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  1. Indykev

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    I hope the kid pans out, IU hasnt had a good QB in years.
  2. Indykev

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    Kid was born in Indy. Dad was a kicker for IU. Might have been dad.
  3. Indykev

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    This kid was the number 8 rated QB last year, recruited by Alabama, LSU and others. Ramsey and Penix never were. I dont think he is coming here to Push them.
  4. Indykev

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    Writing on the wall for DeBords system. He wanted dual threat QB's, now we bring in a pro-style qb. I could see playing Pennix as well.
  5. Indykev

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    Had Tuttle come to IU out of high school he would have been the highest rated player ever to play at IU under the modern rating system.
  6. Indykev

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Just for you HH and those who missed the game.
  7. Painter blaming some of his players. Love porkchop coaching pu. Easters mom in the comments, classic. I would get rid of that kid as fast as i can, his mom is a cancer.
  8. Indykev

    Butler Postgame Thread

    This my fault for bad wording asking your coaching back ground. I wasn't trying to start a pissing match between members. When someone criticizes so heavily they have coached somewhere, i was just wondering. Again didnt mean anything by it.
  9. Indykev

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Please tell us all your coaching back ground, just so we know.
  10. Indykev

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    For your enjoyment
  11. Indykev

    Anthony Leal

    If you can't guard your shadow or understand what is and what isn't a good shot you aren't going to play yet. That is where Anderson is at. Archie has said the last 2 weeks he would like to get Damezi some playing time but yet hasn't played him. That says to me he is getting better in practice but Archie has no trust in him yet. I'm good with that. Some on here think they are better coaches and know better than Archie, they don't.
  12. Indykev

    Butler Postgame Thread

    You cant put anyone on par with Juwans game unless you go back 25 to 30 years.