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  1. I would love to see Leal in candy stripes! But confess that I haven’t been part of any sort of success ever.
  2. I’m a little disappointed about not adding some obvious shooting. Any chance Franklin can fill reasonably well? Greene is good to get hot now and then, but it looks like Franklin is 37% career 3 point shooter - couldn’t find senior year stats. Please tell me he can shoot. High volume 40%+ 3 point shooters can change the game - who can do it on the roster?
  3. If the product was decent on the court the negative reaction would never have been an issue.
  4. 2 issues I see with recruiting: glaring need has not yet been added and recruiting does not appear to be on the upswing (actually the opposite at the moment).
  5. The golden lion...he was a substitute gym teacher on occasion at my high school in the 90s!
  6. It may have been discussed above the Crean talk...but can this kid shoot the rock? Thinking I would like to see him in the candy stripes over the long haul.
  7. This board does not cease to amaze me. I grew up in Angola, referenced via tri state in another thread, graduated from new haven, joked about several months ago, parents now live in Columbia city, near all this goshen and Warsaw talk. No big deal, until we start talking about penguin point! Now you have my attention! Thanks to all of you who make this board so interesting to me.
  8. Academics??!!! We’re talking academics??!! Looking for teams we can beat
  9. Would love this big ten. Always thought mizzou made sense. A friend of mine somehow heard big ten wants 2 more schools. According to him...UCF and Houston. Makes as much sense as Rutgers, but still no “help” for Hoosier football.
  10. We are favored to win tomorrow? I feel kinda pathetic for being excited for any level of good news.....
  11. Zion is the best freshman I have seen in 30 plus years watching college hoops. Height, strength, good shot and handles. His quickness, especially his quick jump is unbelievable.
  12. i Would pay $100 to see an off the ball screen just once
  13. It was huge to hang on and get that win for the players and coaches. At end of regulation I was afraid our opportunity slipped through the fingers after a great effort. Had MSU made a few more FTs and we battled but lost...would that change how you feel now? Not for me...they fought like we haven’t seen lately, and that’s when wins eventually come. Great job coaches and players!
  14. Nice effort...the team is fighting. Saw some new wrinkles on offense as well!
  15. Coverdale comes to mind...you are right the 3 and 4 stars may not blossom till junior or senior year. The kids are talented.
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