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  1. For the one's that are still bothered by this question.
  2. The one thing we were known for, great motion offense. Not sure what we are known for now.
  3. Archie sent Hunter to the locker room the last game I dont think he will be starting. The transfer portal may be in this one's future.
  4. I didnt watch the game and felt great after. I won't be watching anymore games until Archie and most of this team is long gone. No more caring for a university that doesnt care about winning. Dolson doesnt have the stones to make the change.
  5. I would like to say Congrats to Coach Miller with one more loss will be the first coach in IU history to have 4 straight losing Big Ten seasons. If you don't think its time he goes I don't know what to say to you.
  6. Archie said Monday on the radio that Parker wasnt being engaging in practice and wouldnt play this season. Sounds like he needs to hit the portal again along with a few others.
  7. game over....had enough of this team...see you for football in Aug.
  8. This team looks like they couldnt beat 5 of us at times.
  9. Galloway wont shoot a wide open lay up but yet takes that 3 in that spot. WTF?
  10. Lander shoots more air balls than he hits the rim.
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