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  1. I guess it is what it is, 2 coaches trying to make the tourney, no problem with someone making that joke based on history. Team played well on O tonight, first half was worrisome with minn guards getting to the rim. Had our typical career high guy for the opponent, but I thought coach had many ready to play tonight. He had the right guys on the floor tonight imo.
  2. We are getting killed off the bounce. I am wondering if Archie doesn’t think Leal can help with that.
  3. Agree, also no real help either
  4. It hasn’t happened quite yet...but will..or at least better lol
  5. 20 yrs ago no. Today I guess I will take it
  6. Lol 😂 we will win this game...but man.
  7. It really is. Leal already productive, wait till he is confident with his shot. And Geronimo will be awesome.
  8. Yeah Scott come on. He is a talented kid. Double figure scorer, FT over 90%, over 5 rebounds. Don’t act like he couldn’t help this program.
  9. Yeah brooks and/or Henry to IU...sign me up. That might get me excited about an Archie 5th year....but wait there’s still the offense thing 😳
  10. I appreciate the insight. That is why I mentioned culture, it shouldn’t be game to game...it should be clear and understood. But it doesn’t appear that way. At least from the couch.
  11. Who is responsible for for establishing a culture of toughness, leadership, and effort? I may be wrong, the players need to make plays, but it seems the head coach has at least some role in those aspects.
  12. I love this thread! Finally legit positives and well earned by the team. I was impressed with Jordan, rob played great, TJD delivered, race stepped up. Leal with a huge 3 bomb. Al stepped up and iced the game with the made free throws. mostly kudos to Archie, it couldn’t have been an easy week for him, and he had the whole team ready to play. With serious foul trouble to boot. Great job!
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