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  1. Threedom

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Completely shocked by the apparent lack of interest....somebody on the floor needs to get mad.
  2. Threedom

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Saw that...jeez
  3. Threedom

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    Or he will have 2 on fernando....on road....ok we can hope.
  4. Threedom

    Toughen Up Buttercup

    When Archie came I immediately thought of a junk yard dog mentality type player. That’s how he succeeded at Dayton. It will come soon and with very talented players. Come join Keion!
  5. Threedom

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    IMO Morgan has the best opportunity to affect this game early on. We worry about him getting in foul trouble but he is the perfect player to do the same to Maryland. With his skills I wonder how the other teams bigs aren’t in early foul trouble every game.
  6. Threedom

    IU at Michigan POST GAME

    Long time lurker, I really enjoy all the insight provided on this board regarding recruiting and the current team. I am impressed with strides this team is making, impressed with offensive adjustments the staff has made recently, and impressed with half time adjustments all season. We will make noise in the conference and be in the dance. Maybe mandatory ball to Morgan first 5 possessions would help slow starts.