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  1. I really don't see Romeo getting much in the way of minutes with Brown, Hayward and Tatum on he roster plus Smart will play a lot at SG with Kemba on the team. I feel at some point the Celtics likely trade Hayward to strengthen other positions and balance the roster. I think relying on rookies Williams, Romeo and Edwards makes for a weak bench for a team that has such high expectations. They may also have to rely on their 2nd year big Robert Williams which just adds to an inexperienced bench and he is kind of knucklehead. Of course injuries change things up a lot but I expect Romeo gets a development year for the most part. Murray, White and Walker all spent their rookie year primarily on Austin for the Spurs and look to be quite a trio heading into this season. . After watching Kanter in the playoffs for Portland, I wouldn't call him soft. He may not be the best defender but he is pretty solid offensively. I think he rebounds well. At least his stats show he does. His PER has typically been in the 20's which really solid. I guess it depends on how Simmons is rated if he is considered overrated. IMO, he is an All Star player. At least he doesn't jack up 3's he cannot make and his PER has been pretty good at 20 in each of first 2 years. He is a solid defender. Whether he gives effort on that side of the ball all the time, I don't know since I don't follow all their games. IMO, playing him at PG is not the best idea.. Just let him run the show from the forward spots. I also think he needs to fix his FT % before worrying about the 3. I think on one of the summer league telecasts, they were discussing how the 3 point line should be moved back being something that might likely pick up steam in the next couple of years. Improving his mid range game and drawing fouls to get to the line would make him much more a weapon offensively if he shot 80% not 60% from the line. Simmons has played 80 regular season games and 10 playoff games each of the last 2 seasons. I would not play him in the summer league risking injury. He can work on strength, conditioning and shooting with out playing summer league games. I really like Denver. The playoff experience they received this year will be invaluable moving forward. Their young players will only get better. I'd like to thank the powers to be who put Westbrook and Harden on the same team. Now I only have despise one team in the league. LOL. I think OKC may be better than many think. Adams, Gallo and CP3 with SGA is a pretty good core. I thought the Grant trade was strange. He seemed like such a good fit with those other 4 as starters.
  2. The NBA is not to watered down and there is plenty of money to go around for 30 teams and there is growth potential in getting the G-League ramped up to be a solid minor/development league.
  3. With Lowery aging, i don't think it was that huge of a gamble for the Raptors to trade for Kawhi. Gasol too. they were not going to get it done with the lowery/Derozan pair. I really like toronto and GS for that matter. Green is annoying but he is all about winning. While they will likely come back to earth dynasty wise, they will still be competing for titles. I almost expect next year may be a year off and tank to rebuild some while KD/Klay rehab if they keep the cast together. That's a really tough decision. Just the decision to keep vs lose KD while maxing Klay was like 200-300 mil in salary per yr over the next 4 when you factor in luxury taxes. How can GS even justify that but windhorst claims they offer both 5 year max deals. Guess the new arena is pay off for them. Warriors With Durant SEASON SALARY TAX TOTAL 2019-20 $176.2M $203.5M $379.7M 2020-21 $180.2M $169.8M $350.0M 2021-22 $196.2M $231.6M $427.8M 2022-23 $203.2M $229.0M $432.0M Total $1.59B Warriors Without Durant SEASON SALARY TAX TOTAL 2019-20 $139.7M $19.8M $159.5M 2020-21 $140.7M N/A $140.7M 2021-22 $153.7M $14.3M $168.0M 2022-23 $155.5M $5.7 $161.2M Total $629.4M
  4. Meh. I'd rather watch a game that starts at 9 than have to try to rush home for a 5 or 6 PM start. I realize most of the population is in the East time zone but still I don't think this argument holds much water. I always DVR games with early starts. Actually, I rarely watch anything live anymore. Not even Sports. I'll wait 30-45 minutes to start watching a game and FFWD through commercials. Don't know for sure but TV ratings seem to be based on whose watching live TV.
