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  1. Has any part of his game screamed early entry to the NBA to you?
  2. happy to know which Family @MiroLittle23 decided to join That pasted funny but that part of Dad's tweet reads like he already committed to a staff.
  3. Seems like a good spot for this. Millions dead, millions more with covid and they still push masks work. SMGDH.
  4. Or most of the team need not be at Kilroys Sports until 3am on a friday night when you play an afternoon game on Sunday after a long week. Rest might have been a good idea.
  5. I blame @bluegrassIUfor saying it was ok to lose today.
  6. Lucky not to be down 30. Piss poor D and their hot shooting is a bad combo.
  7. I hope we win and you make 20 phone calls not saying a word but just laugh and hang up. So you sleep on the couch tonight, well worth it. 😄
  8. An announcement date would be nice DAD.
  9. For every one of Stetson Bennett there are 1000 that are not. 😊
  10. We are his only P5 offer, don't get to excited, there is a reason for that. kid might play in year 4 if still around.
  11. TJD said he was so happy for Rob. Said he was working so hard and deserved that game. He added if Rob and X can keep it up they were a top 15 team and a sure tournament team.
  12. I had a 10 min. convo with TJD this evening. He wasnt even going to play in the game earlier in the day because of the flu. He said he was feeling better before game time but still had to be shot up to numb his hip so he could go. New found respect for TJD because he didnt say a word about his bad game, just wanted to talk about how great his teammates played without him.
  13. Starters arent up in their jerseys like the bench was. Kopp brings NOTHING.
  14. Cant win with TJD on the bench. Not sure why we didnt attack their big with TJD driving from the free throw line. Use his quickness advantage.
  15. If he goes he goes, thats on him and his family. He could develop or he could ride the pine for 4 years. At this point nothing is showing development. I take that back, most of his shots do hit the rim now.
  16. We now have A President at IU that understands the importance of Sports to the University. The game I went to she was on the court with Dolson giving an award to the equipment mgr. You never saw McRobbie doing that.
  17. One of you could be right. Lets see after the next 6 games.
  18. https://247sports.com/Video/Brendan-Sorsby-Lake-Dallas-2021-best-plays-10707286/ Big kid, good speed. Missed 4 weeks due to injury, fits right in.
  19. Connor has 3 years left. Its going to be hard getting a top HS kid to come in and sit. Throw DM in the fix and its even more hard. Good luck to the staff on selling that to a kid that wants to play.
  20. He beat dad, he only gets to say I played football and baseball at Evansville.
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