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  1. I just think we'll have a lot of early misses until we play games. I know I keep saying it but we have a coach who's system hasnt been seen in college. Its going to take time.
  2. I guess winning football isn't important to him.
  3. Fast receiver. Slot guy. 6-1 but very thin. Runs by defenders. Could be a DB at IU.
  4. 4. If you are about winning football, he goes to IU. 5. If he doesn't care about winning football, he goes to Purdue.
  5. Playing some games under CMW might help first along with some win. Kids have no clue the style of play until they see it. Hell we dont even know yet. CMW can tell these kids all he wants about his system but that means nothing until its seen in games. Just growing pains of having a new staff.
  6. Bloomington North Walk On has ACL surgery this morning. Out for Season.
  7. I have a Grand Caravan and I picked up 4 linemen the other day. one guy couldnt get in the 3rd row he was so big. We have size now.
  8. At least he isn't Ron Harper Jr. fat, I mean big.
  9. Winning is everything. This staff is on fire right now.
  10. It is. only a handfull for 22 have committed.
  11. recruiting needs to pick up if our hottest thread in basketball if about a baseball player.
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