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  1. I gave TJD A RIDE after that purdue game and posted he told me he was so sick he almost didnt play and that he was getting shot up to play because the pain was bad.. What I didnt post was I had to get out and help him get into my van, he was in so much pain he couldnt do it himself. Once in all he talked about was how great his teammates played. Thats when he entered my top 3 all-time fav. players.
  2. I'm glad Galloway made a big jump in year 2 or he might have been Scott'ed.
  3. JG future is at the 3. Its on him to improve. Whether we like it or not.
  4. That was my 3rd line up. I didnt write it down because I want Kopp off the bench.
  5. Phils career on the tour is almost up. A couple years maybe of good play. I think he takes Norman's offer and goes for the big money.
  6. I'm glad I was alive and was able to watch Tiger Woods up close for many years. He beat, not looking to be on the number, around 103 players the first 2 days while not playing tournament golf, on one leg!! He may never win again but what he is doing right now is mind blowing. Also, like him or hate him, Phil should have been there playing this week. He earned the right to defend, winning a major at 50 was special.
  7. 10-15 To start. Huge early games to move us one way or the other. KU, Zona, ACC, Big East.
  8. The only surprising thing is all 3 aren't gone like a fart in the wind like good ol' dad. I guess I shouldnt talk about dad when Tom Allen is the real issue not being able to hire the right guys or keep the right guys.
  9. Didnt take long for another thread to turn to shit about nothing.
  10. I was with some linemen the other day and I ask them why no spring game. The answer was CTA with a new offensive and new D he didn't want to show what they were going to do. I laughed because after one quarter of play its out there. They also said they were going to shock the world. I said that wouldnt be hard to do. lol. They love the new staff and were for sure, they would be bowl bound in the end. they called one of the new running backs special. Cant remember which however.
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