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  1. I see the same things and have said so in this thread. IU isnt recruiting him and the thread needs to be put in the correct forum is my point.
  2. Not agitated at all. This is an IU recruit forum and this kid will never be recruited by IU and the thread needs moved.
  3. 90 pages is enough. Can this get moved to the Marian fan site.
  4. You can rent those boats for around 100 doallars for 3 or 4 hours.
  5. Dolson, Glass, Coach Allen and Coach Miller each donate 10% of their salaries back to the athletic Dept. to help cover expected 12 million dollar loss. No sports to be cut. I hope other coaches say thank you.
  6. I think Galloway and Leal are going to shock a few people. Being locked in the house i've watched everything i could have and they changed my mind. They are both basketball players, not athletes that play basketball. They both can shoot, handle the ball, pass it and play defense. They do things the right way and will play more than a little.
  7. He made have been a Hoosier the same as a Cardinal after they get the 3 or 4 year ban headed their way.
  8. I think he ends up going out of state. or staying home at ND.
  9. They will play. those positive arent showing signs or just a little runny nose.the 26 are both players and staff not just all players. We will see this all over when you start testing all these kids that arent even sick but asymptomatic.
  10. it will be nice to start winning NCAA games again and make deep runs every year to be able to pull in top out of state players.
  11. Iu is hard to transfer into as well. Thats why we dont do it very often. I remember Archie saying his hands were tired when it came to certain transfers do to IU rules.
  12. I guess i've missed the Final Fours we have been to the last few years that some fans would want to pass on a talent like this kid.
  13. If i'm 7 ft and have the skills this kid has now i'm jumping on a red shirt year to get stronger at a high major rather than playing 10 mins. a game at Eastern Mich. or where ever not getting any better. Take time to develop and cash big checks in 5 years. Thats what i would tell him.
  14. Kids get missed all the time. 7 footers that can move are worth a flyer. Then you have flashbacks to Tijan, April and Bawa.
  15. Same question. What's being missed here. Highlights showed plenty of game. Also one of the longest highlight video's i've ever seen, so plenty to go on.
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