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  1. I just wanted to spot you all a week. lol
  2. This is my take away....Penix and Thomas Allen no longer belong on the field due to so many injuries. Both are not even close to where they once were and are hurting the team at this point. After MM got tossed well it was on Thomas Allen to right the ship. On one blitz the guard caught Thomas and drove him back 12 yards. No strength in his legs to stop it. Other plays he just ran shoulder first into the back of the line or right into the arms of an o-linemen. Watch the game again and focus on Thomas Allen. M.Penix we all can see that mess. Only QB in history with the no look 50 yard pass. It s time to sit him.
  3. Catch-22 then isnt it. You dont get to top 15 every year without these players. It's on the staff to get them here. We are one game Hoosier Fans, most of us, but recruits are not and look at the Big picture. What would have caught my eye was how the whole D folded when MM was tossed. Not one player stepped up. As a recruit that would change me more than a loss.
  4. Was a good QB. injuries are a killer. next man up.
  5. I would find Thomas Allen and run at him every time. Kid crumbles.
  6. Thats the only time those names should be in the same sentence.
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