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  1. Going straight out of high school will happen. Could happen quickly.
  2. I would rather see a KU, Zona, UK or UCLA vs IU on that date.
  3. i would like to see the cross roads classic go away
  4. What do you say HSN? Which way do you want to see it go. I like the 0 or 2 myself. go out of HS or go to college for 2 years.
  5. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    I cant even talk college sports right now.
  6. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    So, every school needs to set up easy classes and put a couple non-athletes in them and get perfect APR's. WOW just WOW.
  7. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    https://www.dukebasketballreport.com/2017/10/12/16464480/friday-is-d-day-for-unc-ncaa-scandal Posted this just for the classic photo.
  8. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    UNC raised enough money over the weekend to keep the NCAA in court for years.
  9. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    Take two down, put one up. Seems fair.
  10. Kansas

    I agree with this tweet. They could just have every schools contract. Until they come out with something this is meaningless.
  11. Clifton Moore- A game changer?

    Go listen to Archies last presser before we make him a first round pick.