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  1. IUrocker

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    My gosh do I hope this is a case of Jerry getting false leaked information on purpose to make him think Keion is now leaning Kentucky...
  2. IUrocker

    Ohio St post game thread

    Thing is, if it was just a player trying to hold some guys with issues accountable, are those guys gonna react positively and take it as motivation and the kick in the rear they needed, or are they gonna take it negatively and cry about it, being the softies a lot of people think they are, and react in a bad way because they didn’t enjoy being called out and getting their widdle feewings hurt. Depending which way that goes could drastically change the effort level we see the remainder of the season (not that the effort level was acceptable to begin with)...unless it ends up being something Archie rids of right away and says enough is enough.
  3. IUrocker

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Agreed. I’m not ready to put this on Archie yet AT ALL. There are obviously some issues going on with the players, on top of the fact that they just can’t shoot, and I believe our roster will most likely look a lot different next season. Archie probably knows it, and the players probably know it too. Ever since the Justin dad tweet, the team has looked like they are just ready for the season to end already (other than the miraculous MSU victory obviously). There is no tough grit fight to these players at all. They don’t fit Archie’s system, they don’t fit Archie’s personality, and they probably don’t want to have to play the way Archie wants them to play. Archie needs a full roster of his own guys who want to play for him and fit his style. His Dayton teams were freakin full of heart, toughness, grit, and had that refuse to lose mentality. Justin Smith, as highly touted as he became in the preseason, just looks like he’s afraid to break a nail and if he falls to the floor he lays there for 10 minutes before he gets up and lightly jogs to the other end of the floor. Knowing how tough Archie’s Dayton teams were just really makes me not want to put it on him yet at all. I honestly can see the roster looking way different next year. Im sure Archie knows darn well what needs to happen to get this program turned around, and the guys we have on this year’s team aren’t the guys to do it.
  4. IUrocker

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Maybe, hopefully, any new recent anti-IU info could just be smoke before an announcement...just a random thought..I could just be thinking wrong and doesn’t make sense, ha.
  5. https://www.insidethehall.com/2019/02/01/video-archie-miller-juwan-morgan-preview-roadtrip-to-michigan-state/ At the 2:25 mark Archie gets asked about Fred Glass saying the program is in a “serious rebuild” and what he has to say about the state of the team and what he needs to do to be successful. Archie’s answer is long and hits the nail on the head, talking about “the big picture” and what he has to do and what a lot of people may be asking about. Program is in good hands, he just needs time and more recruiting classes to come in to create the culture he is trying to build.
  6. Yep for sure, that’s exactly what I hope happens and for the most part expect to happen: problematic players who need to go. Archie needs to nip this quick and rid of anyone or anything that may be causing some type of issue amongst players that are affecting their effort and approach to the game. I can definitely see our roster looking waaay different next year.
  7. Agreed. I wasn’t saying he should be back on top as early as now. You’re right, we have smaller baby steps that we can’t even get over right now as it is. I just used back on top as a general future expectation.
  8. Yep it’s definitely crazy that Archie took over a roster that went 7-11 in the Big Ten with the three best players of THAT underperforming team being gone. I admit, I thought a Romeo Langford was going to turn us right around, but sitting back and thinking about that situation along with how underwhelming Romeo has been in areas of his game that we thought he’d excel in (and yes he is still a special player) there’s no way Archie has everything he needs to be back on top yet.
  9. IUrocker

    Internal issues or not?

    Yep, I’m hoping from here on out we get players that are the pitbull refuse to lose type of players. Archie has every right to call the team soft and scared. He’s sees them a lot more than we do. His Dayton teams were fun to watch because their effort and toughness was always on full display. This year’s team acts like they just don’t care. They may know something we don’t that’ll come out at the end of the season, and then like I said before, we could be seeing a roster overhaul next season. Dayton fans even to this day with our struggles can’t say enough good things about Archie and are 100% convinced that he will get IU back on top...he just needs time to get his system/culture in place with a roster full of guys who WANT to 100% buy in and play for him.
  10. IUrocker

    Internal issues or not?

    Agreed, a handful of those guys definitely aren’t, but it makes you wonder if they would be if there wasn’t some other overall issue going on with everyone else. Idk, just trying to think of answers the best I can. I’m just waiting on seasons end when a bunch of news breaks about the team and different things happening makes us go “Ahh, so that’s what was going on.”
  11. IUrocker

    Internal issues or not?

    Saw an article that said “Archie’s teams at Dayton would have eaten this team for lunch, and then come back for another meal two hours later....Archie built a team and turned them into something mean. Something ferocious. The Hoosiers have a better roster than Dayton ever had but they’re not mean. They’re not ferocious.” I think this is spot on. I think Archie is trying to turn this roster he inherited into the mean ferocious basketball players he wants, and they aren’t responding. Most of them don’t want to have to do it. They aren’t playing with any fight at all and that’s not on Archie at all. Them being soft and scared is the LAST thing Archie would want in a basketball team. Only the players themselves can dictate their own effort and toughness on the floor, and unfortunately for Archie, I think they have given up and don’t want to buy what Archie is selling anymore.
  12. IUrocker

    Internal issues or not?

    Maybe Archie calling them “scared” and “soft” (agree with him for the most part) got the players pi**ed off and since he wasn’t the coach they came to play for, instead of them taking it as motivation and wanting to prove him wrong, they are being pouty and thinking “Man, screw this guy”....which is unfortunate they have to be that way IF so. At this point Archie is probably just hoping he has enough players on the same page as him to slide through the season without too much more damage and look towards next year when I’m sure we may look quite a bit different. I could also see there being some chemistry issues with the team..starting to look like they are all trying to be “the guy” to prevent others from stealing the show. The “team ball” we had going for us that was fun to watch at the beginning of the year is gone. Not saying any of this is what’s truly going on, but just some thoughts and opinions that go along the lines of there being internal issues.
  13. IUrocker

    Rutgers Post

    Hard to say the future looks gloomy when Archie doesn’t even have a full roster of players who he actually handpicked himself to come play for him and fit his system. A few years from now we won’t have any players on the sidelines with Diet Coke stains on their jerseys, and if at that point we look like we do now then it’d be safe to say it’s on Archie. Right now he’s playing the hand he was dealt and doing what he can. I don’t care how good a coach his, if you have players on the team who are soft and don’t give a crap about showing any type of pitbull fierceness and grit, that’s just who they are and they’re gonna be that way. Archie wouldn’t have recruited the players Crean got on this team. We need shooters, we need players who have attitude, heart, passion, grit, fight, you name it...Archie is trying to get it out of them and they are acting like they don’t want to have to do it. I feel like there’s definitely some type of internal issue going on with the players, but won’t get into what all that could be. I’m sure nothing will come out about it until the season is over. Ever since the Justin Smith dad tweet, this team has gone half-a**.
  14. IUrocker

    Michigan Postgame Thread

    If it ain’t broken, it ain’t IU....something is wrong with this team and I don’t think it’s Archie not being able to coach.
  15. IUrocker

    Michigan at IU game thread

    I’m wondering if Romeo knows he didn’t do as well as he thought he would this year and will want to stay, or is frustrated that the season is going like it is and wants to be gone ASAP? Id like to think he seems like the type of humble kid who knows he should stay and get better with better recruits around him, but obviously the pull of the NBA isn’t a slouch.