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  1. It’s amazing how many pages we have threads get to on players the staff isn’t actively recruiting between this one and the Watford thread. Sigh....the offseason
  2. Kind of sounds like you’re saying it’s already too late no matter how much he grows. It sounds like you’re close to the situation but I’d have to think if he’s as big an IU fan that it shouldn’t matter if IU is first or last. If he’s always dreamed of playing there and the time comes and it’s a true fit for both parties. Just how I would feel.
  3. Also if they thought IU fans were bad I can’t imagine they would hear coming from UK fans should he decommit. I also love how the LQ thread has been hikacked by Brooks chat so as to not have to see his actual topic back on the first page. LQ is announcing today and he’s hardly been talked about at all today. 😂
  4. Can you imagine Brooks dad vs Justin Smiths dad on Twitter? 😳
  5. Here’s the problem. The NCAA does not care if players are paid. They don’t care about any cheating that goes on. They want to collect the money and move on. It’s up to the individual school and the heads of the school to have the ethics in place. IU turned themselves in. Had they not, it wouldn’t have been more than a slap on the wrist and maybe a couple game suspension for Sampson. These other schools just have the coach plead ignorance or deny any wrongdoing and the school simply says “nothing to see here” and the NCAA has no reason to look into it (they don’t want to look into it)
  6. Hey, BtownMom, don’t think I didn’t notice that if you zoom in on the cashew tray it says Indiana University. 🤪🤣😉
  7. Cole Anthony - UNC’s top target and a top player in 2019 class will be announcing his decision Tuesday during Harris visit(Is he visiting Monday & Tuesday) Not sure how that could impact his visit. Could see it going either way. May a buzz about another player during his visit plus someone of the same position or a bunch of hype around the program excites him.
  8. They have PLENTY of scholarships. They could probably take 3-4 more players on top of Hurts commitment.
  9. Criticism easier to take when getting paid
  10. I once told a poster not to lose his marbles after a Coach post about TW months ago. I didn’t intend for it to come at an attack towards him, more to the poster who thought doom was incoming bc of the news Coach brought. TW has pushed his decision time. We may be back in the running and out a dozen more times. I guess I just don’t get as high or low when things swing either direction. As others stated. I love the insight. Who doesn’t? We’d all love to be in a position to get information so close to the program. One thing to keep in mind with each bit of news that comes in too, is it on the coaching staff/IU side or the recruit side. Each side may view things differently.
  11. That’s who it was. He was big time hype. Leal does seem to be a much better prospect with better size if i recall correctly.
  12. Sorry off topic but somewhat related what was the name of the kid that was a class or 2 after Hulls and was supposedly a really great 3 point shooter. As a Sophomore he was considered a top 150 I think. May have had an offer from Wisconsin and we were all over thinking we should offer. Don’t know where he ended up. Thought his name was maybe Spencer or something.
  13. If we strike out on everyone else why not? They’d have to sit out but that’d be a great to have them practice against the team for a year. I’m sure they’re looking to go together. Not sure how many schools have 2 available scholarships that they’d be interested in who don’t already have others line up for those openings
  14. Hauser brothers from Marquette transferring
  15. When I saw his response my first reaction was that he was being sarcastic. Like oh I’ve heard about how great the fan base is at IU and how much I’ll enjoy it there and then he sees someone say that and probably takes one tweet out of the 100s if not 1000s I saw of fans excited for him to visit and paints IU fans in a bad light without taking into consideration it wasn’t an IU fan. Definitely think he thought the tweet was from an IU fan.
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