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  1. If we hear that our next commitment comes from Newton, knowing that Clowney’s official commitment happens in less than two weeks, then that’s quite the double whammy happening here shortly. Knowing we already have JHS, Banks, and Gunn onboard, adding Clowney and Newton really has us looking good. The vibes IU basketball are producing right now are incredible. So exciting to know IU has its swag back. Look out.
  2. Lamar Jackson threw it 43 times and only had 6 incompletions. He can thank the colts defense for that one. That’s a crazy stat line.
  3. How long does it seem it’s been since I’ve seen the colts secondary break up a pass?
  4. Gosh that staff lineup is just killer. Like Race said, how can you say no to that?
  5. Just chose Wisconsin. Pretty cool to see a kid from my small hometown school be able to go to the Big Ten. Happy for him and his family. Really good shooter.
  6. Yep definitely excited for him to have gotten offers from Wisconsin and Minnesota. It’s the first time in our school history that we’ve had someone get an offer from a Big Ten school. People are saying maybe Butler because he may wanna stay closer to family, but I’m not any more plugged in than those rumblings, so who knows. It’d be pretty cool to choose a Big Ten school, but he’d be the one who probably comes out of nowhere to light us up from 3 if we were to play him. He’s a really good, humble kid, I do know that.
  7. I thought he had wanted to take some visits in the fall, so that’s not happening now…maybe seeing highlights of the Bahama game is all he needed to see to make his decision and it bodes well for us? At least that’s how I want to choose to look at it, ha.
  8. Is he saying “hey Indiana fans” because he’s trying to make fun of us again, or could he actually know something with Thad?
  9. Let’s say it is indeed Matta, wouldn’t we be able to know that for sure before the tournament ended since he isn’t coaching? I could also see Dolson being sneaky, making people think “oh it must be someone coaching in the tournament” and not announce it until after its over making people think it is, and then ends up not being at all.
  10. If healthy and able to do what it takes to get IU back, i would good with Matta if it happens. Give me Matta with Michael Lewis and Kenya Hunter on staff.
  11. I can’t decide if I want Texas Tech to lose today so we can hurry up and see if Beard will be our coach, ha. If we arent getting Stevens then Beard is definitely my preference. I would think he’d be on Dolson’s radar for sure, and it seems right knowing he was in Bloomington with Bobby and Pat in town.
  12. I like Beard. Seems he would bring the fire and passion we thought we would see from Archie but never did. Looks like he gets the fight out of his players. I think he’d understand what being at IU is all about and realize the expectations. His comments after their tournament win were funny too....”I want to thank Mr. Lunardi. He never picks us and our guys kind of feed off this....Not sure if he got a speeding ticket in Lubbock back in the day or whatever, but we made a run in the last tournament and we intend to make a run again.” 
  13. Here’s another gem...didn’t know if you guys over here have seen this one. This guy has some really close insider info. He rarely posts and releases what he hears, but when he does, it’s usually gold.
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