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  1. Definitely agree with this, need some off aggressiveness to reveal itself
  2. Hopefully Rob is good to go, watching feast week we see the importance of solid lead guards. He needs to be on the court to develop for this year and 2 to come. Hate seeing him injured so frequently.
  3. Lots of talent on this team, and gaining confidence. Looking forward to Fla state.
  4. I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but the thought of Galloway and Leal on the wings, 2 6-5 shooters, with RP and hopefully lander at point has me really looking forward to the next few years.
  5. Could be my crimson colored glasses, but I see candy stripes in that.
  6. What school produced the 2 all stars? Since you are aware of penguin point not central Indiana I presume. This kid won’t be Mr Basketball but he will be a contender and an all star. People know you don’t score like this as a frosh and sophomore by accident, regardless of where.
  7. Okay Sure....if you put up numbers like this kid regardless of where you played. Name your prize.
  8. Honest question - did you play HS hoops in Indiana?
  9. I would love to see Leal in candy stripes! But confess that I haven’t been part of any sort of success ever.
  10. I’m a little disappointed about not adding some obvious shooting. Any chance Franklin can fill reasonably well? Greene is good to get hot now and then, but it looks like Franklin is 37% career 3 point shooter - couldn’t find senior year stats. Please tell me he can shoot. High volume 40%+ 3 point shooters can change the game - who can do it on the roster?
  11. If the product was decent on the court the negative reaction would never have been an issue.
  12. 2 issues I see with recruiting: glaring need has not yet been added and recruiting does not appear to be on the upswing (actually the opposite at the moment).
  13. The golden lion...he was a substitute gym teacher on occasion at my high school in the 90s!
  14. It may have been discussed above the Crean talk...but can this kid shoot the rock? Thinking I would like to see him in the candy stripes over the long haul.
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