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  1. Sorry for being impatient on a web search, where will this be played?
  2. Archie was right in his discussion about strength of schedule. It was a no win with the Sesame Street reference. He could have made his point without any lunardi or Sesame Street references.
  3. Unfortunately never had a chance to see him other than videos. I was excited with his commit but This comparison has me thrilled 😁. Hope he is here in June
  4. The first 3 years has been very frustrating to watch. When we hired miller I was okay with it. I still think he has it in him, but man I shake my head a lot. If I were AD it comes down to The 21 class, and miller still has that opportunity. I believe we make the dance and even win a game. That will be huge for 21. In my opinion a change should be made only if the AD has a know brainer in the pocket. If 21 recruiting is a fail, time to move on.
  5. I stopped at the liquor store for some beer for the game tonight. I told the old man cashier I was self medicating for the IU Road game. He “assured” me the coach has already been told he will not be IUs coach next year. Clearly this is a guy in the know...so I grabbed my beer and left. We are not bad if we can simply stop a drive....and maybe hit a shot or 2. It was nice minny couldn’t hit lake james from the shore tonight.
  6. A few weeks ago my son asked me my favorite IU player ever. My pat answer is Calbert. But TJD has become a close second. I can only dream of 4 years of him.
  7. I cracked a beer and green nailed a 70 footer. I’ll keep at it. Next one will count.
  8. Love the Hoosiers with all I’ve got...but still not convinced this is a tournament team. So disappointing.
  9. Not sure how we can have 11 scholarships D1 b-ball players that can’t score the ball.
  10. Agree...he really needs to be much more aggressive. Not sure if he has even taken 1 shot.
  11. Yes race played well, al’s clutch shooting was the game changer.
  12. Great program win! Players, coaches, and the hall was rocking! Awesome!
  13. Can’t stand seeing Henry play so good against us
  14. Hit the 3 ball and win, don’t you lose
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