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  1. Wow...... When it comes to 2020-21, even Nostradamus is saying "I have no $&#*$* idea what's going to happen."
  2. I didn't want to make the comparison for JG's sake, but damn if there aren't starting to be some similarities starting to form......
  3. That was kind of my point. We know the results Alford has produced and the odds of them being significantly different here are slim. If you're going to advocate for an Indiana guy, at least pick one that is still fairly well thought of and has a blank slate.
  4. Twice. Once before Sampson and once again before Crean. And I'm glad they hired Crean over Alford.
  5. Just from a pragmatic standpoint, why would Fife leave MSU for anything but a comparable head coaching position? He's the default successor to Izzo already. Why make a lateral move?
  6. Yeah, and I could be engaging in three way coitus tonight with Kate Mara and Margot Robbie. Could does not mean likely. And the likelihood of Steve Alford winning a national title at IU is only marginally better than me engaging in the aforementioned tryst. Also, you might not be the only one with that opinion, but you're one of very few. 15 years ago, you'd have been far from alone.
  7. Find a coach that has been fired from two power 5 level jobs and then won big at a third. I'll wait.....
  8. So advocate for Cheaney or Dane Fife. Alford is a mediocre coach that hasn't taken a team as deep into the tournament as Archie has, has been fired from two power 5 jobs for subpar performance and (by accounts of people from the state of Indiana) is a douchebag. The day Steve Alford coaches IU is the day I'll wipe my...posterior..with my pair of candystriped pants.
  9. Actually.....this is a trick question. There's two: Plunkett and Phil Simms. Edit: Scratch that. Simms has a Super Bowl MVP, not a league MVP.
  10. *Ed McMahon voice* You are correct, sir!
  11. Variances in direction of the water flow and sea levels, plus a less consistent flow. Tides are back and forth, back and forth very, very quickly. For generation, one consistent direction is needed to generate power. IE: Windmills. They can spin either direction, but to make consistent power, they need to be spinning in one direction for a duration. Not to mention the tide levels vary. Even if there was some kind of device that could harness the tide's energy, there would also need to be something that would allow it to move to remain with the tide's level as it comes in and out. T
  12. I knew Jagr had to be in there. Dude was Methusela on skates. Now, here's statistical proof as to just how unbelievable Gretzky was: - Gretzky is almost 1000 points ahead of Jagr, while having played about 300 fewer games in his career. - Gretzky has more assists than Jagr has combined goals and assists.
  13. The US is jumping into the floating solar game. There are floating solar arrays online in New Jersey, California and Texas, and around September/October of last year that Duke announced they were contracted to build another large floating solar array in North Carolina on a lake located on the grounds of Fort Bragg.
  14. Reopened December 20th. Was only surface level damage. Bridge traffic is annoying enough, that made it miserable.
  15. Issue with nukes is the costs are so high to build due to the engineering requirements that they can be hard to operate profitably. Not sure if anyone keeps up with Ohio news, but that's what's at the core of the corruption behind House Bill 6. Certain generators can't operate their nuke plants profitably because power prices are relatively low at the moment and their sunk costs are so high.
  16. Tom Allen hasn't given me a reason to doubt his judgement in building his staff yet. I'm not going to start now. Either way, Allen is going to have final stamp of approval on the defensive schemes. That's his background. Maybe instead of a "pure" 4-2-5 guy, he wants someone who is familiar with it, but can also bring his own wrinkles to it. Can't ever stop evolving, or else someone is going to pick you apart at some point.
  17. I've been wanting hydrogen fuel cells to take over battery power for automotive use for 15 years now.
  18. The coal factor is becoming less and less relevant. At least in the Midwest, the vast majority of coal plants are reaching their end of life and a lot of major generators are opting to simply retire them vs overhaul and bring them up to new EPA standards. Some will be converted to natural gas. Gas has its drawbacks on the mining side, but burns significantly cleaner and requires about 1/3 of the personnel to run a gas fired plant. What's the future? One option is battery storage. Yes, industrial scale batteries aren't eco friendly to mine either, but their projected life is signifi
  19. Also a big Hyundai/Kia fan. I put a combined 375K on a 2007 and a 2011 Santa Fe. No major issues with either one. I wound up selling the 2011 for parts when the flywheel broke, and gave the 2007 to a guy for helping me move recently. I like the look of the Telluride/Palisade, but I finally relented and bought a "truck". I haul quite a bit of lumber/mulch/etc and got tired of folding seats and having to clean the interior out so much. The only thing that kept me from buying a truck earlier is fuel. I've got a 40 mile round trip commute (or had anyway) and don't want to pay for gas on a V8
  20. But....but....think of all the money saved! (Just ignore that stack of new tools in the garage that cost twice as much as the original item)
  21. Chalk one up for the red, white and blue and the cream and crimson today. Since just after Thanksgiving, my dad had been dealing with some abnormal (but not extreme) stomach pain. Being a Vietnam vet, his primary care is through the VA. After some preliminary tests at his local clinic, they recommended him to the VA in Indianapolis, with an attending oncologist from IU Health supervising his case. Over the past two days, he underwent a battery of tests. The outcome, not great, but could be much worse. A relatively small mass was found at the head of his pancreas, but it had not spre
  22. It'd be doubly funny if it was Lexington and they called it the Bruce Pearl burger.
  23. Yeah, got in the habit. I was doing online meetings sans trou but the neighbors started complaining. I mean....I guess I could have just moved off the deck, but.....
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