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  1. Yep, I take his tweet as saying he knows he is being replaced by someone else being added to the team.
  2. Picking us without seeming like he is, is exactly what they’re going for.
  3. I don’t see how after today’s loss we think it’s over with Keion. That comment of leaving his home to secure his future was made way back when he left FW to play at La L, and I highly doubt yesterday when Archie met with him he said “Coach, if you lose tomorrow’s game I’m not gonna go to IU.” In my opinion, today’s loss has no effect on Keion at all. It’s not this year’s team that he will be playing with. Am I 100% sold on him coming to IU, no...but I’m surely not ruling it out.
  4. Wouldn’t insiders disappearing for a while possibly mean they were told not to say anything so they don’t spill any good news and ruin the surprise? Or would they also not say anything if they knew he was going elsewhere? A part of me thinks that if they knew he wasn’t coming to IU then they’d be willing to say so, but then again they could have still been asked to not say it so that Keion can and his family can have their moment. Keion has to know that he’d have as good a shot at being a OAD at IU, plus he’d get to play with his close friends. He’d surely make more of a name for himself at IU than he would Kentucky. Kids from Indiana of that caliber who stay home are like gold, and get treated as such the rest of their lives.
  5. Insider on other site just posted “It doesn’t sound good for us. I will still hold out hope but I think it might be UK. Hopefully something happens and he changes his mind.” I guess that doesn’t make it sound completely set in stone, but not completely reassuring to come out and say something like that. Hopefully it’s all a part of the smoke screen
  6. Maybe he’s using the blue and white emoji numbers just to make people think it must have something to do with Kentucky and is where he is going, and then....surprise, it’s not.
  7. I’ll try to stay positive and hope that there was purposely some inaccurate information leaked to help keep the element of surprise and suspense, making that analyst pick Kentucky today. How likely that is, who knows, but heck it’s certainly a side of it to think about.
  8. I don’t think the Rutgers assistant coach was ready for that pass lol
  9. Holy J-Mo! ....that was a sweet kick back pass from Romeo!
  10. One of those games where you get Good Devonte/Bad Devonte in the same play lol
  11. Boy am I glad Phinisee is on our side for 4 years.
  12. Yep, I think Trayce knows, he’s just helping his buddy keep up the suspense so he can have his day.
  13. Making Izzo cry twice in the same season? Priceless
  14. 8 seconds away from my emotions going in one way, or the complete opposite
  15. Definitely an interesting take if that’s how that stuff works. I could see the staff knowing and keeping it quiet if that’s what they need to do.
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