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  1. Indiana Movies

    I've always heard about Bosse Field from my grandfather.
  2. Indiana Movies

    Part of A League Of Their Own was filmed in Indiana Evansville area to be exact.
  3. At What Point......

    Of course everyone is going to say a national championship and I don't disagree but at what point does the honeymoon period start cooling off but with that said I think we all know that this going to take some time.
  4. At What Point......

    And with K he had an AD like Tom Butters who knew what he was doing when he hired K and had his back even when things didn't go well.
  5. At What Point......

    Speaking of K there is a book that I think you would like it's called The Legends Club it talks about K, Dean Smith, and Jim Valvano mostly about the ACC but still a good book.
  6. Both games should be interesting this weekend.
  7. Hoosiers In the NBA

    He has had bad luck on injuries since getting into the league this is his second surgery.
  8. At What Point......

    It is like being the Cubs before getting Maddon and Theo Epstein and winning a world series.
  9. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Yes they could have challenged IU's last college undefeated season much like UK tried to in 2015.
  10. Around the B1G/NCAA

    No way Duke should have lost yesterday but good thing to have it happen now and not in March. It is a wake up call and for four freshmen welcome to conference play and road games ask your captain they are not kind.
  11. I agree it is a hard topic to discuss with all the recent news.
  12. Love 'em. Or, hate 'em.

    Don't forget the Duke game was at 9:00.
  13. Wow are you kidding me as a female former student manager myself I know that at my high school this would never fly with the coach and I have known the coach for a number of years. My recommendation would be to get rid of the interview process it is ridiculous that a young lady should have to be subjected to feeling uncomfortable in an interview where young men make her feel inferior to them. I understand that they are a high profile program in college basketball and I don't know how other top programs handle this but to me as a women this is insulting and uncalled for.
  14. Hoosiers In the NBA

    That is a parody account.