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  1. I was hoping after reading his article that who ever posted it here, would have deleted the last sentence.
  2. Bucs (-6.5) @ Eagles=Bucs Dolphins (-3) @ Jaguars=Jags Packers (-4.5) @ Bears=Packers Bengals (-3.5) @ Lions=Lions Texans @ Colts (-10)=Colts Rams (-9.5) @ Giants=Giants Chiefs (-6.5) @ Football Team=KC Vikings (-1.5) @ Panthers=Vikings Chargers @ Ravens (-3)=Chargers Cardinals @ Browns (-3.5)=Cards Raiders @ Broncos (-3.5)=Raiders Cowboys (-3.5) @ Patriots=Cowboys Seahawks @ Steelers (-5)=Steelers Bills (-5.5) @ Titans=Bills
  3. ND it is. Have to win, is the bottom line.
  4. Not getting upset over any recruit ever again. If they come great, if not ok. The portal has changed everything in my mind. Take a couple out of high school every year then get the rest from the portal. Kids that are ready to play and know what college is about.
  5. 2 of the top 3. 😊. I almost traded him this week. 1 RB over 100 pts. D.Henry 104, by 17 over 2nd. only 2 more over 80 pts. Ekeler and C.Patterson. 12 QB'S over 100 pts. P.Mahomes 140 pts. 8 more over 80 pts. Thats 20 QB'S over 80 to 3 RB'S 2 WR'S over 100 pts. C.Kupp 118. 5 more over 80 pts.
  6. RB points are down across the board except for one player.
  7. Lets lock this thread until next week. Fryfogle is leading a team house party tonight. No reason to worry about this game. It is fall break and all.
  8. Crazy trade week. not done, who's next. dgambill we are sooooo close.
  9. Rams (-2.5) @ Seahawks=Seahawks Jets vs. Falcons (-3) in London= Jets Packers (-3) @ Bengals=Packers Lions @ Vikings (-7)=Vikings Broncos @ Steelers (-1)=Broncos Dolphins @ Bucs (-10)=Bucs Saints (-2.5) @ Football Team=NO Eagles @ Panthers (-3.5)=Panthers Titans (-4) @ Jaguars=Tenn Patriots (-9.5) @ Texans=Pats Bears @ Raiders (-5.5)=Raiders Browns @ Chargers (-1)=Chargers Giants @ Cowboys (-7)=Cowboys 49ers @ Cardinals (-5.5)=Cards Bills @ Chiefs (-3)=Bills Colts @ Ravens (-7)=Colts
  10. Tom Allen should be fined every time he doesn't kick a field goal. Down 14-0, 3 points in that spot would have been a boost to both the O and D. We better find a QB quickly, we don't have one.
  11. Our OC's new name is 2nd and 13.
  12. 0 arrests...I can get 8 of your ex's together to say something about you thats not true. lol.Now throw 100 million in the mix. Not saying it isnt true but you need more than hear say. You ask for a trade then an ambulance chaser that lives down the street from the owner pops up with 25 women, looks fishy to me. With no action, it looks fishy to the police and the NFL to.
  13. The Urban Jaguars @ Bengals (-7.5)=Cincy Football Team (-1.5) @ Falcons=Wash Texans @ Bills (-16)=Bills Lions @ Bears (-2.5)=Lions Panthers @ Cowboys (-4.5)=Panthers Colts @ Dolphins (-2)=Colts Browns (-2,5) @ Vikings=Vikes Giants @ Saints (-8)=NO Titans (-8) @ Jets=Tenn Chiefs (-7) @ Eagles =KC Cardinals @ Rams (-4.5)=Cards Seahawks @ 49ers (-3)=Sea Ravens @ Broncos (-1)=Rav Steelers @ Packers (-6.5)=GB Bucs (-7) @ Patriots=TB Raiders @ Chargers (-3.5)=Chargers
  14. I wont be going to any games this season. The Hall is hot enough and you have to wear a mask. No thanks.
  15. And there is why TY will never play on Sundays. Way to many drops.
  16. I got crazy at the end trying to hurry my picks. lol
  17. Week 3 Lines Panthers (-8) @ Texans=Panthers Football Team @ Bills (-7.5)=bills Bears @ Browns (-7)=Browns Ravens (-9) @ Lions=Ravens Colts @ Titans (-5)=Titans Chargers @ Chiefs (-6.5)KC Saints @ Patriots (-3)Pats Falcons @ Giants (-3)=NY Bengals @ Steelers (-3)-Pitt Cardinals (-7) @ Jaguars =AZ Jets @ Broncos (-10.5)=jets Dolphins @ Raiders (-4)=Miami Bucs (-1.5) @ Rams=Rams Seahawks (-1.5) @ Vikings=Sea. Packers @ 49ers (-3)=GB Eagles @ Cowboys (-3.5)=Eagles 5fouls 1 Quote
  18. I just wanted to spot you all a week. lol
  19. This is my take away....Penix and Thomas Allen no longer belong on the field due to so many injuries. Both are not even close to where they once were and are hurting the team at this point. After MM got tossed well it was on Thomas Allen to right the ship. On one blitz the guard caught Thomas and drove him back 12 yards. No strength in his legs to stop it. Other plays he just ran shoulder first into the back of the line or right into the arms of an o-linemen. Watch the game again and focus on Thomas Allen. M.Penix we all can see that mess. Only QB in history with the no look 50 yard pass. It s time to sit him.
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