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  1. as soon as cmw asks him to call some one
  2. Big News, to keep more players involved to the end, KDB had a good idea to go with 6 playoff teams with 3 weeks of playoffs including week 17!!! You better have a great bench heading into the playoffs with some top players always sitting the final week. Promotes trades and work in the free agent pool to position your teams.
  3. A top 2 might be nice, who knows.
  4. I'm going to have wife number 3 call you on draft day to get in your head and distract you.
  5. I guess he's going to Iowa now.....
  6. We went with 6 points for a TD pass because Fouls 6th wife told us too. We also went with bonus points at 300 passing, 100 rushing and 100 receiving. We went back and forth on a couple of setting options on trades and free agents and I caved on one and stood my ground on the other. both really no big deal in the end. Everyone send your email to your commish listed above so we can send you an invite. send in DM.
  7. Missed you posting it....All it means to me is we have players now that other teams wanted.
  8. Draft Date set for Aug. 14th at 7pm for my league and 830pm est. for KDB'S LEAGUE. Thoughts. 1 min. per pick it should fly by.
  9. Draft order will be determined by who pays the most money to the commish and down the order from there. 🚩
  10. Little early info we are going with PPR FULL POINT. We are still talking about other points.
  11. Already seeing IU players online selling themselves to Rep. for companies. I still wouldnt want an 18 or 19 year old kid as the face of my business. A talking head thinks more product swapping will take place more than money changing hands. Like come do a tv spot for my dealership and i'll give you a car lease for a year, things like that.
  12. Looks like a new #22 ranking the staff was on it.
  13. A little late in the game for the new tags i think.
  14. We should be at home! Why would Dolson let this happen.
  15. A lot of transfers in the program every year it seems.
  16. I think these guys will struggle for a bit without ol'Roy.
  17. I will do a 2nd team if needed. Come on ladies and Gents. sign up 2 spots left. It would kill these guys if I won both our leagues. only takes 10 mins a week, after the draft.
  18. On to the next one. With the portal these dont hurt anymore.
  19. Kid can flat out go, watching his video's. Interview,he said SU 1st than IU on who was recruiting him hardest. Kids picking early before we play a game i dont think we stand much of a shot at. Which doesnt bother me, we have a whole new staff. We'll be fine in the end. This kid may shock the world and pick IU, wait and see.
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