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  1. I fully don’t understand the crowd that says he shouldn’t go pro and needs to develop. The NBA has and will always draft on potential. Sure, there are players that come in and make huge contributions as a rookie, but it’s not the expectation these teams have. Romeo would have millions in his pocket and working on his game non stop, without the distraction of class or playing under the microscope of hometown hero at IU. We all have on crimson glasses. That’s why we’re on an IU board. But guaranteed millions is TOUGH to pass up. I’m guessing he’s gone. And if I was his advisor, I’d encourage him to go if he’s lottery.
  2. Could it be they’ve been putting out now for several weeks how it’s been the comments of IU fans to try and tame the “beast” for when he commits to UK. It could be an “I told you so” if he commits to UK and there are negative comments. Easy to pull from thousands of fans a few responses to fit whatever narrative you’re trying to write.
  3. If you don’t think some of these kids can make more money by attending college than going to the G-League and never appearing on tv you’re wrong. These kids can make close to if not more than the 250k the G-league deal is worth. Not to mention their personal brand is built up by ESPN as they slobber over the likes of Duke and UK. Shoe deals that ensue would be even more lucrative than any shoe deal signed direct into g-league.
  4. Looks like the whole team has quit. Seems like this team just isn’t buying what Archie is selling.
  5. And I think you had the most mild expectations, yet, still we’re unfulfilled
  6. Now that we are in full swing of big ten schedule, the athleticism has picked up. With his back McRoberts is also a defensive liability. On top of that, he might as well not even head to the offensive end of the floor. He provides zero threat. Damezi could atleast keep his defender pulled out of the lane for Romeo to drive or Juwan to operate.
  7. NCAA tourney will be less stressful to watch. Not as fun. But less stressful.
  8. This whole team looks like they have no confidence in a jump shot. How much is it that they are bad shooters and how much is it a coach that has beaten them into thinking a jump shot is a bad shot?
  9. I was fully expecting a line change early in the first half when no one ran back on D.
  10. I don’t know why he’s not getting even a sniff. Has to be that ice cream headache.
  11. Just kidding. I don’t think it’s even going to happen
  12. This effort of a comeback is going to be too little too late.
  13. Put in Damezi for McRiberts for this zone
  14. Never came back out after halftime
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