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  1. Even the math say go now. (2. 5 + 2.5) >> 3.8. I am not factoring in the uptick based raises which helps both sides of the equation. Yeh eventually (maybe after year 3) it will reverse but you also get to that 2nd contract quicker.
  2. I'd say you are wrong. IMO, each situation is different. I think in Fournette's case the LSU coach indicated he would be better off skipping the game to prepare for the draft. Kind of indicates to me the coach was looking toward next year anyway. Maybe he wanted him off the team. Christian McCaffrey skipped a bowl game. Who wouldn't want that guy on their team. For a guy who is all about not winning at all costs, I think this is a bit hypocritical. I think you should apply the same to the kids when it makes sense. Gafford skipping the NIT makes some sense. He has put in a second year and is moving on. Why put his future in jeopardy with an injury if he is ready to go? In romeo's case, I feel he hasn't really made up his mind. i guess we will see if he hires an agent but I think he goes to the NBA camps to gather info and will not make his decision until then. Maybe romeo will return for another year of college and skip next year's NIT.
  3. I'm blowing off the prereq. about Romeo leaving. If he plays in the NIT, i think he is staying. I like how Watford mentioned his brother will be helping him a lot in determining his choice. https://www.al.com/highschoolsports/2019/03/mountain-brook-5-star-trendon-watford-talks-recruiting-timetable.html I think other than Rob there are a ton of ifs but my Starting lineup is: TJD Watford - probably as likely on the team as Romeo next year Smith - improves his perimeter game romeo - probably gone but as Yogi Berra said. He ain't gone until he is gone. Rob The bench would be awesome and anyone of these guys could probably start if an opening in the starting lineup occurs or they could earn a starting spot. Race Deron Hunter Al Green Franklin
  4. I don't that he'd be their top choice but he could be a candidate. Nevada probably isn't the attraction that UCLA is for high level recruits. He had to build them up anyway he could. I have no idea if would succeed or not there but he seems logical if no big name goes there. Do you think he'd scare recruits away from UCLA? I could see Cal or self liking the idea of living in LA.
  5. Eric Musselman has won 78% of his games @ Nevada in his 4 years there. The state of the Pac-12 is pretty down now and I assume he is recruiting the West coast. He did land a 5 star in jordan Brown but he has done nothing. A jump to the Pac-12 might make sense for him.
  6. True but there seems to be a perception that the NBA drafts on potential which may or may not be true. I think NBA scouts know what they are doing and cannot find every diamond in the rough. Maybe when 5G networks come they will be able to see in the future? lol That said, it would be interesting to see who it is that is doing so well that romeo is dropping so fast and furious. I think it is pretty clear this draft lacks potential of the previous couple of drafts. Maybe the top 5-6 guys which include Romeo. I find it hard to believe he drops much if at all until all these guys below him out perform him in draft camps and workouts. While Romeo hasn't been the Luka Doncic of the NCAA as all hoped, he's still been pretty solid on a team that has turned into a dumpster fire of a mess. Also, everybody wants to point out his 3 point shooting as why he is dropping. Simmons, Fultz, Lonzo, Sexton were all very high draft picks. Speaking of Luka, I think the Mavs took this into their trade decision to swap picks by adding this years pick top 5 protected. They wanted Doncic pretty bad but I think they or anyone else would be throwing a lot of smoke out there if they claimed he would be as good as he is and so quickly.
  7. What's a buddy on the Pacers suppose to say? They won't be anywhere near close enough to have the draft pick to land him.. Did this this pacer draft guru have any comments about the 10 players who are rising up the draft boards to pass Romeo. This isn't the most stellar of drafts and when Garland is sitting out all year and still listed as lotto pick in places, that kind of confirms it. Giovany is the best in the media when it comes to analyzing the draft. I think ESPN is holding him back. He doesn't provide as much information as he did on Draft Express.
  8. I miss the Jordan - Bird horse competitions in those commercials.
  9. I used to watch the Pac-12 network on Uverse but switched to Directv and it doesn't exist or if it does i have to pay extra.
  10. I try to avoid the coaching carousel talk and this guy might not be liked much. I think Thad Matta is a very solid coach and has a lot of coaching years left if wants to pursue coaching again. I read some recent article he is hanging out in the state of Indiana enjoying time with family. His last 4-5 years at OSU were nothing to brag about but he was really good before that.
  11. I don't know. It is pretty hard to argue against the ACC.
  12. Maybe this is why we have analytics. Go provide a list of those who are shooting 60% from mid range and then provide a list of those who shooting 40% from the arc. Which list is bigger?
  13. This team has several issues. On the court the lack of size is a major issue. As Deron gets back healthy it seems he can be part of the solution. TJD is coming and Jake looks promising. Moore I don't know but in the case of him and Jake, they are players that hopefully projected to be solid contributors by the time they became upperclassmen. Fitz didn't really work out but as a grad transfer he was just bandaid until the underclassmen matured. Shooting is clearly bad. Hopefully Rob another over extended Frosh will be much more reliable next year. Damezi is supposed to be a shooter but insn't he just another Frosh who is more suited to being developed into a solid upperclassmen. Off the court, there seems to be chemistry issues and now reports of players who don't like each and fighting/arguing. Let's see what happens with transfers. I wonder if Archie is ready to turn the page to his Frosh recruits next year when they are Sophs though Davis and Al seem needed for a successful year. Hopefully Hunter and Race can get on the court next season. I wonder if Archie, recognizing this dumpster fire has decided to try to redshirt Race another year. Doesn't seem like he'd want to stay that long (6 years)but if he has grad school ambition it could be good for him either for IU or as a grad transfer. Don't know thathe is even eligible for a Redshirt if he is cleared to play. I kind of quit on the team mid way through the losing streak but keep watching and see no need to slam Archie at this point in time. This team had the pieces in place but nothing has good right this year especially on the injury front. Lets see how who land on the recruiting trail and who leaves via xfer. I really hate to see Smith leave but if is part of the locker room chemistry maybe it needs to happen.
  14. I think Deron will come off the bench. I don't like Morgan being the center but it is unlikely he will be totally removed in that role. I think they will see the court togther at times.
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