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  1. Grant Gelon stirring the pot

    The media is making this a story. It isn't. I'm guessing it's the first time any of them have ever interviewed Grant. They sure didnt when he was at IU.
  2. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    http://scout.com/college/north-carolina/Article/Tar-Heel-Target-Darius-Days-Settles-on-UNC-Visit-Date-106340168 IU target. Visits Ohio St. Sept. 21st I think, or 22nd.
  3. IU Games Of The Past

    Feel free to add some games.
  4. When?

    Trying to figure out what you are paying for. No one is writing anything. Cancel that thing. save your money. The best info comes from members right here.
  5. Going to pin this thread to keep up with the guys in one thread.
  6. Celebrity Bias

    I'm with you. It depends on improvement. Do we take bigger steps forward than other teams. Have the upperclassmen truly bought in.
  7. Grant Gelon stirring the pot

    Call me crazy, but I can see Priller getting some run setting screens in Archies offense. After De'Ron, who plays in the middle?