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  1. Go look at points off turnovers in the first half. Your head might explode. They dont score 49 without the turnovers.
  2. Jury is still out for me. We just lost to a bad SU team shooting 55 percent. Did SU play their best game? IDK. Time will tell.
  3. Picture Race turning around and handing the ball to the other team. He looked panicked at times. It comes down to the saying, play fast but not hurried. XJ is the worst with being in a hurry forcing things. TJD needs to stop with the 1 handed pass out of the post. Instead of running, CMW needs to use that time on passing drills.
  4. We arent very deep. thats a problem.
  5. Race and 21 T.O's lost this one.
  6. Sorry, my bad, but that was civil compared to what I didnt send.
  7. I know...I try not to be rude , most of the time.
  8. I'm the biggest Purdue hater there is but Purdue is better than Duke. Eye test.
  9. @5foulsI flipped a coin on playing C.Patterson at 11am this morning. It worked out.
  10. No, but going right to parties after you get your ass beat every week, having tutors write your papers and do your projects is all I need to know what shape IU football is in under Tom Allen. But at least we have LEO and a 30 million dollar buyout.
  11. Our RB coach is our Asst. Head coach, thats how we got him to come back.
  12. Hell yes they quit. I picked a load of them up after the MD. loss. From the bus to a party. Thats when I quit on IU football for good.
  13. I want to see him in game shape before I go this far. He cant jump 2 inches which concerns me.
  14. CMW saw it didnt work and didnt go back to the 2nd team. Good for him. Some nights it will work, some nights it wont.
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