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  1. I was there! 13 years old. Came back and took the lead in the 4th before giving up a late TD drive. Schnell, AT, Ernie Jones, Stoyanivich, Van Waiters ... damn it’s great to be bowling again!!!
  2. Exactly- we outplayed ranked Marquette on Natl TV last November- draining 3s - great crowd-and controlling the game... so I’m staying guarded for now. BUT this roster seems better. When there’s a substitution Instead of losing confidence I instead find myself feeling excited to see the new guy play!
  3. Any chance there’s a video of the last few plays with Fisch’s radio call tied in? Can’t find it myself.
  4. If we can get a similar whistle being the home team next week then color me excited!
  5. Can’t locate it on radio anywhere in Indy? 93.1, 107.5 nor 1070a. ???
  6. That is very well put. Despite the late game effort/heroics, I was let down by the team’s “hiccup” the first 34 minutes.
  7. Nope - I believe a minute played means no redshirt.
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