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  1. Calm down. We wouldnt of had Isaiah Thomas if his mother didnt say your going to IU and thats it. Whether its a parent or Guardian, they always have a say.
  2. Not sure why all of these events are moving. I would think Maui has less Covid than N.C.
  3. Its time to open the games up to fans. 90% , just a guess, of students at IU have had covid already. IU has ripped these kids off for at least one semester, give them a game before they go home.
  4. I pick up a professor all the time and McRobbie came out at the same time once. I asked him how was McRobbie to deal with. This professor said his office is 4 doors down and he has never spoke to the man the whole time he has been at IU. Thats all i needed to know about McRobbie.
  5. And here i thought a team in which the very day their workouts were off because of positive tests, werent very responsible for being out at parties maybe spreading covid. IU is kicking kids out of the dorm for coming into contact with someone who is positive. 14 days they have to move out and go some where else. I guess that doesn't apply to Athletes. I could post a page of things i was told about this team from a large group of people but i didn't. Lets just say they aren't rooting for wins. Just like coachss isnt posting here anymore, i wont be posting info here anymore.
  6. I post what i see sorry that triggers you. Put me on ignore because thats what i just did to you.
  7. Don't worry i saw most of the team out at a party this morning at about 130AM. They looked fine. Had a couple young ladies tell me Trey Galloway is trying to break Steve Alford and Damon Bailey's records when it comes to the young ladies. I doubt thats in the covid handbook. I guess its one way to achieve herd immunity.
  8. Didnt we also hear April, may and June. 😀
  9. Coach Hunter has been around, knows a lot of people. This hire will pay off big in time.
  10. Lets see if Coach Hunter can bring in more kids than Bruiser did. Off to a good start getting our foot in the door, now lets see what kind of closer he is.
  11. Lute Olson last week, big John this week.
  12. I like sharing stories that i can tell. I hung out a lot with John Daly off the golf course, stories there i cant tell. lol. I'll post a few JD stories that i can soon. My fav. story from my 25 years on tour is about JD.
  13. I cant find the quote in another thread about the pull T.Boone Pickens had at Ok St. I was working for a young star from OSU, walkers cup player just out of school. We are on the range on Monday afternoon. T.Boone calls the kid on the phone, all he said was yes sir. He looks at me and says i hurt my wrist i'm withdrawing this week, i'll pay you double for your trouble this week. I call the kid later that night, he tells me, T. Boone hates the CEO of the title sponsor and didnt want me to play. I said yes sir. He could also get a private jet when he needed one so i guess the trade off was worth
  14. Vaccine coming before then is their thinking i'm guessing, with 2 now in the hands of the FDA.
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