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  1. We are favored to win tomorrow? I feel kinda pathetic for being excited for any level of good news.....
  2. Zion is the best freshman I have seen in 30 plus years watching college hoops. Height, strength, good shot and handles. His quickness, especially his quick jump is unbelievable.
  3. i Would pay $100 to see an off the ball screen just once
  4. It was huge to hang on and get that win for the players and coaches. At end of regulation I was afraid our opportunity slipped through the fingers after a great effort. Had MSU made a few more FTs and we battled but lost...would that change how you feel now? Not for me...they fought like we haven’t seen lately, and that’s when wins eventually come. Great job coaches and players!
  5. Nice effort...the team is fighting. Saw some new wrinkles on offense as well!
  6. Coverdale comes to mind...you are right the 3 and 4 stars may not blossom till junior or senior year. The kids are talented.
  7. I personally feel as though the refs should walk over and shake romeos hand. 😳
  8. A little harsh....however can’t really argue any point
  9. lets go early 90s Loyola Marymount from now on, if we shoot 20% we only need 133 possessions a game
  10. What’s with the obnoxious double horn every stoppage of play.
  11. Unfortunately true...their 5 may shoot it better than our 2. Love Phinisee tho
  12. Yes!! These boys can do this!!! Keep the fire!
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