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  1. I thought Race really passed poorly last night! Had some really bad turnovers! Not that they aren’t all bad !
  2. How about the easy two Landers could have had, I believe towards the end of regulation but tried to shuffle past it low toDavis to get it stolen! Race had some bad moments in this game!
  3. It seems to be a Hugh problem for us now for some years! Crean wanted play fast and didn’t care about turnovers! Miller had bad ball handlers that turn it over and over. Was hoping and still hoping Woodson can get this fixed!
  4. Man we turn the ball over a lot! Great effort tonight! Had your chances we just don’t take care of the ball!
  5. Totally agree! Hiller has done nothing with this offensive line!
  6. Thank you, so when it reads Lander -9 it’s telling me IU was out scored by 9 points while he was playing!
  7. Ok , didn’t know where to ask this question so sorry! What does the stat +/- after each player mean and how is it figured!
  8. Need a QB that understand s to throw the football to the guys wearing the IU jersey! Not just who ever seems open! An Interception isn’t a completed pass!
  9. I have never are at least don’t remember a team that has absolutely imploded like this one has! Something is going on behind closed doors that tells me we are cleaning house! Are good players are saying this isn’t going to get better! I don’t blame Dolson, I think his done his job or at least all he can do. I think Coach Allen miss judged his OC , Nick S totally drop the ball. Him and Hiller shouldn’t be here after next week!
  10. I agree why quit now! Wait one week, I would think it would look better to other teams!
  11. After a year like we just had who was productive! Besides Hendershot!
  12. Hey Parker Stewart caught fire last night! Know let’s hope he keeps burning!,,,
  13. I know the quality of teams so for aren’t what we will see every game come January,but you can see the teams confidence growing every game! Would like to see Parker Stewart catch fire! We will need him come Big Ten games!
  14. I agree he’s only a Freshman. Just not sold on his press!
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