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  1. My take away from this. Who cares its meaningless.
  2. Every time I see Troy play he does well. Not sure why he can't stick with a team.
  3. Enjoy the rest of this season. Big Ten did us no favors next season. At Wis, at O.St, At Mich sandwitched around W.ky and Ball st. @ home. to start the season.
  4. I was wrong, thank god. It looks like more than 5 wins.Good job Coach Allen and staff.
  5. Looking more and more like a trade coming.
  6. We don't need to miss on Garcia to make my point. Open the recruiting forum and have at it.
  7. Looks like Vic will be back way sooner than Jan.
  8. What I can tell you about Smith is his car is parked at Cook Hall more than anyone else. What's he working on IDK but he is putting in the time.
  9. Can I like this post 1,000 times please.
  10. Archie recruited how many PG's in this class and MISSED on all. Why do you think they are pushing Lander to reclass. Because he wants a PG in this class. Spin it how ever you want. Out of state recruiting right now is god awful. This season, this team is so important in many ways. Win especially when everyone is saying you won't and you start getting some of the kids you miss on. Don't give me kids don't want to play with better kids, look at UNC, UK, us 20 years ago. Kids line up to play when you are winning, even if they dont get big mins. Thats just an excuse when you miss.
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