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  1. 11 hours ago, 5fouls said:

    Matt Norlander at CBS counting down the Top 68.  Check out that last sentence.  



    23. Indiana: Take a scan of the teams I've got in my top 30. I don't think there will be one with a greater shock to the senses -- in terms of what fans are used to seeing -- than IU. Mike Woodson is going to flip this thing in year one. Will it sustain for five or more years? I don't know. Will it work right away? I think so. IU, by my eye, has top-three pure talent in that league. Woodson recently admitted he is grinding his players in practice and working them into a level of conditioning they've never encountered before. It's likely awful right now, but if they can look up in mid-January and still see themselves ranked, much of it will be worth it. Trayce Jackson-Davis is now an obvious top-10 player in America, so it starts with him. It's the little things that add up, though, like keeping former highly touted prospect Khristian Lander and ensuring Rob Phinisee stuck around in Bloomington. Pitt transfer combo guard Xavier Johnson could be a revelation in the Big Ten if he can clean up his flawed habits from his hot-and-cold spell at Pitt. Can't wait to see this group in less than a month; after all, they are my national champion dark horse pick.


    I was hoping after reading his article that who ever posted it here, would have deleted the last sentence.

  2. Bucs (-6.5) @ Eagles=Bucs

    Dolphins (-3) @ Jaguars=Jags

    Packers (-4.5) @ Bears=Packers

    Bengals (-3.5) @ Lions=Lions

    Texans @ Colts (-10)=Colts

    Rams (-9.5) @ Giants=Giants

    Chiefs (-6.5) @ Football Team=KC

    Vikings (-1.5) @ Panthers=Vikings

    Chargers @ Ravens (-3)=Chargers

    Cardinals @ Browns (-3.5)=Cards

    Raiders @ Broncos (-3.5)=Raiders

    Cowboys (-3.5) @ Patriots=Cowboys

    Seahawks @ Steelers (-5)=Steelers

    Bills (-5.5) @ Titans=Bills

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  3. Not getting upset over any recruit ever again. If they come great, if not ok. The portal has changed everything in my mind. Take a couple out of high school every year then get the rest from the portal. Kids that are ready to play and know what college is about.

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  4. 2 hours ago, 5fouls said:

    It's crazy.  My team that is playing you this week has been relatively healthy (sans Higgins), but has grossly underachieved to be sitting 1-3.  My team in the other HSN league has been absolutely hammered with injuries, both big and small (Jeudy, Montgomery, D. Johnson, E. Mitchell, Gibson, etc,).  Yet it is sitting at 2-2.  If Mitchell wasn't playing this week, I was going to be throwing a dart to see who would start at RB2.  And, that's assuming Gibson plays.   

    RB points are down across the board except for one player.

  5. Rams (-2.5) @ Seahawks=Seahawks

    Jets vs. Falcons (-3) in London= Jets

    Packers (-3) @ Bengals=Packers

    Lions @ Vikings (-7)=Vikings

    Broncos @ Steelers (-1)=Broncos

    Dolphins @ Bucs (-10)=Bucs

    Saints (-2.5) @ Football Team=NO

    Eagles @ Panthers (-3.5)=Panthers

    Titans (-4) @ Jaguars=Tenn

    Patriots (-9.5) @ Texans=Pats

    Bears @ Raiders (-5.5)=Raiders

    Browns @ Chargers (-1)=Chargers

    Giants @ Cowboys (-7)=Cowboys

    49ers @ Cardinals (-5.5)=Cards

    Bills @ Chiefs (-3)=Bills

    Colts @ Ravens (-7)=Colts

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  6. 57 minutes ago, dgambill said:

    Belicheck screwed me this week. Throws basically a dime defense the whole game so Brady would have to run the ball. I thought about picking up a different qb just for this week but I thought....no Brady will be just fine...he will get at least a short td or two....or one of those qb sneaks. Nope...completely shut out. Then last night Mike Williams has like 3rd string corner on him almost all night. 6'4 vs like 5'9....and they don't even try to throw him the ball. He had like an 80 yd td easy that Hebert over threw....just an awful week in general. Hoping my team heals up for a late season run. Just trying to hold on right now.

    He just showed the league how to beat Brady.

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  7. On 9/30/2021 at 9:10 AM, 5fouls said:

    I'm trying to reconcile the logic as to why he has not yet been suspended by the league.  Surely, the Dolphins, or whoever trades for him, will get some sort of reassurance from the league office before they make a trade.

    0 arrests...I can get 8 of your ex's together to say something about you thats not true. lol.Now throw 100 million in the mix. Not saying it isnt true but you need more than hear say. You ask for a trade then an ambulance chaser that lives down the street from the owner pops up with 25 women, looks fishy to me. With no action, it looks fishy to the police and the NFL to.

  8. The Urban Jaguars @ Bengals (-7.5)=Cincy

    Football Team  (-1.5) @ Falcons=Wash

    Texans @ Bills (-16)=Bills

    Lions @ Bears (-2.5)=Lions

    Panthers @ Cowboys (-4.5)=Panthers

    Colts @ Dolphins (-2)=Colts

    Browns (-2,5) @ Vikings=Vikes

    Giants @ Saints (-8)=NO

    Titans (-8) @ Jets=Tenn

    Chiefs (-7) @ Eagles =KC

    Cardinals @ Rams (-4.5)=Cards

    Seahawks @ 49ers (-3)=Sea

    Ravens @ Broncos (-1)=Rav

    Steelers @ Packers (-6.5)=GB

    Bucs (-7) @ Patriots=TB

    Raiders @ Chargers (-3.5)=Chargers

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  9. Week 3 Lines

    Panthers (-8) @ Texans=Panthers

    Football Team @ Bills (-7.5)=bills

    Bears @ Browns (-7)=Browns

    Ravens (-9) @ Lions=Ravens

    Colts @ Titans (-5)=Titans

     Chargers @ Chiefs (-6.5)KC

    Saints @ Patriots (-3)Pats

    Falcons @ Giants (-3)=NY

    Bengals @ Steelers (-3)-Pitt

    Cardinals (-7) @ Jaguars =AZ

    Jets @ Broncos (-10.5)=jets

    Dolphins @ Raiders (-4)=Miami

    Bucs (-1.5) @ Rams=Rams

    Seahawks (-1.5) @ Vikings=Sea.

    Packers @ 49ers (-3)=GB

    Eagles @ Cowboys (-3.5)=Eagles

  10. This is my take away....Penix and Thomas Allen no longer belong on the field due to so many injuries. Both are not even close to where they once were and are hurting the team at this point. After MM got tossed well it was on Thomas Allen to right the ship. On one blitz the guard caught Thomas and drove him back 12 yards. No strength in his legs to stop it. Other plays he just ran shoulder first into the back of the line or right into the arms of an o-linemen. Watch the game again and focus on Thomas Allen. M.Penix we all can see that mess. Only QB in history with the no look 50 yard pass. It s time to sit him.

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  11. On 9/18/2021 at 3:38 PM, Bad Brad said:

    Been rooting for, hoping, wishing, expecting since 1955.  Hiller and Sheridan should have been replaced before season.  Penix is a bad QB with a big arm.  I am officially finito.  Suffered enough. 


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