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  1. Love yahoo. League 1 Grade B, said i would go 10-4. League 2 Grade B, said 6-7--1. lol
  2. Gaskin didnt start the pre season game. He played with the 2nd unit. And was out touched. You picked the right guy. David Johnson isnt the man in Houston either even though he was ranked higher than the other 2 guys.
  3. 3rd pick. In the other draft i got him in the 2nd round.
  4. Hey Blue way to be a leader. Mod cant show up for the draft....
  5. Enjoy Bates while he is here because he won't be here very long.
  6. Not saying he isnt. Just didnt see it last night as some on here have pointed out.
  7. CMW was right about the Offense, a long way to go. I thought we look awful in the clips. To much dribbling, weak screens and passing. I didnt see NPOY from TJD, I saw a lot of balls tipped to him for easy put backs but nothing that screams NPOY. Rob looked like the same ol' Rob. Dribble no where and throw it away. . But its early in practice. Bates and Kopp were the 2 best players on the court. On D the ball pressure was great. Only issue was the weak side defender got caught moving in to help to many times and left wide open 3's. Reasons for the trip were accomplished. Get practice time, play a couple of games and get some teaching film. I hope to see a lot sharper offense when the season starts. A lot to be excited about.
  8. I've been around this young man a lot. Good kid, very respectful. He just wants to play. Over rated coming out of HS. He was beat up most of his time here. Not going to say anything bad about anyone leaving. Get used to it.
  9. The staff has to breakthrough at some point with a 5 star kid. Why not now with Curry and this kid. Its just a matter of time and who isnt scared to be the first.
  10. yeah have the kids driving an ambulance chasing down new clients for Ken Nunn and this clown.
  11. What would the commercial be like from a 20 year old kid? "Hey fellow IU students, after your wreck from drinking and driving, Call Ken Nunn!!" Ken just bought a new Rolls-Royce, doubt he wants to pay kids to rep his business.
  12. I just joined other league to get some practice in. You all better be scared. I was drafting 5th. Bye Fan Pts % Start Yds TD Int Att* Yds TD Tgt* Rec Yds TD TD 2PT Lost QB No new player Notes Patrick Mahomes KC - QB Sun 4:25 pm vs Cle 12 380.40 98% 4740 38 6 62 308 2 2 0 0 0 0 3 2 WR No new player Notes DeAndre Hopkins Ari - WR Sun 1:00 pm @Ten 12 230.30 98% 0 0 0 1 1 0 160 115 1407 6 0 0 2 WR No new player Notes CeeDee Lamb Dal - WR Thu 8:20 pm @TB 7 180.70 87% 0 0 0 10 82 1 111 74 935 5 1 1 1 RB No new player Notes Jonathan Taylor Ind - RB Sun 1:00 pm vs Sea 14 234.80 98% 0 0 0 232 1169 11 39 36 299 1 0 0 1 RB Player Note David Montgomery Chi - RB Sun 8:20 pm @LAR 10 237.80 87% 0 0 0 247 1070 8 68 54 438 2 0 1 1 TE No new player Notes Kyle Pitts Atl - TE Sun 1:00 pm vs Phi 6 0.00 84% - - - - - - - - - - - - - W/R/T Player Note JuJu Smith-Schuster Pit - WR Sun 1:00 pm @Buf
  13. Staff spinning their wheels with this 22' class. Might as well shut it down, get 2 or 3 from the portal and focus on 23 and 24.
  14. I put in a draft claim for you, he will be there for your first pick.
  15. I think its just carpet bombing the 22' class playing catch up and maybe hitting on someone by accident. The 23' class is where this staff will make hay. imo.
  16. yes draft order will be set by yahoo. I think 30 mins before the draft time you can log in.
  17. Is committed to play Lacrosse at Notre Dame.
  18. They dont over recruit, schools like OSU, stockpile. Thats where IU needs to get to.
  19. Another CG kid. Will play baseball too i would think. First team All-State in Baseball.
  20. offered, dont have him yet.
  21. PWO offers from IU, Michigan, Florinda, Miami and others. One of the top ranked kickers in the class of 22. Yes Adam's son.
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