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  1. Okay i have no idea what is happening on this thread but for some reason this is killing me😂😂
  2. And what two programs are always in the National championship picture. Even with freshman. High level talent matters.
  3. Great post and so true. If you look back at 76, 81, and 87, those are elite talent recruits/players. Scott’s point is well taken but back then they stayed awhile. Times have changed but the facts haven’t...you need elite talent to go deep in the tournament.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.indystar.com/amp/432769002 apparently already a discussion worthy of Indy star print! Not talking about jucos. Just seems the talent lost to D1 transfers over the decades is far greater than gained.
  5. I don’t have that answer and never really thought about this (now) obvious fact. We have had a lot of difference makers leave, but I can only think of 1 coming to us....Marco killlingsworth. Am I missing more? Doubt it, but hopefully someone has some insight cause it’s an interesting question.
  6. Our fan base is passionate. I think it’s an amazing fan base given the product the past 25 years. Not sure there were forums for people to bash things back in the day, like say when Montross didn’t chose IU, or funderbuke leaving. People put too much into what a small percentage of the fan base types on a free forum board. our fan base has a lot to do with the attractiveness of the program.
  7. This is very true, all fan bases of large programs have a percentage that are vocal in negative ways. I saw the post, unfortunately about 99% of our fan base had nothing bad to say other than being disappointed we lost a great player. The vocal minority seemed to catch his great uncles attention.
  8. What? Okay....not sure you read my post.
  9. I think it is a fair expectation for a program like IU to win ball games. I think we will. I think archies the man. But he needs to address the offense.
  10. True. I’m so lame I googled mr basketball in Indiana. Including the big dog, PU has got 2 mr basketballs Robinson and swanigan since 1991. iU 9 in the same period. This is a huge get for PU. Also interesting to see dry spells with Davis and Crean. it will work out....watch hunter and Geronimo.
  11. Any chance she is on the north side of Indy?
  12. I get the point. Not sure Trey = justin tho. Someone in WL seemed to figure it out.
  13. Understood. Shooting solves a lot, but it’s still been ugly. Also someone on here mentioned Trey commenting on CAM focusing his recruitment on highlights of TJD while considering himself a much different type of player. If that is true that is very unfortunate that we were not able to identify that.
  14. Yeah CAM definitely needs to figure out the offense. It has been painful to watch.
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