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  1. Always thought of him as a Celtic...looks like most of his all star years were with the King’s as you guys remember. Even led the league in scoring in 72-73! Which brings me to my concluding point....commit already mason!
  2. Dang, we gotta battle Creighton for yet another.....so tired of them
  3. This 13th and Jackson is another reason I love this board. he’s a legit comedian, or should be!
  4. Race at 52 mins a game? I like him but.....his warmups may not count
  5. I agree with everything you mentioned above but do want to acknowledge Romeo, that dude was definitely a gifted scorer.
  6. I am excited about him, the comment that resonates most with me from your assessment is “4 year player”. I remember when early entry wasn’t even a discussion.
  7. Iu Scott you are the iu/big10 rainman. I remember a lot from the days gone by but you bring up times, locations??? I’m 47 and envy your memory.
  8. Some things I wish could last forever. My whole life it’s been Fischer on the call. Please don’t ever stop. I would get chills if he called my daughters game winner in the driveway.
  9. Enter guyton. Or moye as stated on the other thread.
  10. Preston Roberts at Noblesville, that young man is already a stud, with tons of potential. Can’t wait to see where he ends up. 6-3ish now, probably has another 2-3 inches in him.
  11. Not to de-rail how bad our offense has been lately, but if you go back and look at the rosters of big 10 teams that year....wow. You are correct, a lot of upper classmen, but not our Hoosiers with jay edwards, Jones and Anderson leading the way. Iowa doesn’t get the discussion they deserved with Armstrong Ed Harper and marble.
  12. That season of big 10 hoops was incredible. The flying Illini team was fun to watch. Some here may remember a kid named Benji Wilson, great friends with nick anderson, who would have likely been on that team as well, unless the general was able to reel him in.
  13. Me too. I was at that game with my oldest son. Took the life out of the arena. He was a bright light in a dark time. If he didn’t already head to the nba, I sometimes think of his pre injury talent and experience added to the 2012-13 team.
  14. Will you have an incoming FR possibly on varsity? I remember a blonde kid who was apparently a year behind the 2023s that played up...unbelievable range.
  15. Coached a team a few years ago, I think in a Bedford tournament, that went up against JC twice. It was 2023 guys, at the time 6th graders, and I think at least 1 JC kid was 5th. We had to extend the D to 5 ft beyond the arc way back then and they were still raining 3s left and right.
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