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  1. I think all this is much to do about nothing. I take it that the comments are more about fans making more about it and speculating what happened then what actually happened. If they have a problem with Davis saying we are taking over leadership on the team and moving the team in the right direction then we should be glad they are gone.
  2. Add in the ability to defend different types of players out on the floor and be able to switch on guards late shot clock and contain them is huge. He has the potential. Needs a lot of work but still has the potential
  3. Would be very surprised if TJD isn’t a hard worker. Everything on the court and the way he plays is hard. Not saying he is but just surprised. Also seems to be a great team mate. Considering he is a star player he seems to work at it. Just limited in skill not work ethic. Just my outside view
  4. There are two sides to every story when he entered the portal TT and coach Adams owes him nothing more until the semester is up. It becomes his responsibility for his choices. we as a society have seem to forgotten we have choices and consequences for our choices. Quit blaming blaming others for your decisions
  5. No one has to leave someone can pay there one way. Trust the staff to work it out
  6. Maybe someone is willing to pay their way. TJD make good NIL money. Maybe he has already said if I come back and we are out of scholarships I will pay it maybe somebody else has already agreed. It is really not important because I’m sure the staff has a plan and it will all work k out fine. We need to keep upgrading talent. That is what UK Duke MSU Kansas and all the other top programs do. They are continually looking to upgrade
  7. Not sure I get all the love for the Illini. Even with kofi back not sure that is a top 25 team. Melenzas is a nice player and verdonk is too. Not sure about the guards. The top 7 teams or so last year ranged from 15-5 to 12-8. It not that hard for those teams to lose a few more. Iu could easily win 3 or 4 more even without TJD next year. Had we stayed healthy and caught a break or two we easily could have won 3 more games. If the experts expect improved from Illini and Wisconsin and Purdue players why not IU. We could easily move up the standings
  8. If Geronimo wants minutes he needs to get better. Better on defense both perimeter and interior. Better ball handling. Better 3 pt shooting. Less fouls. Do that and you we get minutes. If he thinks he needs to go elsewhere to get minutes I’m not sure you want him. You need guys that want to play hard and earn minutes. That is what will are us better. That is what will get Geronimo to the next level. Not leaving simply to get minutes. My hope is he stays and puts the work in. He has potential to be a impact player.
  9. Not sure why so many don’t like Kopp. I know we all expected better 3pt percentage. But his presence on the floor stretched the defense. He handled the ball and passed pretty well. Not great off the bounce. It was ok. Defensively he is better than some make him out to be. He hustled and moved his feet well. I agree we will be a better team if he is coming off the bench. But we didn’t have a better option than him. Galloway was injured too much and while better defensively Kopp was better shooter which helped space the floor. Truth is Kopp and Galloway splitting time was about right. Which one was playing better gets more time. When Healy Galloway closed out games for defensive reasons. This coming year is probably about the same. Geronimo is never playing heavy minutes as 3 in the college game. I agree with the a rotation Geronimo Thompson and Davis play most of the minutes
  10. Maybe Matta knew something was coming down the pipe at butler last year when he came to IU. Maybe that is why he took the job he did. Maybe Dolson knew this too and it was a good fit for a year to keep acclimate Woodson to college game and recruiting. Maybe the only job that would get Matta back in coaching is Butler
  11. Actually it is the same Today’s society overreacts and wants to over punish a public figure because he should be held to a higher standard. Why he made a mistake. The legal system will punish him. Woodson will punish him. What ever it is fine. XJ can learn from this and become a better person from it.
  12. It’s funny how everyone wants to over react and wants to throw some one off the team not knowing the whole story. So much for learning from mistakes. Funny how nobody’s remembers the dump shit they did at that age. We have turned into a society that wants to burn everybody for a mistake but talk about equality and being fair and compassionate. XJ deserves the chance to talk to the staff and let them decide the punishment. I’m fine with what ever they do
  13. Our two lottery picks played bad. Victor and Cody didn’t know what to do their length Some of it could fall on bad game plan and not being prepared. Didn’t help that hulls was hurt and not effective at shooting
  14. Kopp has a chance to play a lot of minutes as a back 4 and some 3 next year if race does t come back. He fits that roll very well. He can stretch the floor as 4. Will have to work on rebounding. He is better perimeter defender than both race and Geronimo.
  15. He had his moments and was starting to play better at the end of the season. Maybe a change would do him good.
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