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  1. Should the Pacers take on Hayward and add a free draft pick 13 or 15 to give Charlotte some cap relief to sign Bridges?
  2. I'm in 2 regular and a dynasty. Little late to respond but if you need players still, I can jump in. IMO, PPR is a cheap stat. nothing like getting a point for a reception that loses a yard or 2. LOL. We are replacing the PPR with First downs by Rushing or Receiving in our dynasty league which has been going for almost 30 years. We converted to dynasty 15 or so years ago.
  3. Maybe the Cavs don't win their title if the Warriors leave Walton as coach and don't bring back Kerr that 2016 season.
  4. Williams from Purdue shined in the 5v5 game. 14 points, 13 reb, 5 assists https://twitter.com/DraftExpress/status/1527410203943108609?s=20&t=6ne50bKndaZqeXy8I8nCwQ https://twitter.com/DraftExpress/status/1527397345641607175?s=20&t=Ltp8MsybadJABGCRjOzACQ
  5. Was just trying to stir up discussions on pick 31 with all the talk focused on 6 plus a little humor thrown in on TJD being the pick. I don't see a big thick line between 6 and 10 when comparing these Mocks. ESPN has the blazers taking Duren at 7. Walterfootball has him at 5. I probably would not draft him over the top 6 but you have to work him out and do your homework.
  6. I was reading rumors about the Pacers/Suns discussing Ayton during the season. So that means they likely are looking for a big. Where does Duren fit at pick 6 if Murray is off the board? I read one scouting report he is pretty impressive finisher. I had viewed RC as one of the best if not the best PnR coach in the league. How does Haliburton do in the PnR?
  7. What about pick 31? TJD? He's a Pacer legacy, right?
  8. IMO, the Warriors look like the team to beat. I thought they would be favorites to win it if they could be healthy for the playoffs. They handled the regular season perfectly to get everyone on the court for the playoffs. I think all these last 4 teams are very close and I wouldn't be surprised by any outcome. On to the Mavs plug. The Mavs were 16-18 on New Years Eve and finished the season 36-12. They were 3-1 vs GS, 3-1 vs Memphis, 2-0 vs Boston, 1-1 vs Miami with road winning both games. Only the suns final 48 was better at 37-11. Suns were the Mavs kryptonite. They had owned the Mavs for last 3 or 4 years winning like 12 of 15 and something like 10 in row at home over Dallas. Took 7 games but that was fixed in the playoffs. What the Mavs have going for them is this was suppose to be a reset year with new regime so anything they produce after round 1 series win is icing on the cake. I think that was their expectations that Round 1 series win was the bar for a successful season. They are now playing with no pressure plus Luka lives for the pressure moments. They are more than a 1 man show and play as physical as anyone left in the playoffs. Let's go Mavs.
  9. I think Brunson produces more when Luka is out like the 41 vs Utah. I watch all their games and he is just a good consistent offensive player every night whether Luka plays or not. He is also a catalyst in the team culture. Brunson defense is pretty bad but he is probably one highest IQ guys in the league. So he will draw a lot of charges and leanred from the master of filling passing lanes (Kidd) to be pretty good at that in the team defense concept. It took all of 3.5 years for me to warm up to the slow footed PG but I finally bought in to him. This group has a ton of cohesion. Brunson, Dodo, and Luka are all quite close. Dodo (DFS) is maybe the most underrated player in the league. He leads the league in percentage of defending the other teams best players. Let's go Mavs.
  10. I can see Wright to the sixers but will he want to deal with Harden and Morey. Harden might be nearing his quitting point on another team especially as a FA. I think Wright is happy to take a year off unless philly wants to make big changes. I have always liked Butler but there was a stretch where he seemed like a locker room cancer when it came to dealing with young players as a leader in his later bulls days then with the wolves. He certainly seems to have that figured out now. I don't knw the Mavs can beat the Suns in Phoenix but in one game they have Luka. Reggie Miller is trying to use Luka Magic as his nickname but Luka Magic describes what he does so it is not his nickname. Cmon Luka, forget about the refs sprinkle that Lukamagic on Game 7 and steal one. Let's go Mavs!
