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  1. Bob

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    I wonder if we’re close to finding a OC yet! It is more important to get it as right as we can then be fast ! That’s for sure. I am just impatient .
  2. Bob

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    IU Scott that 😆
  3. Bob

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    Come on some of you guys seem to be plugged into all the latest scoop. So who are we talking to for OC! I would think the team is working out and having meetings. I would think you would want the OC around to learn who he has .
  4. Bob


    I’ve been reading some negative post about the coaching. I think we need to give Archie time. I like that he is recruiting very well in the State of Indiana., something Crean stopped doing. I believe in my heart that give Archie two more years and we will have the team that Indiana fans are begging for. I think all we want is a team that brings it every game! We want to win! What makes us frustrated, is we have a tendency to go flat for long periods of time. We have the same problem in the Football program. I can’t remember in either sport when we won a must win game! That comes from, in my opinion poor recruiting. Both Archie and Tom Allen are recruiting better. So let’s give them time. It took Michigan basketball three years for them to turn that Program around.
  5. Bob


    If what is being said ,and I have no doubt that it is trus that we had some seriously bad attitudes. Then let’s over recruit and send them packing next year!
  6. Bob

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    I am glad we are not rushing to fill this spot with the first available candidate. That said I guess I thought for recruiting purposes we would have announced one by now. I wonder what the issue is!
  7. Bob


    I have no doubt that Crean was dis interested. I believe he stay longer then he thought. I think he thought he would be fired sooner because his last two classes had no shooters. For a coach that lived by the three to not recruit shooters tells the story.
  8. Bob


    hoosierJax , I got to say that Dad thing with Justin Smith bothers me. If Dad is barking on a post you know he is in the ear of his son. His son has great potential, he needs to let the coach bring that out. That kind of thing can fester into serious issues among teammates! Justin needs to handle his Dad. I had a son that played D1 baseball. I wasn’t happy how he was being treated by his coach. After trying to tell my son what he should tell the coach an what he needed to do. My son said Dad I got this you need to let me alone I can handle my own situation here. He did, stayed four years got a good education and made life long friends an tremendous respect from his fellow teammates . Couldn’t be more proud of him!
  9. I’ve been hearing a lot about slow start lack of energy last night and there was. What I don’t understand is these player can play. All of them. They were good they love this game. They got recruited because they could play. They how do you as a competitive athlete show up like they did last night. That’s on them! Not any coach
  10. Archie can’t shoot it for them. Can’t count how many times I saw no one from Indiana in the paint after a shot to get a rebound. We played the worse game of the year so for. Made Nebraska look like Duke. If Green is a four star player from New York then I wouldn’t ever go recruit in New York again. The fact is Juwan is the only upperclassmen we have that can play at this level. That’s on Crean , This years freshman will have to really step up big next year. I know Romeo will leave. And Archie should only recruit shooters for next year. We have got to have a three point theat next year. My opinion
  11. Bob

    Nebraska Game Thread

    That was an awful game! No heart tonight
  12. Bob

    Nebraska Game Thread

    We aren’t as good as we thought! No outside shooters! Big issue
  13. Bob

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    Any ideal who we are talking to, since Canada said not interested?
  14. Only two points by the bench tonight? That’s the game tonight’s!
  15. Bob

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    Who’s our next leading candidate for OC? The more I read about Canada the more I thought he wouldn’t stay long if we did get him! That’s not what we need. We need someone to come in an help build this program for the long haul!
  16. Bob

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    What’s the feeling on Brooks. Do we think he will pick IU. Are there any other recruits that we think are coming to IU. What’s everybody think!
  17. Bob

    New OC - Kalen DeBoer

    So any insight on who we are in contact with for the OC?
  18. Bob

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    Hey hats off to Michigan they are really good! You can’t take anything away from them. I feel we are a good team also but not quite in the same level as Michigan. We need a three point shooter to get us to that next level. I can’t remember the last time Fritz hit a three. Get RP back will help that some he seems to be a good outside shooter. Green has had three years to improve his game and it hasn’t happened. McRoberts doesn’t even try to score. I really think it’s going to have to come from RP an Durham.
  19. Bob


    Is Race at least practicing? I have nerve seen a concussion take this long to get over! This kid hasn’t played in a game for what two years now. Redshirted last year an a concussion this year. You know they wear a mask for a broken nose , goggles to protect the eyes. How about one of those wrestlers helmets to protect his head. Just an ideal,
  20. Bob

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    I am not a Devonte Green fan. He does have flashes at times, but just goes brain dead to many other times! Like dribbling against the press until you get a ten second call against you. Are drive down the lane then do a 360 spin move shot three feet from the basket. That doesn’t hit anything! The slow start at the beginning was mostly because he just dribbled the ball no movement! He’s a junior with plenty of experience, so he should be much better and more consistent!
  21. Bob

    Illinois Game Thread

    Devonte Green is terrible. Over dribbles then can’t throw it in the ocean right now!
  22. Bob


    I am very pleased that we are taking every precaution for the safety of our student athletes who are getting these concussions. Just seems to take a long time to get released. Rob P, is going on what three weeks and isn’t practicing. The other kid Race Thompson hasn’t really played this year yet. What is it that keeps them out?just asking
  23. Bob

    DeBord Retiring

    Great news, I am glad they let him retire versus firing him! Now on to his replacement! Allen needs to pick someone that suits him and his vision of what he wants to accomplish! Someone he can work with and hold accountable! People have thrown Cam Cameron name around! I think he would be a great OC. He was a terrible head coach. I don’t think he could work for Tom Allen. He would feel he is above that! Just my gut feeling. I like Matt Canada if he would come, or Hart if he’s ready. I just really need to trust coach Allen’s judgement on who he can get. Just don’t commit to any more then Three years in case you need to get rid of them!
  24. I mostly watch the football games on TV. I get very critical of all the under passes we throw. The camera usually just shows the pocket until the ball is thrown. So I am wondering, is DeBord calling for all these short passes or is Ramsey always checking down to these throws?
  25. Bob


    Coach Allen said we have 5 spots left to fill. Anyone have an insight on who we will get to fill these spots?