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  1. I talked to one of the coaches this evening for about 20 mins. I ask him about the QB's, though he has no say on that side of the ball. He thinks Ramsey will win out because of experience and the players love him, has the locker room. Said Penix is also well liked and has the better arm. I flat told him Talent better win out every time and if Penix is the better player he better be in there. His reply was, when was the last time one QB played the whole year. I ask him about the kid from Utah. He said he was a very good player but a different player than the other 2. A bad runner but not Richard Lagow bad.
  2. It has to be proven. NCAA could do that by telling Kenny Johnson and the other guy, come clean or the only coaching you will be doing the rest of your days will be at the Y.
  3. Just some general info for those who park in lot 4 for game. In between the football stadium and Assembly Hall. Lot is paved with islands and curbs added. More good parking was lost to the changes. The glass lot across from the soccer stadium was also paved. This is also a tailgate lot for football games.
  4. I had a dad from India ask me today if Paul George still played for IU. I said no we traded him to purdue. Lol
  5. Archie has been on vacation. This is week 3.
  6. I don't think Galloway and Leal moves the needle with this kid. If TJD didn't.
  7. Only one assistant coach at cook hall today so not much noise coming from there later.
  8. i've only seen him play twice live so i'll take your word for it. I played for JR and yes you must play D.
  9. Should have left that part out. Really had nothing to do with my point. Leal will be a Hoosier on Friday. If he can learn to play defense he will see some mins.
  10. Not saying he isn't not my point. My point was I hope this staff doesn't give a rats ass about what people out side the program feel about recruiting. Its on them to get the best players.
  11. I really hope our staff isn't recruiting on what we have to say or what anyone not on staff has to say about recruits we look at. If you offer a kid that lives 2 miles from campus he damn well better be good enough. Not just because he is in your back yard. Archie put the pressure on himself saying inside out so if he fails to get the best the state has its on him.
  12. Elston is the team baby sitter. I would not understand that hire if true.
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