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  1. Indykev

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Making another Gatorade Commercial. Pacers robbed OKC.
  2. Indykev

    HSN site

    Great idea Rico. The mod team will work it out.
  3. Indykev

    Keion Brooks Jr.

  4. Indykev

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    I couldnt tell. He was getting to his SUV as I was getting out of mine, or I would have asked him what he was going to do.
  5. Indykev

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    I just saw juwan at a gas station in Btown. So at least he is in town.
  6. Dad went to BNL and played at Evansville. Why is IU a problem?
  7. Indykev

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Do you know something we dont know about how the staff is recruiting him?
  8. Evan Daniels reply in comments says it all.
  9. Indykev

    Legal Sports Betting Nationwide Per US Sup Ct

    Its over. NCAA said it will follow the court.
  10. Indykev

    Morgan declares for NBA draft

    Purdue could be in trouble if Edwards stays in the draft.
  11. That is why i said start a thread IU Scott. Its a good topic.
  12. Guys DJ ask you to get back on the subject. Start a thread debating which era was better. a good topic. To many threads are getting pulled off subject. Mods fault.