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  1. Of course he will. He’s 22. Don’t you remember when you were that age and indestructible? 🤣 Edit: I hope he does. If Colton wins, he’d set the record for the youngest 500 winner, and this will be his last chance to do it.
  2. Dear Hockey Gods, After last nights steel toed boot to the twig-n-berries, I hope our debt for 2019 is paid in full. Sincerely, The St Louis Blues
  3. And in the 70s….well it depended on the substance of the day. Some days may have been tye-dye. 🤣
  4. Because a “neutral” site game in Indianapolis is still a platform for Teflon John to peddle his snake oil to recruits. Get the game in BTown….yeah, that ain’t going to happen.
  5. In other, more shocking news, the sky is blue. More at 11.
  6. Draw a straight line between BTown and Lexington and you’d wind up approximately in Madison, IN. Given that town’s history of boat racing on the Ohio, here’s what we’re going to do. (Hold my beer) We’re going to get a couple of barges, constrict a court and play the game in the middle of the damn river. One year we can have it slightly closer to Indiana, next year we can have it slightly closer to Kentucky. Two years of this and Teflon John will be begging to come back to SSAH, because god knows what a good dose of Ohio River water will do to those Ferragamo loafers. May want to put on socks Johnny Boy.
  7. As Robin Williams (RIP) once said in regards to Olympic snowborders testing positive for weed: “Marijuana enhances many things: colors, tastes, sensations…but it does not make you f*****g empowered. When you’re stoned, you’re lucky if you can find your own damn feet.”
  8. Cincy is relatively easy to get to from either campus. The issue is that there’s only one arena that’s comparable in size to SSAH or coRuppt Arena, and it’s the aging Heritage Bank Arena (FKA Riverfront Coliseum). It’s a decent enough arena for minor league hockey and concerts/events, but it’s not exactly state of the art. UC’s Fifth Third Arena and XU’s Cintas Center are newer but significantly smaller (12K and 10K capacity).
  9. Here’s an interesting fact: Scott Dixon and Mario Andretti have as many 500 wins as Buddy Lazier and Eddie Cheever. Almost like dividing by zero, isn’t it? Edit: that said, he’s starting in the right spot. More wins have come from the pole (21) than any other position.
  10. If he and Bobby Capobianco did a podcast together, they could call it Thriller and the Vaniller Goriller
  11. If “neutral” means Bankers Life or the Yum! Center….meh…ok fine. I’d rather have them on campus, but those are about as non-neutral as neutral sites get.
  12. Oh I can think of a few more, but Blue or HoosierFaithful would yell at me if I used them.
  13. Well….that’s encouraging, and going back home for Game 6.
  14. Blues are going to need a 3 game miracle, and it'll have to start tonight.
  15. Wouldn’t expect him to. If a player winds up with an undergrad degree, I’ll never fault them for leaving. I equate that to what 95% of other undergrad students would do: go look for a job. If that job happens to be professional basketball, so be it. That’s one thing I don’t hold against Vic. The kid graduated in 3 years. I don’t blame him for leaving when he did. Didn’t have much more to do, on or off court.
  16. There was also the time last year where someone on Twitter (of course) said that Lander didn’t deserve to be a 5* or a D1 player or something and TJD replied with something along the lines of “You put on the uniform and do better”. So there was at least some degree of respect between TJD and Lander at some point.
  17. He’s now down there with Marchand, which is about as big an insult as I can give.
  18. One of my neighbors had a 5:30 class, which of course, cut into drankin’ time if it was a 7PM tip off. So to expedite consumption by volume, he has the brilliant idea to make a liquor bong. It was literally a 1/10th scale beer bong. Held about three shots at once. You can already see where this is headed. We had about a 10 minute walk to AH, so by the time we get there, 9 shots worth of Jim Beam are hitting him. Me and a buddy literally had to drag him down the full length of the AH stairs. Thank god we weren’t in the balcony. After that, the liquor bong was retired, because it could be lethal.
  19. Interesting. You don’t hear Little Kings mentioned much outside of Cincinnati.
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