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  1. SIHoosier26

    Purdue post game

    My goodness we suck, what's even worse is the team chemistry is as bad as I've ever seen at IU.
  2. SIHoosier26

    The Bench...

    You know it's been a terrible season when people are getting excited about an IU player high fiving a teammate in the midst of losing 11 out of 12. There is literally nothing to get excited about with this team, they are unwatchable.
  3. SIHoosier26

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Purdue takes this one 76-62. Ugh...
  4. SIHoosier26

    Edward Smith at it again

    Smith is currently our worst player. If it was a vertical jumping contest it would be different, but unfortunately not much of a basketball player.
  5. SIHoosier26

    Edward Smith at it again

    The best thing Archie could do to "change it up" is to bury Justin on the bench until he transfers.
  6. SIHoosier26

    Edward Smith at it again

    Hopefully, he and his dad need to take it somewhere else.
  7. SIHoosier26

    Edward Smith at it again

    Smith has shown zero improvement, in fact he's gotten worse. His shot, the turnovers, his rebounding, and his effort have all regressed. If Archie sends him packing at the end of the year I won't miss him one bit. Just tell him to take his loudmouth dad with him.
  8. SIHoosier26

    NCAA Tournament Chances

    Unless there is a catastrophic turnaround this is simply a tournament team. I would just settle for them actually playing hard for a full game.
  9. SIHoosier26

    Ohio St post game thread

    Get over the hump? We are miles away from getting over the hump, I just want to win a game.
  10. SIHoosier26

    Iowa was "Not Terribly Disappointing"

    I really wish I could like this 7 times.
  11. SIHoosier26

    Guys we missed on.

    Kyle Guy, Kris Wilkes, Trey Lyles, Zach Irvin, Gary Harris, Trevon Blueitt, Deshawn Thomas, Bryant McIntosh, Dominic James, Demetrius Jackson, Brandon Dawson, Caleb Swanigan, Jaren Jackson, VJ Beachem, Malik Williams, and Marquis Teague are some from Indiana(and that's just recently) Going a bit farther back... Robby Hummel, Greg Oden, Zach Randolph, Sean May, Mike Conley, Luke Harangody, Gordon Heyward, Matt Howard, Juwan Johnson, Etwan Moore, the other Zeller Brothers and Scott Wood are a few that I remember. Amazing what could have been the last 20 years with some of those guys on the roster.
  12. SIHoosier26

    CBS: 2019 Title Contenders

    Some of the expectations in this thread were ridiculous, even before the last 9 games.
  13. SIHoosier26

    What's up with our crowd?

    Nobody is forced to show up just because they are a fans. College basketball is meant for entertainment, and there's nothing entertaining about this team right now. They aren't even watchable unless there's whiskey present and unfortunately they don't sell alcohol at the games. But oh well, at least if it was a vertical jumping contest our guys would have a great shot. Basketball on the other hand is a different story.
  14. SIHoosier26

    What's up with our crowd?

    We have lost 8 of 9 games, what in the world do you expect? The way we've been playing, particularly at home, they're lucky fans still show up.
  15. SIHoosier26

    Romeo Langford

    If that's the case then he should come back, I ultimately think he's still a top 10 pick however.