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  1. Also the NBA is discussing a permanent shift of about 2 months in their season. Xmas time frame to Finals in August. Don't know how this would impact future draft processes and how players would remove their names from the draft. Seems August would be to late to decide to return to school.
  2. Heard on the Radio at lunch Houston may not allow fans at big events until after March. NCAA South Regional? Maybe they want the hatred towards that cheat'n baseball to subside some.
  3. I thought there was a whole different Forum website dedicated to Fire the Coach talk? These viruses are way out of control.
  4. Went to Dallas Stars Hockey match last Saturday afternoon along with 15 or so thousand other fans in the same arena. Maybe the big chunk of ice in center of the arena kept the virus a bit inactive but I feel no ill effects. I am going to be a bit more brave and take a shot at the airports this coming weekend. Flying to San Diego for Spring Break. Hopefully IU plays on Friday-sunday in the NCAA. My wife has purchased return tix on Thursday when the round of 64 starts. She wonders why I question her common sense. Traveling on day 1 of the NCAA tourney, GEEZ! Why wouldn't Conference Tournament just be cancelled as opposed to playing in front of no fans? Can't they just use a Conference Regualr season winner to get the bid. For those that have division then maybe just play one game between the 2 division winners.
  5. I got Opening Day Tickets to the First Regular Season game at the Rangers new baseball stadium on March 31. Was able to go the First Opening Day in the previous stadium (now an XFL stadium) back in early 90s.. I'll die (LOL - Iknow this is serious though) if they postpone it and the real opening day is a game I didn't purchase. I thought having a roof I was home free since there would be no rain out. . I had to but a 20 game pack to get opening day but was able to cherry pick primo game to sell.
  6. https://chicago.suntimes.com/2020/3/4/21164775/coronavirus-ncaa-basketball-tournament-without-fans
  7. I had season tix for a few years but dropped the last 2. My son usually went to games but he is now busy with work and school and rarely available. Also it is easy to get tix to any game these days. I was there for the last 3 years of Barnes and the first 3 of Shaka.' The Arena is a morgue unless they play a marquis game and fill it up. Usually the upper level is near empty. I think once the move to the smaller more cozy arena it will create a more raucous environment much like the volleyball program has going in the old Gregory Gym which fills up at 5-6k. I don't know about that fit thing. This isn't the football team. The last 2 basketball coaches were Penders and Barnes. They seemed to be polar opposites. The only reason Shaka isn't the right fit is the team isn't producing. Maybe this is the issue but he is probably the nicest coach in the country. Everybody likes the guy and they brought him in to help generate excitement for moving to the new arena as opposed to a standoffish type of coach like Marshall. Maybe it is just taking longer than expected to get this program turned around. Last year they finished strong but it was to little to late to make the NCAA but they won the NIT. Many still think this run is fools gold. They are highly capable of losing Saturday and the 1st conference tourney game which would doom him. Still probably on the hot seat. If they win Saturday they could finish 3rd in the Big 12 if TTU loses to KU. Whether fools gold or not, I think Shaka deserves to stay on for the final year of the Erwin Center if making the tourney. The entire team is back next year if no defections so it could be a banner year. If not then they removed another year on the buyout and Beard can come when the new arena opens. LOL As far as the season. This season looked really promising but they dug themselves a big hole again. Yet here they are playing well to close out the year.. I think like IU the guard play has been suspect since Shaka arrived. His guards are higher level recruits so it is bit maddening but they have been quite an inexperienced group. Coleman and Ramey really got keys to the car as Frosh and Sophs and their inexperience showed. They had their version of Devonte Green last year in Kerwin Roach. Roach is a better player than Green but as the senior leader got suspended a couple of times for breaking team rules. Jones was headed for the NBA after his soph year but missed 2 years due to cancer. I think having him back to replace Roach is positive. Right now Jones would be a Senior but is a Soph. Ramey is Soph. Febres and Coleman are Juniors. I think having experienced good guards is key. Who knows why they had the mid season dip but 4 of those losses were against Baylor and Kansas then the injuries. The integration of 3 star redshirt Frosh Brock Cunningham (hustle guy) due to injury seems to be the catalyst in their comeback. I doubt he leaves the rotation when healthy players are back.
