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  1. Coach1K

    Where were you?

    I understand it all now.
  2. Coach1K

    Where were you?

    The Athletic had an interesting article on where some college coaches were suppose to be on that day and of course never got on the planes that they were suppose to get on.
  3. Coach1K

    Where were you?

    I was in third grade and I was at home getting ready for school and I was standing in the living room watching the news and it was after the first tower was hit but before the second tower had gotten hit of course with me being so young I couldn't wrap my head around all of it because I didn't understand what happened.
  4. Coach1K


    Right now on their site they only have one magazine up.
  5. Coach1K

    Virginia Postgame Thread

    I find Donovan Hale and Stevie Scott fun to watch. Can we bring back Oakes to do field goals.
  6. Coach1K

    Virginia Game Thread

    I'm the effort by Stevie Scott and Donovan Hale so far.
  7. Coach1K

    No More Names on Jerseys

    It's on Netflix right now
  8. Coach1K

    No More Names on Jerseys

    Of course during the McClanahan and O'Callahan fight when Brooks asked who do you play for he wasn't satisfied with anybody's answer.
  9. Coach1K

    No More Names on Jerseys

    I love that movie and that moment.
  10. Coach1K

    No More Names on Jerseys

    Would be helpful when watching games at home who is who.
  11. Coach1K

    Little Help?

    I'm not seeing anything on their website currently.
  12. Coach1K

    Tyra heading to Greece

    Hope she has a good career over there.
  13. Coach1K

    2018-19 Roster and Schedule

    Anybody know why Ethan Lasko is no longer on the roster?
  14. Coach1K

    Tom Crean/Kevin Wilson Revelations

    In terms of Kevin Wilson I noticed on Twitter that Diamont has been vocal on some things.
  15. Coach1K

    General NBA Thread

    I sat and watched the game from start to finish and it was nothing more than a few feathers getting ruffled Young in particular didn't look good here's the thing it isn't college of the Big 12 you're going to struggle.