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  1. Just stop. Its an old link from Oct. already posted here.
  2. Article is from Oct. This is posted here some where.
  3. Hunter won the forth. The week before he went down.
  4. They haven't let me make the videos yet..
  5. Izzo next season will be crying that Nick Ward left a year early.
  6. Transfers have been a part of IU as long as I can remember. Its a non-issue. We have lost some very good players over the years and have been just fine. Losing Jake and Cliff is meaningless.
  7. And then there is P.Harris for IU football who has 3.
  8. Coming off an ACL, you have to worry about that.
  9. I think he is better than 8 and 4. DeRon better look out and start working his butt off again, if he wants it.
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