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  1. Pretty sure I've said this kid's name at least once while intoxicated. "Hey...where y'wanna eat?" "DariQueen"
  2. You chop a line of the coke you nut, soon everything be up....
  3. Hope they keep focus this week. Rougher start than I would have liked, but definitely can't let what should be an easy win slip away.
  4. Cue the Star Wars references, but "there's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time". Going just by his stat line, we could have used him. Especially that 42% from 3 his senior year. But I agree....had headcase (whether him or parental) written all over him.
  5. Best wishes for a full recovery. Wasn’t always thrilled with his offense, but by all accounts was a good guy.
  6. Last of the respectable cheaters. “I reckon I tried everything on the old Apple, save for salt, pepper and chocolate sauce.”
  7. My second choice would be John Cena’s entrance music, followed by a full belly slide down the bar.
  8. 7’ kid with the last name of “Bol”….be a hell of a coincidence if it wasn’t.
  9. Another one of Manute's kids, I'm assuming?
  10. I'd use it as my own special effects. Anytime I entered a bar, I'd make sure I'd have something like the theme from "The Delta Force" playing.
  11. Serviceable top reserve/spot starter as an upperclassman? Fair enough. I think that's probably Brown's ceiling.
  12. Before this turns into a Bill Lynch massacre, I will say that I’m glad he found a measure of success at DePauw (53-27 in 7 seasons). By all accounts, a very good person and a decent coach, just out of his depth in D1.
  13. I’ll never forget “Bill Lynch has the personality of a saltine cracker”
  14. Let alone what exwives 1-8 called you.
  15. Over under on how long it takes someone to bust out a Larry Bird comparison?
  16. We weren’t winning a national title anyway, so whether we finish with 2, 3, 4, 5 losses….doesn’t matter all that much. If we do finish 7-5, some are going to say we underachieved, we regressed, blah blah blah. When’s the last time we went to 3 consecutive bowls? Regression my mildly oversized white buttocks. Nothing is ever a continual path up. There are hitches and setbacks along the way. The “static” team goals for the next 2-3 seasons should be beat Purdue and get to a bowl. Anything beyond that is just kvetching. Do that, and now we have a legitimate recent history we can point to and build on.
  17. Sign Tom Brady. Got it. So it’s ok for you to direct criticisms directly towards an individual (Hiller/Sheriden) but it’s not ok for others to direct criticisms directly back towards you. Got it.
  18. Sweet Baby Jesus…..please tell me this is a real app.
  19. I hope he’s able to get advice about bran somewhere else. I’m concerned for his bowel health now.
  20. Was it a horse feces call? Absolutely. To think that it was that deep of a conspiracy…..well….
  21. Seen the ticker floating around but haven’t done any actual DD into it. From what I gather, it’s another converted SPAC that’s being touted as a squeeze. As far as it being a sustainable business….eh…..I wouldn’t get near their services with a 10 foot pole, but I’m always the outlier when it comes to consumer trends. I can see it having a place in this insane real estate market, but what happens when it cools? In a hot housing market, they can buy, flip and turn in what…maybe 60-75 days? Less than a quarter. What’s going to happen when those carrying costs start impacting more than one earnings report? Just something about it doesn’t sit right with me. I’d never use it personally, and I’d never buy a house that they had flipped. I also don’t use Facebook, but I understand it’s place in the market and have/do own shares. This one just doesn’t seem to have a secure place yet.
  22. Actually, I’d say more than one has. This IronNet company has some actual promise. They’re a cyber security firm, and their management is full of ex CIA/NSA types. Let’s say that their “true” market value is $30/share. That’s still only about 55-60% of what comparable companies trade at.
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