  11. https://www.milwaukeemag.com/the-rise-of-sean-sweeney-milwaukee-bucks-assistant-coach/ Sean Sweeny has put in time at Evansville with Simmons and seems like a young rising future coach. He'll probably stay in the NBA but is Kidd's number 1. He interviewed or will interview with the Hornets for the top job. He looked the part when he filled in for Kidd for a 3 or so games while Kidd was out due to COVID protocols. Would he rather stay an assistant or maybe take a college job.
  12. So if it is Crean does that mean UE has to recruit out of state. Thought he had bad relationships with Indiana HS coaches. I'd get Gregg Marshall. He knows how to diminate the MVC.
  13. Since your taking about the Lakers so much. Wilt said he wasn't getting traded without his approval. Certainly, he would of blocked a trade to the cincinnati royals or not showed but LA, no way he blocks that scenario. Kareem wanted to be dealt to LA or NY and get away from Milwaukee. Even talked about moving to NY while playing with the Bucks. It's not really all that different.
  14. I wouldn't expect that a TV network is going to do it either. I think if the money is there to attract the talent, fans will come and get behind G-League teams. NBA summer league in Vegas has become very popular. Maybe it is because it is in Vegas, I don't know but I could see a real Summer League working when the NBA is not playing. Also, not sure the NBA wants to have a product that might take away from the WNBA.
  15. If CBS or any TV network payed Billions to show G-League games, the players salary and TV time will go up drastically. I would expect they would get the top players out of high school and market them just fine.
  16. So if a player hires an agent and decalres for draft such as Braanham is considering, is he for sure gone? I thought a player could hire an agent per NIL. So seems if a player hires agent it doesn't matter now or has the NCAA created a new area of gray matter to deal with?
  17. I don't know. JG is young raw player skills wise. Whose to say he won't work hard and make a big improvement. Based on this past season you are probably right. IMO, Kopp is what he is. JG has quite a ceiling if he puts in the time.
  18. I'm partial to Choctaw stadium formerly Globe Life Park formerly the Ballpark in arlington. Unfortunately, the rangers play across the street in the new airconditioned stadium. I haven't been to PNC but the the stadium the giants play in is as good or better than any. Used to be Pac Bell now maybe it is Oracle.
  19. Joey Votto being mic'd up in the opener vs the Braves was outstanding especially when he was playing defense. Then him telling the manager that he wants to prioritize putting in the least amount work possible is classic.
  20. I think Devin Booker is the most disrespected Superstar in the NBA. IMO, he'd be a very worthy MVP candidate and caliber player. I'd like to see a Grizzlies/wolves matchup. in Round 1. Not sure the Griz win that. Mavs are in the 3 seed slot and won 3 of 4 from Griz. I like griz and think they are good but they don't worry me anymore than the Wolves from a Mavs perspective if the Mavs find a way to get to 2nd round and are in the 2,3,6,7 bracket. Of course everything is subject ot change with the seedings from 3 on in the West right now.
  21. I think the Mavs would like to have turner. I don't it will be hard to move either. Would the Mavs take the Mavs first rounder and THJ or Bertans for turner. Some matching salary has to come back and those 2 salaries are a match. Powell, burke and Sterling Brown are expiring contracts in summer of 23.
  22. Sean Penn still walking to poland?
  23. I get that but if the Pacers draft in 5-10 range Smith is probably gone.
  24. I have been really impressed with Griffin on Duke now that he past his early season injury. Maybe the pacer won't need a wing and prefer a big with their pick but could Griffin, Duarte, and Haliburton be the future 1,2 and 3 for this team. Kid has high BBIQ, is really athletic and looks to have the makings of possessing a lethal 3 point shot. He's 6'6" with a 7'0" wingspan. I'd put him above Ivey.
  25. I have always like D. white. If the celts were trying to get PG help, then he will certainly help in that area. I watched him lead the Austin spurs to the G-League title and he has been good with the spurs. Would rather have him than Richardson.
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