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  1. I would love to see the women's team scrimmage the men's team in a practice.
  2. I will say this Ali Patberg has ice in her veins she really wanted to go back in.
  3. 40 feet from the basket no less don't know what she was thinking.
  4. We desperately need Galloway back.
  5. This was another scene and the first one I thought of when TMZ reported it first.
  6. This scene and movie cracks me up.
  7. Hadn't seen this topic posted yet but wow what a truly special lady. I was excited for the People Magazine party she would've had.
  8. Who is going to be the Armaan Franklin or Juwan Morgan that shoots lights out?
  9. Good thing this is the last of this event. I wouldn't count out Notre Dame based on what I saw in the UK game.
  10. Jess Settles throwing sone shade at UK for not putting us back on their schedule.
  11. I was pacing up and down the hallway of my parents house I was a nervous wreck.
  12. OT reminds me of the Lauren Spier case I still think the guys she was with that night know what happened to her.
  13. Are we sure Carrot Top or Ethan Happ aren't still around with extra eligibility we don't know about?
  14. I had to go look up to see who was on the 1998 team when we last beat them at their place.
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