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  1. There are no news channels that touch on politics that are "fair and balanced".
  2. Now that Romeo is out of the cesspool that is the NCAA he has absolutely no reason to say anything to tarnish his brand/image, by coming out with a statement that the NCAA is going to ignore anyway. We're also coming up on his rookie season so he's likely focused on getting himself ready.
  3. If Nike was really arranging for payments to players then I would lay my own money down that Duke knew about it. You don't land 3 of the top 4 recruits in the country by accident, Zion was rich long before he got drafted.
  4. I'm sure I'll still have as many titles as Purdue does when Painter decides to call it quits.
  5. I think it's a "we suck until proven otherwise" kind of thing.
  6. Should be obvious to anyone that watched the game tonight. The amount of heart, passion, and mental toughness at Purdue hasn't been seen at IU since Knight left town. Our program is an absolute joke compared to theirs right now. Archie needs to get this turned around and it starts next year.
  7. Bingo, he's not going to pick Kentucky just because IU fans are too "mean". That's just a cop out excuse.
  8. This along with the fact that him and TJD are literally best friends still tells me that IU has a great shot. He would be just another guy at Kentucky, still I can't blame that kid wherever he decides is best for him.
  9. Newman will be really good, one of my favorites in that class for sure. Good pickup for Purdue.
  10. Did you read the rest of my post? I said that Franklin has really improved and I'm glad he's coming to IU. Newman has really good size and is a terrific shooter, no need for people to put him down just because he's going to Purdue.
  11. Newman is better, at least at this point. That being said, Franklin has really improved and I'm glad he's coming to IU. I don't understand why fans are acting like this is an either/or situation, Archie is still recruiting hard for next year.
  12. He has a back problem everytime they start to struggle, he did the same thing when Grayson Allen started tripping everyone in the ACC. The back problem is just a copout, it's actually a good example that collapses can happen to anyone.
  13. My goodness we suck, what's even worse is the team chemistry is as bad as I've ever seen at IU.
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