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  1. ATX_sig

    NBA Thread

    I am happy that Rose seems to have revived his career and found a new niche. He has become a very good long range shooter and has his explosion back. Hopefully he will have no serious setbacks and his ankle is short term injury.. I am not going to say Rose deserves to win the all star voting but does it really matter. He is having a really nice season that is borderline deserving if not of an All -Star selection. I'm sure the ones who truly deserve to go will get chosen by the coaches if not voted in. By the time the game rolls around several players will drop due to injury. I don't think Wade or VC should go though. Fans who have appreciated their career can show that appreciation in road games. Dirk has been getting an amazing reception in road games. These players wiil all get their lifetime achievement recognition when they are inducted to the HOF.
  2. ATX_sig

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    Green's D is very good. Offensively, I think Green could be really good off the ball. I know that his shooting the last 2 games has been bad but I wonder if his shooting goes awry becuase mentally he may be thinking to much as a PG how to get others involved. This leads to crazy passes and drives to the lane. I'd play him off the ball and either he shoots a 3 or attacks the basket if an open lane exists. If neither an open shot or an open path to the basket, give it up.
  3. IMO, conference tourney games should count against regular season conference record and the Power Conferences should have 2 auto bids. One for the tourney winner and one for the regular season winner based on winning .pct. If a team wins both then the regular season and tourney then the runnerup gets the 2nd bid. It could some extra intrigue to the tournament. Of course if a team dominates the regualr season standings then they drop the 1st game and may still have the best .pct.
  4. Well. Lets see who has the brighter future in 2020 as the Nets go hard in free agency. They may well lose out against Philly, NY, and the La teams but they have space to add a couple long term stars of their own. A lot of players will could be interested in playing in New York be it the Nets or Knicks. Didn't Donovan grow up in New York. I suspect a lot coaches would like to coach there too.
  5. I don't think that especially mid-season. Still, If he has desires to go back to college this would be a good opportunity to walk away from a 1 year deal during the off season. Then the question is would UCLA wait. He'd likely win immediately. I just don't know that he wants to return to college. I could certainly see him loving the idea of NBA coaching in NY city much more once he becomes a FA NBA coach in 2020. Brooklyn is close to turning it around with some nice young players and about to be a factor in the luring of free agents.
  6. Larry I actually thought about him since I just recently read about him being fired in Italy? He might be an OK candidate to finish out the season if they are bringing in someone on an interim basis.
  7. Donovan has a home game tonight in a back to back Mavs rematch. Donovan will always be at or near the top of every big job in college. I'm betting he stays in the NBA and eventually moves somewhere on the East Coast. It has to be a pain coaching Russ who just put out another one of his typical 4-22 performances last night to counter Paul George's attempts to take over the game vs Dallas. That said, living in LA has to be tempting to anyone. I wonder how long Bill Self wants to put up with the winters in the Midwest. This really seems like a job that could pull him from Kansas.
  8. UCLA intrigues Hoiberg but does Hoiberg intrigue UCLA. He is probably a candidate but certainly no slam dunk as their choice depending on who else is available. I remember a rumor a couple of years ago that they liked Earl Watson when he was coaching the Suns. There could be some high profile interest in that job which comes with living in LA. Old article so maybe it was covered here some time ago. Wonder if Alford had checked out as it appears he called about the Xavier job. It also mentioned Sean miller was interested. https://gojoebruin.com/2018/03/30/ucla-basketball-steve-alford-allegedly-reached-out-xavier/
  9. ATX_sig

    NBA Thread

    Typical Russell Westbrook. LOL. He has mean looking snarls at least. He got to use those snarls 3 times. Meanwhile, Luka gets out the Magic wand again. This guy just continues to roll out the special stuff and is all smiles.
  10. ATX_sig

    Mock Drafts - 2019 & 2020

    Well since we are on the topic of choosing not to go to college. Mark Cuban has an opinion. https://deadspin.com/mark-cuban-shares-just-the-most-exhausting-take-on-amer-1831264758
  11. ATX_sig

