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  1. They have not put in their retirement papers yet with the NFL is why.
  2. I guess the staff saying it was part of the problem makes them wrong too. Quick question. Does Brownstown still have the Baseball field where the outfielders look down on home plate?
  3. You were happy with the play calling?
  4. After sleeping on it, much more calm today. This is the same team, things will get better. The crowd was a factor early. Penix looked scared and I guess if you are made of glass you should be a little. I hope he over comes it. I didnt think the play calling got receivers into open spots enough. When they did we had some nice gains. First game for the coaches to, I guess. I wasnt impressed with the O-line at all, Jones was awful all day. This area needs recruited up in a big way. I didnt see any real speed from our new running back. I thought he could walk on water after listening to Tom Allen Talk about him. We will see. Overall, First game on the road for a team that wasn't ready to play from Top to bottom.
  5. Enjoy the day. First games are important.
  6. All the way down to where we should be.
  7. I thought 9-3 with this being one of the L's. But you don't turn this embarrassing mess around quickly. Play calling is god awful. Penix best in the Big10, put that to bed. All-Americans on D?, put that to bed. This might be a 6-5 team at best.
  8. Saw them in the carts on 10th but couldnt get the camera out in time. 2 carts, lots of coaches. Hot day in Btown, was a little distracted if you know what I mean.
  9. A Justin Smith type leaper that can shoot. yes please.
  10. So much for CMW cant get players to IU. I think we can put that to rest now. Maybe we see some talking heads say they were wrong. #5 ranked class so far. Will end up in the top 10 when all have committed you would have to think.
  11. Drive by my house in Palmetto Dunes and give my ex-wife the finger for me....lol
  12. Earlier in the thread i was kidding about Ron Harper Jr., thats who I see in this kid. Maybe even a better version.
  13. The scenery I saw yesterday was hard to beat...
  14. You lost all Authority when you failed to show for the football draft.
  15. I want to say well Done to Lander, every shot he took he made or at least hit the rim. Big improvement.
  16. I thought the whole offense sucked in game 2, so Rob was just one of the guys. You hearing Woody yelling, no one is setting screens and yelling at guys to cut hard. They were just jogging when cutting through the lane. A lot of work to do on that end. which CMW kept pointing out. The other team was running the same offense and they moved the ball quicker with passing, our guards still love the dribble.
  17. Love yahoo. League 1 Grade B, said i would go 10-4. League 2 Grade B, said 6-7--1. lol
  18. Gaskin didnt start the pre season game. He played with the 2nd unit. And was out touched. You picked the right guy. David Johnson isnt the man in Houston either even though he was ranked higher than the other 2 guys.
  19. 3rd pick. In the other draft i got him in the 2nd round.
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