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  1. TJD action in the huddle tells us everything we need to know. If Archie’s here he’s gone. Only chance an I believe small chance is a new oath.
  2. Parker Stewart has got to be second guessing himself! Are Kenya Hunter!
  3. Do we have a chance a real chance at anyone good!
  4. I don’t think they would announce until after NCAA tournament teams are announced! Do we really want to watch this crap show in the NIT!
  5. Well if that’s happening in the huddle then ! I money says he will leave one way are another next year. Only chance to keep him is a new coach .
  6. I missed the huddle deal with TJD. Did he really holler F@%#@you at Archie!
  7. Here’s another observation! The game tread is only 15 pages long. I don’t know how many it normally is but I know it’s been a lot more the 15 pages! Fan base has quit watching !
  8. That is the biggest insult of Archie’s failure to bring this program back! He can’t recruit
  9. The best business man I know never went to college! He built his own business up and is worth I am assuming around 50 m. So just saying.
  10. The only thing that counts here is TJD an his family! 1. Will he get drafted 2. would coming back one more year help him. 3. is he having fun. 4. Could next year at Indiana be special enough he would want to be part of it. 5. Goes with 2 but is there a coach head or asst. that can help develop him next year to take the next step! 6. who else is going Pro this year and next. These are the questions I think he and his family need to make!
  11. If your academics has slipped that much an our basketball program is in the tank for everyone to see. Maybe we need a new President of the University. Who would clean house of under performing administration. Purdue choose our ex Governor and they are doing very well!
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