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  1. I don't know how to watch this IU team and think they aren't poorly coached
  2. Couldn't watch but happy to see a double digit win while pulling away down the stretch. We need to put together a win streak now.
  3. Just checked score. Glad I decided to do something different with my Saturday
  4. Basically we need to hit a few more FTs and keep up the 3 pt shooting to start winning more games
  5. And that 3 pt % over the last 5 games would put us #2 in % (of actual schools playing real basketball) behind only Baylor (44%)
  6. and btw, that FT rate of 148/5 = 29.6 over the last 5 games would be #1 in division 1 by a long shot. We shoot a ton of FTs anyway at a rate of 23.8, which is 3rd among Power 5 schools (behind Arizona and TTech)
  7. If you all want some optimism for the near future with this team, check this out. Since that Purdue debacle IU is shooting the 3 ball much better over the last 5 games: -3 pt FG% last 5 games: 41% (36/88) And for as much as we harp on the FT shooting, it hasn't been terrible over the past 5 either -FT% last 5 games: 66% (98/148)
  8. Ohio St is NOT a top 5 team. That ranking is hilarious and they are nowhere near that talented. I agree we can beat them. One thing that wins them games though - FT shooting - look at that team % and the percentage of their top 4 in attempts (.755, .750, .875, .966). That will win a lot of close games.
  9. I was at work for most of the game so only saw pieces. A win is a win. Two in a row. On to the next. Let's make it 3.
  10. Wtf is Rob doing. He gets beat by scrub bench player on one end then passes up a layup for a turnover
  11. Unfortunately this has been a theme for this team. There is always something to point to as the reason for poor play
  12. I didn't realize NW is on a 9 game losing streak, lol.
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