  8. Well this was the most winnable game that IU never had a chance in. I understand this team has upperclassmen but the core and best players are just getting their feet wet in Big 10 play playing major minutes. I view the core as Franklin, Rob, Hunter, Race and TJD. I hope there are no issues with Smith and Al and they stay next year. Purdue shot 11% from 3 and I think had a part in that. I would not want to lose his defense. This team just struggles on the road. Hopefully learning through adversity works for this group. This needs fixed next year. I know RP got a lot of minutes last year but I have to assume he is playng with an injury of some sort based on what he looked like last season. Read a lot rumors on these forums about groin or something. We'll see. It was crickets about Romeo's thumb until he had surgery. Still I feel a lot better about IU when he is on the court. DG, Al and Franklin just kill momentum when they run the half court offense more often than not with mind boggling mistakes. How often did Al and Franklin fall down. The sequence at the end of the first half with Al trying to get the ball up the court was embarrassing. I'm fine with Race coming off the bench. He got 2 quick fouls so didn't get the minutes in the first half. I think DeRon has been better than Brunk in recent games yet Archie sticks with Brunk. T. Williams is a good player and I think DeRon would slow him best because he could match the bulk/girth. TJD looked like a Frosh when he tried to guard him. Brunk was totally overmatched. Purdue was horrible last night except the end of the 1st half. IU spoon fed them more at the beginning of the 2nd half and still almost came back. How do you score just 20 points in what 30 minutes. Had they played like they did at Minnesota this would of been a win. Hopefully the momentum they gained down the stretch will carry over to the nexxt and last road game of the season. Maybe like the last 2 game road trip they will come to play in the 2nd game.
  9. Is Muhammad hypothetically on the 2021-22 team?
  10. Tech has nice thing going but it is mostly because of him. Austin vs Lubbock? - where would you rather live? Where would recruits rather go? I expect he is happy at Tech because it is in Texas and his experience there with RMK but UT is his alma Mater. I think the resources UT have to offer probably trump Tech. Tech has a nice arena. UT has new one on the way in 2021/22. Wonder if Texas would try to delay the chase another year if Shaka's team can make the tourney to lighten up all the buyouts.
  11. It seems that Texas has a solid shot at local HS star and top 10 ranked Greg Brown. Apparently his dad claims for UT to stay in the running depends on Shaka being there.
  12. Who knows with this team. Next week they could be back on the floor with pressure to win out vs Minny and Wiscy. Reality is IU should just be worried about Purdue. That team is playing badly and IU needs to get them like they did Minny or like Purdue did to IU when IU was looking like it was heading for a season meltdown. I think it is encouraging that Hunter and Race are getting more and more minutes and developing. The rotation has settled on the top 7 in minutes over the last couple of games being: TJD Smith Race Hunter Al phin Green Brunk, Davis, and Franklin play as needed. This team will probably remain inconsistent because it is prone to going cold for long stretches but hopefully not as much as early in the season. Brunk has proven servicable and will be valuable next year but I think Deron is playing better right now. I think if I were Archie I'd start DeRon and give him all the big man minutes until he gets in foul trouble or proves he is not up for the task in a given game. DeRon might want to close out his college career on a high note. Archie is pulling the trigger much quicker to go small and more agile but I still like a big starting because if you can get productive minutes from the beginning out one of the bigs it helps keep some of the others from foul trouble which leads to less aggressive play. I think if this team caught some breaks it can make the 2nd weekend as it's ceiling though I think it slightly less than 50/50 it wins an NCAA game but that depends on draw and matchups. IMO, it is easy to get excited about next year and if the team can finish strong, anything it accomplishes in the NCAA is icing on the cake.
  13. What about the games in between semesters? Can the player rotate teams until the next semester of classes start?
  14. With one thread about Coaches around the NCAA on the hot seat and this thread about immediate eligibility. Which players from teams about to lose coaches would be attractive to add to IU? I watch a lot of Texas. Coleman, Ramey and Sims would interest me if they decided to leave. None of them are from Texas.
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