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  1. SIHoosier26

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    Who cares, a couple of tune up games this week and we'll be solidly in next week. Still have a lot of things to improve.
  2. SIHoosier26

    Butler Postgame Thread

    You realize IU has a top 40 offense right? Not to mention one of the best effective field goal percentages in the entire country, all of this with a ton of injuries, a relatively young rotation, and a pretty solid schedule to this point. Some people will never be happy.
  3. SIHoosier26

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I love Rob, but really?
  4. SIHoosier26

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Ohio State hasn't played near the schedule IU has at this point. Let's see what happens when conference play starts.
  5. SIHoosier26

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Yep, Wednesday.
  6. SIHoosier26

    Butler Postgame Thread

    What an absolute joke, without him we don't win this game. He proved once again today why he is our best player, the dude had 35 points on 12-14 shooting. Stop it, You're embarrassing yourself.
  7. SIHoosier26

    Anthony Leal

    Yeah maybe they are waiting it out to make sure he keeps developing. That being said you need some pure shooters as well and that's something the current team needs.
  8. SIHoosier26

    Anthony Leal

    Can someone tell me why we haven't offered this kid yet? With his shooting ability it seems like a no brainer. He would likely commit right away too.
  9. SIHoosier26

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Absolutely, Caleb Furst is a top level player though, you take him anytime.
  10. SIHoosier26

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    If Caleb Furst wants to sign, you take him today, he's going to be special. Hell for star ratings he's already a 5* player. I do agree about Leal as well, he's a pure shooter. Good lord there's a lot of talent in this state!
  11. SIHoosier26

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Need to add Caleb Furst to that as well.
  12. SIHoosier26

    KPI Rankings

    These seem like the most logical rankings so far.
  13. SIHoosier26

    Butler Pregame Thread

    IU 73 Butler 65 Morgan/Davis have big days, Romeo gets his. I also like Phinisee to hit some big 3s. Not worried about this one.
  14. SIHoosier26

    UofL post game

    Kenpom also has 4 loss Purdue with no great wins 15th and 4 loss Florida with no great wins 22nd. That being said I take Kenpom with a grain of salt on a lot of their rankings. I'm not saying Butler is some bad team but there is no way IU should lose to them with the talent they have. As far as it being a home game for Butler, I guarantee there will be far more IU fans in Indy than Butler fans so that's no excuse. IU definitely has weaknesses and they're no juggernaut yet but we finally have most of our guys back from injury and some other guys are starting to come along. (Phinesee, Davis, Smith, ect..) The won't have the ability to guard Davis or Morgan in the post, and that should open things up for Romeo. I look for IU in a comfortable win going into a much more manageable stretch. If IU is even close to the team a lot of us envisioned coming into the season it's a game they need to win. No excuses, it's time.
  15. SIHoosier26

    UofL post game

    Who does Butler have that is comparable to Morgan or Davis? Joey Brunk? What about Romeo Langford? As athletically gifted as Justin Smith? Butler is a few games removed from losing to 4 loss Dayton, if IU is going to make the tourney this is a game they need to win. Losing to Butler in Indianapolis would be a huge disappointment. Don't worry though, they won't. IU 73 Butler 65