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  1. What about the games in between semesters? Can the player rotate teams until the next semester of classes start?
  2. With one thread about Coaches around the NCAA on the hot seat and this thread about immediate eligibility. Which players from teams about to lose coaches would be attractive to add to IU? I watch a lot of Texas. Coleman, Ramey and Sims would interest me if they decided to leave. None of them are from Texas.
  3. I've heard on local radio Beard and Donovan to be top 2 targets. Could just be radio talk and not rumors of any sort. Shaka will be leaving behind a nice group of players assuming they don't have a lot of defections.
  4. IMO, this will be a great rule if they add the disclaimer that a player must honor 2 years to earn the right to play immediately.
  5. I agree about waiting a year. I am more interested to see how the team looks next year to see what he has built. Even if Archie is not the answer, I expect this team will improve. IMO, TJD, Hunter, and Phin are the core to build on and they are just getting their feet wet playing together. Race has been looking good. They will have 3 seniors to provide depth. Franklin looks promising. That said if a new AD came in and pulled the trigger on replacing Archie I would not be disappointed.
  6. Hunter has hit 9 of 19 from the arc in his last 4 games. His game just seems on the rise even if it has been a slow rise. Hopefully he can put it together and have a big game. It would be great for building his confidence and maybe he can become a go to kind of scorer. This team needs a spark from someone.
  7. I think the big negative for college is the recruiting. I think you wrong that coaches in the NBA don't worry about the roster building. I expect they watch plenty of film on how a player can fit into what they want to do and are part of the decision making process. Obviously all cases are different. Sure. NBA players don't get into trouble or clash with their coaches.
  8. I'm disappointed the season has turned South but my belief all along is next year would be the likely turning point if Archie is going to get this thing going. TJD, Franklin, Phin, Race and Hunter are all basicallly Archie's guy and form the nucleus. Brunk, Smith and Al should be solid rotation guys as seniors as opposed to what we see out of DeRon and Devonte. I think that Race and Hunter and Phin will all be very good players to go along with TJD. Race and Phin just can't seem to get healthy and I suspect Hunter did not get to work much on improving his game as opposed to just getting back to the court and playing. The team Archie has took 3 years to build will be dominated by upperclassmen next year. The team will have had a season and an off season to work on their weaknesses. A 2021 solid recruiting class seems imperative if TJD goes pro in 2021. I hope Archie gets another year with his group but if he gets the ax I doubt anyone will be surprised. Will that depend on the new AD? What if it is one who want to make a splash?
  9. Is the Crean defense and hurry up offense at Geogia skewing the team scoring averages in the SEC? LOL I wonder how much scoring is down even this year compared to some recent years. I follow NBA draft ranking fairly closely and it seems the general consensus is this year's draft is weak. Right or wrong, many seem to believe this correlates this to the ultra mediocre play across the board in college to a lack of talent. Could it be the lackluster play is just related to the Power Conference teams.
  10. Yeh but he became an all star last year and was even more efficient on the Warriors. I could see where Wiggins would be a better fit as a 2 way player as opposed to Russell alongside Klay and Steph. Russell isn't very good defensively and this would certainly impact Curry. I don't think it was a secret that while Russell is outstanding offensively that Warriors made the trade for him to have a big time asset they wanted to keep him or trade for assets. If Wiigins finds efficiency along the trio of Superstars, the Warriors will look all genius here also landing the future 1st round pick. The fact that Wiggins has underachieved and all the noise that KAT has made about playing with Russell and being unhappy in Minny probably gave GS some leverage.
  11. Nothing that happens with this team win or lose is all that surprising. Maryliand played really really well due to their hot start and first half knocking down 3's. IU seems to be improving and gaining confidence from game to game. If it takes a Maryland like effort to beat IU at home then I feel the chances are solid they will win out at home. Now just fix the road issues and steal a couple. The next 2 games on the road are difficult but winnable.
  12. Yesterday's loss is the first one since Archie has arrived that I would call it upsetting to the point I was mad. Before it has just been frustratiing and knowing he was overhauling and rebuilding the team, it was Oh well, NEXT. I think a lot had to do with how they lost the game and also the fact that a win would of put them in such a solid position. Not gonna be all that concerned about a loss to Maryland even at home. If they play this way the rest of the season, I expect they make the NCAA and make a .500 or better record in the Big 10.
  13. Yeh. It's tough getting back after a year away from playing or practicing. Was he even allowed to workout for strength and conditioning.
  14. Here is a replay of the last 4 seconds of the game. 4 seconds left - YES!!!!! - What I yelled when TJD blocked the layup/pass or whatever Winston threw up there 2 seconds left - NO!!!!!! - When the MSU player put it back up 0.6 seconds left - YES!!!!!! - Wehn it rolled off the rim and Hunter got the rebound. This team has some warts but does look like the backbone of the program is rebuilt for Archie to build on moving forward. Here is the core and they are all presumably back next year. Brunk TJD Smith Al Rob Franklin Race Hunter DA Deron and Green can still pitch in off the bench this year before they go and are replaced by Geronimo, Gallaway, and Leal. THe core above should all continue to improve moving forward to next season. Back it up with a solid 2021 recruiting class. Been painful getting there and some downs may still come but seems the rebuild plan may be working as the team gels.
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