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  1. Can the Mavs/pacers game be a 2 on 2 with Sabonis/Brogdon vs Luka/KP? I assume Levert, Warren, and Turner are out. The Mavs are made up of their G-League guys, KP, Luka and few of their secondary bench guys. Maybe Hardaway will play with his injured groin and shoot 0 for 12. I expect that DFS, Maxi, Richardson and Powell won't play though richardson may have a shot to return.
  2. Nate Oats - Why is he a better candidate than White at Florida?
  3. Seems there is still some itch for Matta to coach again. If he and Arch are close friends then maybe adding Matta to the staff for a short term trial to see how his back handles the grind could be a good thing. If Matta finds issues with travel, he can skip road trips without major distractions to a program as if he were a head coach. For Archie, I think the experience that Matta would bring even if a short term scenario would only enhance the culture of the program if Archie remains. Really the main core of this team is still young. Time to drop the grudges on Scott Drew. Been almost
  4. No matter who is a candidate there will be some cons except for maybe Stevens or Beard. I don't necessarily favor an IU guy over a non-IU but can see the appeal. Maybe none of the following are candidates but they all seem capable, IMO. I think some of the IU guys that have a lot of NBA experience would be fine. NBA backgrounds seems to attract recruits. I finbd it hard to believe that guys like Woodson, Wittman, Smart can't coach at the college level if they want the opportunity. I'll even add Isiah to the list just stir up a bunch of negative comments. I wouldn't mind Alfor
  5. I don't know. He is a decent coach but over time his teams seem to flair out. He kind of sucked the life out of Texas program during the last half of his tenure. With TJ Ford he got to the final 4. He flamed out with Durant. When i moved to Austin season after Durant there seemed to be excitement around the program that went stale with each season's meltdown.
  6. Would that be tampering if Cuban paid Stevens salary to leave the Celtics for IU?
  7. So how do you ask the question? "I know you won't come to coach at IU, but would you like be the coach at IU?"
  8. I'd like to get a coach from the following 3: Beard Drew Matta I don't think Stevens would come but IU should make the call. One sleeper coach for me would be Bobby Hurley. Wasn't he at Buffalo before Oats. I like Hurley better. Anyway, if IU does pull a trigger, I hope they send out feelers behind the scenes and go after a target. Texas did that replacing Strong then Herman in football and quickly got their guy. None of this dump Archie stuff then taking a long time to figure it out. I'd rather keep Archie than strike out in a search then hire someone to just h
  9. I don't know. That seems to be dramatic. It's not like TT didn't pay him or he cannot get his culture into IU's program. Most like a challenge and pressure of succeeding at a big time program. He is his own person. He doesn't seem to be the type to hold any kind of a silly grudge. Seems any prior IU player who played for Knight that was considered could have that same grudge if it were to exist. I think if he wants to move to big time program, he would consider IU. Like Few in the Northwest, I think being around his family is what would keep him in Texas. I believe his fiance played v
  10. I never liked Scott Drew but the results he produces is pretty solid considering he is at Baylor. I know he did some shady stuff with Perea and other coaches in Big 12 thought he kind of back stabbed them but he he hasn't been slammed for any violations. His teams really play tough. I'd go for Beard first but I think Drew would be a solid selection. I like Archie and don't care if he goes or stays. I think the system is fine and his coaching is fine but toughness and motivation just seems to be missing even though they play hard. They can't seem to get positive momentum or over the hump.
  11. I think he is very good attacking the basket from what I remember in the bubble last season. I'm getting old so my memory may be off.
  12. If VO remaining a Pacer after he became a FA was a big worry then the pacers did great. They may even have gotten the best player if Levert can stay healthy. I don't know if Levert can defend like VO but I think he might be better offensively at this point. The only players I've seen stopping him since the bubble have been Kyrie and Durant not letting him have the ball. There was no way he would get any shots with Harden joining the team. Pacer fans should behappy as he is signed a couple years out.
  13. Seeing Phin and durham hit 3's is good. Al has been up ad down but Phin has been mostly down. I know it was predominantly early but the 3 point game continues to improve. While Leal and Hunter did not shoot a great .pct they seem to be the best shooters from 3. If Phin and al start knocking them down fairly consistently it bodes well. Defense will have to worry about 4 players. I saw a couple of possessions where Nebraska extended their defense out to the arc and there was a lot a spce for THJ to operate. IU didn't capitalize or get the ball to him. I think Hoiberg may have reigned/packe
  14. I want Jerome shooting because I think his probably the best shooter on team and needs to get going. Maybe Leal will be a better shooter once he gets up to speed on playing Big 10 instead of High School. My post was kind of joke based on hunter's game ending 3 when they should have been running down the clock.
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