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  1. I hope this talk about doing away with the Big Ten divisions in football are true! I don’t really think the Big Ten cares about Indiana, they will be more concerned about what helps Ohio St, Mich, Mich St, Penn St, Wis.
  2. I get keeping a low profile after all the hype last year followed by such a disappointing season! I just would love hearing something, is the team practicing well are we getting better! I know all coaches say we are working hard and getting better. Just wondering how Some of the guys are progressing!
  3. I am hoping Bates comes up big next season! Also the unknown the Freshmen! Looking forward to see how they perform!
  4. Can we develop shooters? We needed shooters now for several years!
  5. Totally agree! Franklin wasn’t that good! Had moments but nothing you could count on! So just being from Indiana doesn’t make you a shooter!
  6. I love when Indiana Kids come to IU,but the truth is talent is talent! No matter where your from! Remember help is on the way group! I believe only Yogi worked out! Calloway was a bust, I like Phineses ,but he didn’t work either injuries hurt him. Landers isn’t Big Ten ! what I trust is Coach Woodson and his assistants recognize the skill set you need at the BigTen level. It’s his first group let see how they do! GO HOOSIERS!
  7. Have we addressed your lack of three point shooters? Are we counting on one of these incoming freshmen to do it? can Bates breakout and do it? Kopp if he come back ? Johnson if he’s still on the team? Just a lot up in the air for us in my humble opinion!
  8. I am anxious to here some good news who we are add on our roster for next year ! Haven’t seen anything finale on Race, JG, Bates, Duncomb or Johnson. Don’t understand why Race hasn’t made a decision?
  9. He knows his son struggled at Big Ten level.
  10. Watching the tournament this year! Really pointed out how for behind we are! We have got to do some serious recruiting and Portal work!
  11. Exactly! His decision making process isn’t very good! He came on at the end of the season , but got the one game suspension at a most awful time. He could have a good future, but he’s going to blow it!
  12. I wish Race and TJD would make their decisions soon. If they are leaving give us a chance to find the right guy’s to replace them in the portal. If they are staying let’s get everyone to get to work for next year!
  13. I thought I remembered his highlights showing he had a good mid range jumper!
  14. I hope TJD stays also,but have my doubts He will. I wasn’t at any practices, so don’t know why Duncomb was used so little! Wasn’t he a fairly high recruit? Got to have faith our recruiting gets quality players we need to take a positive step forward!
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