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  1. 28 will turn 29 in a month I remember watching the 2002 finals team and tried to stay with watching and now I really don't know where I stand.
  2. https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/wireStory/betty-white-marks-99th-birthday-sunday-late-75300499 Impressive
  3. I use Zoom for work all the time but there is only one where I had to use Microsoft Teams I prefer Zoom because it's easier to use but since we're moving to Microsoft 365 after the first of the year I'm starting to like teams.
  4. May or may not have to do with why they waived Yogi.
  5. Watched them play Nova last night should be interesting to see what happens with Aaron Thompson he got injured last night.
  6. No way the Senate passes this and no way does SCOTUS rule against the NCAA.
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