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  1. Romeo Langford

    Thanks CauseThatsMyDJ for posting his twitter. I was going to read it until then. Saved me time.
  2. Good topic Mile. Enjoying reading this one.
  3. I have been thinking about this thread for a day. This game means nothing to Archie except its just another game the team needs to improve in. Is he feeling pressure to win, no. He took over a crap team that had no idea how to play basketball. We all knew that coming in to the season. We watched it all of last season. The only tournament this team might get into is the NIT. To say any game this season does something for or against Archie in a meaningful way is just crazy talk frankly. IU basketball didn't become a dumpster fire over night and its not going to get fixed over night. Can you imagine watching Crean coach this team with no shooters? Hartman wouldn't be here. RoJo. CuJo, Green and Newkirk going 8 for 40 from 3 every night. Boy that would be fun to watch. Do I want us to win every game, you bet. Do I get pissed when we lose? Only when we give games away like UofL, or come out like we could care less. I hope we beat a good ND team saturday but if we don't, it means anything to Archie and his time here. For me this game is just another game closer to this senior class being gone.
  4. 2017 MLB discussion

    They dont have any players in the top 100 in the minors. They just promoted or traded every good player they had. I was listening to Maddon at the winter meetings raving about the work Schwarber was putting in this winter. Lost weight and working out hard. Said Kyle would be much better in the field because of it.
  5. I think they are going to play every other year or every two years. Cant remember what i heard.
  6. I'm not sure meeting NBA players from IU would impress a kid who could play in the league next year if he were allowed. Archie and who he is going to play with means a lot more.
  7. Here is a list of all the preseason tournaments for 18' we arent listed anywhere. Except at the bottom under teams not committed to any field. https://www.bloggingthebracket.com/2017/11/27/16671208/2018-19-college-basketball-early-season-tournaments-events-mte-neutral-site-showcases-thanksgiving
  8. Went and looked, no Maui for IU. good field however for 18' Arizona Auburn Duke Gonzaga Illinois Iowa State San Diego State Xavier
  9. I think we are going back to Maui next season as well.
  10. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    You can't do that. Its against the rules.
  11. 2017 MLB discussion

    Pitching will be signed through FA's. But with Kyle they need to let him play every day. Even against lefties. Thats the only way he will get better in the field. Maddon lost trust in him during the playoffs after he booted the flyball, which isn't good. If they aren't going to play him every day they might as well trade him. After a while of that Kyle may ask for a trade or leave on his own anyway.
  12. 2017 MLB discussion

    Theo loves Kyle, this won't happen. I read the same article you did.
  13. Hoosiers In the NBA

    I wouldnt want to be compared to PG either. lmao
  14. Hoosiers In the NBA

    HH will never admit he's wrong his profession doesn't allow it.. lol haha. His love for PG and RoJo is stalker level. lol haha. I kid HH. One more for you.