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  1. Princeton - Sounds like one of those bite you in the #$#$ games and I think their coach from the state of Indiana is really good.
  2. I think the colts will win their division assuming injuries aren't factor. IMO, Week 1 is really strange because teams treat Pre-season so lightly to keep player healthy. There are the new rules concerning how much practice time the player go through with relation to 2 a days. Brissett played a lot while the Luck situation played out. So he looked pretty sharp in what I saw. Was flipping through games so didn't see it all. There are some exceptions but teams just look out of sync on offense in week 1.
  3. Luka Doncic. Though it doesn't relate to aother pistol pete on the college level.
  4. That's easy money. He gets to stand on the 3 point line and be a spectator while those other 2 guys take all the shots. Maybe he will get to be the guy that has the WTH look in his eyes when Russ goes 1-10 in the 4th Q.
  5. I drafted Karli Lloyd for my dynasty league Fantasy team.
  6. What do you all think of Deon Cain?
  7. I'm in a dynasty fantasy league. Who do you Colts fans like more as a receiver? Campbell or Cain? I am really impressed with Cain. You can't replace Luck but I think Brissett will do just fine and Kelly looks like he could have bright future. I think the colts receivers will do just fine.
  8. Spam makes me think of Monty Python. Spam and a fried egg on top of oatmeal in bowl is surprisingly good. I couldn't believe it when as one of the adult leaders on a Boy Scout trip the adult leader camp grub's master made this for breakfast.
  9. In grew up there and it's still my favorite pizza. I go to Turonis anytime I get close to E-ville. Really like that style of Pizza which seems common in the area. There was really good place in Henderson that had a similar style of pizza that was damn good too. For anyone in Dallas, Campisis is really good stuff. For those discussing eggs on Pizza for breakfast. I lived in Peru for a year and when you ordered a pizza they typically cracked an egg onto the center of the pizza for the last couple minuites.
  10. What is there to question? Luck admitted he doesn't want to be committed to football and the injuries. Would it have been any better press for Luck from the media if he spent all year battling his current injury and missing games then retired.
  11. Chad Kelly is dynamic and has looked quite good in his Bronco and Colt preseason games. He is accurate and can lead. He makes plays. He was about to unseat Keenum in Denver to at least get a look before his Halloween incident last year. If he can stay off the alcohol which seemingly turns him into a psycho then he could certainly be a solid NFL starting QB. That's still a hard pill to swallow for an NFL franchise to put their team in the hands of a player with that kind of background.
  12. Hopefully the Reds keep Bauer long term. Hate giving up Trammell. I hope Puig grew a liking to the Reds and Cincy and they can bring him back as a FA. I've always really liked Puig though his early immaturity was tough to take at times. I was listening to the MLB audio of the Reds announcers while on my neighborhood walk last night when the WLW broadcast disappeared and went blank in the 8th. THey were losing pretty bad so I switched to the Ranger game. They announced the Bauer trade and I tried to switch back but the Reds audio was never back. It would have been exciting radio to hear the Reds crew discuss the trade and the brawl live as it all happened while on a 1 hour walk. Been on a lot of walks lately trying to get my back in order again and just last week they were discussing brawls and trying to determine which announcer should take which announcer on the other team. I think it was the Pirates they were talking about too. Maybe the Pirate announcer won the brawl and took the radio broadcast down. LOL
  13. Growing up in Southern Indiana, I never hated UK even if they were the rival I had hoped IU to beat the most. In fact I would watch them often during a season until Cal arrived. Now I don't pay attention to them at all unless playing IU.
  14. I'll stick to an Indiana guy and one who I played little league against. Donnie baseball Mattingly.
  15. If D. Cousins is back to the 25 and 12 player he was before his achilles injury, might he be the most impactful player of the group. You kind of know what to expect from main 4. Was last year the new norm or Boogie or an anomaly in regards to him coming back from injury and just filling a role on a team of super stars?
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