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  1. Indykev

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    What position does this kid play, no time to look. How many will UK take if this kid re-classes
  2. Indykev

    Purdue post game

    I remember coach Knight getting on the PA system yelling at the students. He ended it with this isn't Purdue.
  3. make the court bigger, widen the lane, defensive 3 seconds, ban the zone defense.
  4. Indykev

    Purdue post game

    He was there to take the charge instead he ran away from contact like normal.
  5. Indykev

    The Bench...

    I caught that on Devonte and went back and looked at it. Yes he did bark back at Archie and appeared to just be a smarta** going down the line high 5ing. Threw his towel on the floor as well. Dude is a cancer that needs cut out. Archie in his presser said something I caught when talking about J MO. He said J Mo wants to be coached and never questions the coaching staff. I'm guessing that was a shot at someone.
  6. Indykev

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    He is claiming Brooks already called the coaches and told them he is going to UK. Coming out soon.
  7. Indykev

    Sean McNeil (JuCo)

    Fitz was sitting the bench or on his way to it. We rode that horse early and got what he had left. This kid is avg. 30 a game. Not even in the ballpark will Fitz.
  8. Indykev

    Sean McNeil (JuCo)

    His school is in Dayton, OH. i'm sure Archie might know someone there. Kid is from KY. we are close to home. a plus. We have no one on our team that can make two in a row from outside 4 feet. Major plus. Thick looking kid but looked quick enough, got to the rim. Wont be able to throw the one handed pass, we have no one that can catch it. lol. No really, that pass doesnt work at this level, see Devonte Green. In the gym range! Every shot he took was from the NBA to the volleyball court lines and shot 48%. What does he shoot if he is made to step in 5 feet to the NCAA line? Why not take a shot. I didn't look but i'm guessing the kid was from a small high school in KY. Didnt play well in AAU and was miss rated. Luke Brown come to mind.
  9. Indykev

    Purdue post game

    Romeo didnt get open. i'm sure he wanted smith to bring it up for a morgan 3.
  10. Indykev

    Purdue post game

    We can have the best sets in the world but if you miss 12 lay ups it doesnt matter.
  11. Indykev

    Purdue post game

    or the one to throw it away