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  1. First of many court rulings going to the players with the guys getting a stay to play this week. Tommy Fleetwood and Henrick Stenson are next. Stenson will give up the Rider Cup Captain duties, very telling. Rory calling for all sides to sit down. Also saw a rumor they are going to start a LIV womens tour with the same purses as the men. That would be the end of the LPGA tour if that happens. After this last major many guys will join LIV.
  2. Just go to 20 teams and call it a day. You add Oregon, Standford, UNC and Duke. Or OK.St., Kansas, UNC and Duke. Although the 2nd 4 doesnt do much for football. If you are doing it for markets, you have to think about Ga.Tech and U Of Miami
  3. My first IU football game I remember going to was against USC. We lost 21-0. Marcus Allen ran for 263 yards( if I remember it right ) and 3 TD's. I was born in Los Angeles, so I welcome both schools.
  4. The next 2 years are huge for Tom Allen and Scott Dolson. You can't go into 2024 with Tom Allen if things dont turn around in a hurry.
  5. These Super Conferences are being put together with Football in mind, so Last.
  6. https://twitter.com/PeteThamel/status/1542651949102891010
  7. The BIG10 will be in 6 of the 7 top TV markets. This is why they would add the 2. I think more schools are to come.
  8. I have always posted from desk top until a few days ago. I just get an error message now. Cant seem to get any help with this.
  9. The link could not be embedded because of an unexpected error: error: undefined. I copied and pasted this after trying again to post a link. Fix it or not, up to you. By the looks of many posts, its just not happening to me.
  10. LSU isn't looking for 3 star kids. until they are almost full.
  11. You do know that 54 holes under PGA Tour rules constitutes an official event. So the American Express events featuring the top 50 or the Tour Championship with 30 players arent good for the game? How about limited field events like Arnie and Jacks Tournaments? They dont field the normal 156. You are just nitpicking now. 😉
  12. Spots are filling up fast! We only need 3 spots filled. Jump in before its to late.
  13. Here are the changes to the tour just announced by Jay Monahan. schudule will run Jan to August to determine top 70 with the last 3 weeks being the FEDEX cup playoffs. With purses being increased to 20 to 25 million up from 12 million for 8 tournaments through out the year.. The fall events will determine who keeps their cards for the next season. Adding 3 international events in the fall for top 50 players. thats how Monahan is getting the European tour to go along. The European Tour players board wants to work with LIV so the jury is still out on that. So not 8 at the end, only 3 new events and purse increases at the 8 most played events by the top players. The top 70 can also play in the fall events if they want.
  14. Jay Monahan getting his ass handed to him on twitter and other outlets this morning. Phil was right the whole time. If you have 160 mill laying around, how much more is there that should be going to the players? Good to see some of the profits from the non-profit come out of hiding and going to the players. But once again however the rich get richer as in true tour fashion only care about the top 70.
  15. Weren't Carr and Adams College roommates?
  16. I totally agree Fouls, its terrible for the sport. Thats why I dont understand why the tour wont let them play both. They have given releases to play other tours for ever. The Tour made the players choose and they did. They aren't listening to the players as you can see by adding 8 events at the end of the year. The players want to play less not more. I traveled 40 plus weeks a year. Its hard on you. Guys careers are like running backs in the NFL because of the way the game is played. I worked for Bill Glasson and he lead the tour in driving distance at 302 that year. We were talking 8 years later and he said guess what my driving distance is, 302, he said i'm 92nd on tour. The USGA let the equipment get so out of hand you get guys like Bryson just trying to rip the cover off and getting hurt. Look at all the injuries Tiger has had. My Point is, these guys have shorter earning windows than before, get the money where ever it comes from. By the way. You only get the top players all playing in maybe 10 events all year. They were jumping up and down for the field in Canada and they only had 11 of the top 50. Norman said he has called the commission several times to work together on something but he wont take his calls. From what i'm hearing is Poulter will be the first to take the tour to court. The Saudi blood money is a dead issue, 23 PGA Tour sponsors have taken $40 billion from the Saudi's. I would like nothing more than 2 see them playing where ever they want to. If you play both, you still have to play your 15 tour events then play all the LIV you want.
  17. There will be only a hand full of the top 50 play any of those events after the first couple. After playing a full season those guys are beat up and want their time off. There will be guys that finished 120 on the money list getting in. People calling LIV a club tourney, this is worse. Its called the silly season for a reason they were events guys would go to for a couple of days to get away from their wife. Skills challenge, Shark shoot out, Hero, events like that. They will have to go away for them to add 8 events after the season is over, i would think. Guys just aren't going to play 15 to 18 events, 4 majors, 2 or 3 outside the country and then tee it up 8 times in their off season. The tour is killing themselves.
  18. World ranking decides who is in after commitments. European Tour hasnt suspended anyone they can play there so far. D.Johnson has applied to play that Tour.
  19. It will be the best 48 entered that week. Some guys that played week 1 are out. Teams are picked over each event.
  20. The Pga Tour found $160 million lying around for 8 events in the fall for the top 50. Everyone else will be playing in events opposite to keep their cards for the next year. No more wrap around season, going back to calendar year finish. So much for protecting current sponsors.
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