both are picked to contend for the West champions aren’t they. That being said I don’t feel we are far off of either one of those two teams. Wouldn’t be a big upset if we won either of those games. After all we have beat Purdue 3 of the last 5, and only lost the last 2 by want a touchdown in each game. Hopefully we have a better OC this year.
  4. I am hoping your right! How fun would 7 or 8 be!
  5. It has been frustrating the last 4 or 5 years we seem to be right on the cusps of winning a Hugh game. The missed field goal to win a bowl game. Last minute long touchdowns given up to loss a game. We just seem to be so close. With all that though we always seem to be getting better, just been painfully slow. I guess my question is if we don’t at least go to a bowl game this year do we risk sliding back into the mine set of this is just another Typical IU team. I just feel we need to take that next step are we will start sliding backwards.
  6. I was reading an article today that says IU biggest problem is going to be its offensive and defensive line. What’s everyone’s opinion on that .
  7. In about three months we will get to see our football team play ! So really for that.
  8. I agree we are young class wise but lot of our juniors an sophomores have the game experience older players! This makes us a very exciting team coming into this year! I feel the key is our QB. If it’s Ramsey he needs to really improve his deep throws. Must be a lot more accurate with those throws. Throw people open. Get them the ball where they can do something with it. I may regret this but I am hoping one of the other QB take over.
  9. I think we win all 3 non conference games Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue and Nebraska!
  10. I think they are wrong! I have a good feeling about this team! I believe we will be 7 -5
  11. I agree, the time frame of all this NBA stuff are the true signing period needs to change. What if you lose any of the three IU guys, Devote,Smith, or Durham what a Hugh hole that would have been to over come this late. There are kids you know are going to be drafted. So a coach can plan on that, but there are borderline kids that really put coaches and schools at a Hugh disadvantage. i Think you need to shorten the time the NBA has to look at them. Truth is they pretty much know who they are interested in anyway. They have scouts they can cover the entire college season. Is that unreasonable?
  12. That’s funny right there! Don’t care who you are !
  13. Has anyone heard how Michael Penix is progressing with his knee.
  14. I hope he stays healthy! I can’t wait to watch him play! Hey I am not one of those that think we are going into next season totally helpless. Just have some unknown things. Like will Hunter be as good as advertised. Can Green find a consistent shot and not be a turnover machine. Can RP, AD, improve they’re shot. Can Franklin shoot. Can Race, DD, TD, an JS play together and be solid on offense. I feel they all can, just would have like to grab someone we know could score.
  15. Is there anyone left for us to go after. Would still like to find a good shooter!
  16. I don’t know the players still available to us. We still need a consistent outside shooter to go along with our current players. I feel Rob and Al will show improvement. Devonte has shown for three years he is a streaky shooter. When he’s hot no ones better when he’s not well it’s not pretty. Damezi is still catching up to this level. I thought his shot looked very uncomfortable last year. Hopefully the game slows down for him and he can hit his stride. This team has talent, but it needs to be elevated across the board if we are going to win.
  17. When does practice officially start up again? I am really anxious to see this new Hoosier team play! Hoping to see a more explosive offense and a Defense that can finish off a game! Fingers crossed!
  18. This is my point WE ARE IU. Alabama football had 4 coaches from 2003 to 2007. Then they quit trying to fine coaches of smaller schools to be these homerun coaches. They went out to hire Nick Saban who coached Mich St and LSU big Programs and was a proven Winner at those schools. Proven big time coaches. I’ll give Archie next year, must show big time improvement. If not go after big time coaches, start talking to the Mark Fews guys in that caliber! Am I wrong
  19. I am not happy about the number of coaches, I am just alarmed by the lack of good coaches in that bunch! The IU administration has really dropped this ball! Davis had ample time to show what he could do. What I remember is every year it got worse. Samson we all know why he had to go. Crean got worse every year after he lost Zeller an that group early to the NBA draft. He never really recovered if I remember right. Some of our short coming now are the result of his recruiting. DD he just filled in. Impossible for him to show us he could but really ? Now Miller, I think he can coach, we need shooters. When Devonte started making shots things open up. We beat some big teams. If we’re having trouble recruiting then Archie needs to figure out how to get the kids he needs! If he can’t then he will be in trouble and should be. The NCAA finale four is full of great players that no one knew until they made the final four. He needs to get some hungry kids with chips on their shoulders.
  20. Man there sure is a lot of sites crystal ball that say we don’t have a chance at LQ are Trenton. I hope they’re wrong!
  21. When are the NBA camps over. There are players that Will no question go into the draft. What about the bubble players. Does that put the schools they come from in a tough spot. Not knowing if they are coming back are not? Could the time frame be changed to help everyone involved? Just wondering
  22. When I first came it was a serious place to discuss interesting subjects are at least read interesting views. It’s not so much anymore it’s changing .
  23. I have to say . I saw Rico was the last to post on the LQ thread, I hesitated to look ! LOL figured it had nothing to do with LQ.
  24. I would pass also, not because he didn’t choose us before, but because I really like your QB room right now. Would like to see what develops out of this room. IMO I think the starter has to be either Penix are JT. Ramsey has had 1 an half season as a starter and hasn’t proven he can win. I guess in all fairness he was running the OC calls so that’s probably not a fair statement. Either way how ever it works out I am excited about your QB’s.
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