    De'Ron Davis Trending Up

    Deron started off well in the first couple games last season then Archie really started riding his effort until his injury. I think Archie was working his magic pushing him to up his effort because he recognized Deron's importance to the team in the post. Maybe it is true the team was better because he disappeared but I don't necessarily agree. IMO, each player adjusted to Archie's style and culture at different rates. Seems like Green was up and down until the middle of the conference season before he started getting consistent minutes.
  12. ATX_sig

    NBA Thread

    I hate injuries. What about andre Iguodala and his injury? I expect your not a Rox fan but It is typical of their fans to ignore how the Warriors settled into cruise mode against them before Iggy disappeared with his injury. Warriors won Game 1 at Houston then blew them out by 40 at home in Game 3 to go up 2 games to 1. GS took game 2 off after getting Home Court back and feeling in control. To me they are their own worst enemy. It followed a pattern of their playoff series in round 1 and 2 when they played a dud game after establishing control of the series. After Game 3 Iggy missed games and the rox barely won the next 2 games. Even in Game 4 the Warriors had Thompson hurt his knee and he spent the half the rest of the game getting back his rythm once he did return. It clearly impacted the outcome of that game. IMO, Warriors finish them off in 5 with Iggy in Games 4 and 5. His importance to them can get overlooked at times.
  13. ATX_sig

    NBA Thread

    I also must confess that as a Mavs fan that OKC and the Rox are the 2 teams I really don't like so there is probably some slant in my posts about those 2 teams. I think OKC likely finishes with top 4 seed in the standings but are miles behind a full strength Warriors team and probably wind up a ways behind Lebron and the Lakers who are not done tweaking around Lebron. Adding chandler as a role player and leader was great for them and now they going for Ariza. IMO, the Pels, Nugs and OKC are all about the same and it is easy to add 4 or 5 more teams to that group. Health matters a lot and if all at full strength, i like the Davis and the Pels but they seem the most fragile.
  14. ATX_sig

    Mock Drafts - 2019 & 2020

    ESPN on Romeo. Givony ran the draft express site which I think was the best until ESPN took him away. Seems like there is a lot less information to read now. Most of the below, most Hoosier fans already know. I don't agree he is a 4 unless it in matchups against really small lineups. I don't agree with the passive and coast. Most high profile High School recruits have to learn to play hard all the time when going to the next level. I think the term passive is used because he lets the game come to him. I like that he doesn't force plays to happen unless you really need him in the moment. Pre-Draft Analysis Strengths - Has prototypical physical tools for a NBA wing in terms of size, length, frame and athleticism. - Instinctive scorer. Difficult to contain in the open court or in a straight line with his strength, fluidity, body control and ability to get off his feet smoothly. Gets to the free throw line frequently. Shows potential as a jump-shooter. Career 80 percent on free throws. - Has outstanding defensive potential. Tall and long enough to play some 4 in smaller lineups. Improvement areas - Jump shot is a work in progress. Career 30 percent 3-point shooter on over 400 attempts. Doesn't always shoot the same way. Will need to show he can stretch out his jumper in time. - Ballhandling can improve. Average decision-maker. - Has a tendency to get passive and coast. Will likely need time to find his rhythm within the college game. Jonathan Givony http://www.espn.com/nba/draft/bestavailable
  15. ATX_sig

    NBA Thread

    I think in the end PG was ready to move on something different. Fortunately for the Pacers the trade worked out great. I'm surprised PG stayed in OkC. Westbrook doesn't make any players around him better like other big stars. Not even sure he tries unless it helps himself look better. Then he snarls like he is something special. He likely stunted VO's development. VO was not as established yet so took a backseat to Russ. Once given that opportunity in Indy VO really shined. Obviously PG benefits from playing a year with Russ so the comfort level is better. PG was also probably respected more as a replacement for KD. Now, OKC had to rely on PG with Ruiss taking time to recover form injury and get into mid season form. Now that russ has returned to mid season form and is Mr. Inefficient High Volume guy, I'm interested to see how long they stay cohesive. Westbrook 3 point .pct has dropped from 29 to 21 percent and he is taking 5 threes per game to 4 last year. He wore on Durant. How long before he PG gets tired of him. We probably won't know until Russ melts down in the playoffs but I predict it comes at some point.