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  1. Since we signed a new OL coach, any chance the lineman leaving in Portal will come back.
  2. I haven’t seen a list of who he is going after! I sure hope we get them!
  3. Is anyone hearing any positive news on IU football.
  4. I can’t remember the names, but watching the Mich / Purdue game how many Transfers Purdue had! So it sounds like we will has an opportunity to re build though the portal. If we can get good players.
  5. For some reason I got thinking about IU QB situation. Was trying to think of the last time IU ended a season with the same QB we started with? Maybe Peyton Ramsey’s junior or Sophomore year?
  6. Welcome coach Bostag! He sounds like a solid coach!
  7. Does anyone actually know is Coach Allen even looking at these other jobs!
  8. We have even been fun to watch this year. I think it’s going to be a great year.
  9. I would be shocked if CTA said I want a different QB, and the OC said NO. Watching this poor QB play week after week. I read he threw for over 2000 yards! So what we throw the ball 70% of the time.
  10. This is a concern! We haven’t done well in the Portal. Look at Purdue grab a walk on running back and with in 3 games he’s a starter! Hiller should have never been retained. At Half time in Nebraska game a QB change need to happen. It all points at HC.
  11. I get Campbell leaving, he did a great job for us and it’s time to move on. We have other kickers. I wish him the best Gremel wasn’t he a walk on. Don’t know much about him. Jack Tuttle, didn’t get a fair shake this year! It had to be hard to watch from the side lines. How bad Connor played and yet he couldn’t get in the game! A team captain Connor Bazelak, to be fair our line didn’t help him, but he wasn’t the right guy for us! Missed a lot of open throws! He needs to move on.
  12. I think you can add Neb to that list makes us 7/5.
  13. I watched some he looked great! Our OC and offensive line were terrible! He wasn’t pressured much while I was watching.
  14. I watched some he looked great! Our OC and offensive line were terrible! He wasn’t pressured much while I was watching.
  15. You know Basketball brought in Thad Matta to help run the basketball program for a short period. Maybe we need that in football. Someone to help identify Big Ten talent and recruiting also the day to day stuff.
  16. Just my take! One thing the last few games showed was the OL got better after Hiller was fired. Another thing is if Dexter can’t comeback we need a Mobil QB. Are a accurate QB. After CB came in for Dexter you could see the receivers frustration of being open and him missing them badly. Seems like Allen doesn’t make position changes in coaches are players when he needs to. Hiller should have been let go a few years ago. By halftime at Neb we should have switched QBs probably Tuttle then moved to Dexter. we have a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Will the brain thrust of IU Football make the moves to jump this program forward! Will see. Not totally confident they will.
  17. What does IU need. Wow so much OL even though they improved the last several weeks. Another Mobil QB. Look at his coaching staff.
  18. What a different team we were after Dexter went down! Hopefully he makes a full recovery in time for next year!
  19. Hey , Steubenhoosier I hope to be more positive next year! I am positive this season is over!
  20. One score game! Come on Defense!
  21. What has happened to our kicking game?
  22. Connor isn’t looking like he’s going to get the job done!
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