  5. IMO, this year will be the changing of the guard from the old to the new culture. Not all the Crean players are gone but IMO, only Deron and Devonte remain. RP seems to be the PG that IU needs. I expect the team will be slightly better than .500 and maybe push 20+ wins if Hunter plays, smith steps up his game, Deron is healthy, and Devonte plays like a senior. While many felt Romeo didn't meet expectations maybe TJD exceeds them. A lot of ifs but a lot of unexpected things went wrong last year. Time to balance it out.
  6. I would expect Morgan to get on summer league teams. IMO, the notion he isn't athletic enough to play in the NBA is way off. He also has good all round skills that can be developed and improved upon. He plays smart and seems to have the work ethic that NBA teams like. IMO, he will be in the G-League next season and he has a shot at making NBA rosters down the road especially if he gets a consistent perimeter shot.
  7. Luka is an icon in Europe. Folks who follow the NBA closely know how famous he was before coming. I do not know what kind of endorsements he has in Spain or Europe. As a Mavs fan, I started watching as many of his Euroleague games as I could find because I knew he would be in the mix for them. I don't see how one year of college is any better than 1 year of ball overseas.
  8. Actually GS was rolling along 2-1 after winning game 2 @ Houston by 20 then Game 3 at home by 40. They also then lost a Finals MVP in Iggy for the series. They also lost Klay for a half in Game 4. If the Rox get Paul for games 6 and 7 then let GS have Iggy and I think there would be no games 6 and 7 necessary.
  9. Well the Rox had Chris Paul this time. The result is evident from the photo below.
  10. Oh yeh. forgot about Blazing Saddles. Another great masterpiece comedy for that 70's era.
  11. I agree about Monty python's holy Grail. I also like up in smoke and Animal house from that Era also. I can always watch them. Some other movies from the early- mid 70's was the choirboys and the Groove Tube. Groove Tube was the predecessor to Kentucky Fried movie. Choirboys was one of Randy Quaid's earlier movies. Can't find them anymore but haven't searched you tube. I was able to find Los Enchiladas on You tube but not great quality so maybe I should have a look. Not sure I can watch them over and over but would like to check them out againd. One of my favorite sports movies is Eight Men Out about the black sox. I like Aliens a lot. I can always watch it. The 2nd one in the group. Bill Paxton was always good for lines just like in Weird Science.;
  12. LOL. Now, he'll probably start mixing ------- in with all those ....... just to confuse everyone.
  13. This is a weaker than recent drafts. Whether he had a disappointing year or not, he still stacks up with the top 10 players with zion having separation from group. IM(O, he just didn't meet the expectations put on him. Yes he has things to work on and develop but so do the other players like Garland who didn't play and Jaxson Hayes who is a late developer. Certainly NBA scouts can see IU as a team was a mess of sorts this year and that impacted his production. I'm rooting for the spurs to land him but they are fairly deep with young guards and have Derozan. That said Derozan is about to be a FA in a year so maybe romeo can slide in to take his place after a year on the Austin spurs where the Spurs provide such outstanding development. The spurs are at 19 with Pacers at 18. Would the Pacers pass on him if there?
  14. There is no doubt RW is quite the talent and plays hard. I could care less if wants to play hero ball with his high volume shooting. There are plenty of players such as that in the league. I always like Iverson. Rodman too. He was always getting into others heads. I find it hard to like Westbrook because everything seems to be about him. He seems to have these side agendas against other teams that he has going internally because he channels his energy negatively into what appears to be taunts. How does this impact his teammates positively. The only player's head he seems to get into is his own. Can you imagine if snarled at or did one of his muscle flexes vs the Bad Boy pistons.
  15. Joel Embiid is like the anti-Westbrook. How can anybody not like that guy. Great player. Great interviews. Celebrates with the fans. And I'm rooting for Toronto to win this series.
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