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  1. The only potential questions in my opinion are the 3 and 4. Kopp is the best shooter on the team. His presence on the floor helps everyone else on offense due to spacing. He will start. Race will and should start but Geronimo will get 25+ minutes between the 3 and 4 in my opinion. XJ JHS MK RT TJD deep team, still short on shooting, but very much looking forward to a great season.
  2. I have thought that brooks would one day be a Hoosier, and thought a transfer last year was the time. Like others here, Don’t see it now though with this roster.
  3. There have been many good shooters since, but jay Edwards is the first to come to mind. Silky smooth, Looked like everything was going in.
  4. This is the truth. I watched leal miss 2 at the end of first half and TJD miss both on 2 occasions maybe. just blows my mind. We have the best record for “could have won” games.
  5. Have to admit I wasn’t very surprised losing this game…probably apathy unfortunately. Shouldn’t be a loss for IU any year, especially with a new coach at PSU. We need to have a junk yard dawg, aggressive mentality on both ends. I just don’t see it. Getting out rebounded by 10 and lower shooting percentages at all ranges will lose. These kids need to get aggressive. Woody deserves some time, obviously he knows hoops. Hopefully we make the tournament but a lot has to improve quickly.
  6. You all are feeling the same as me so this is basically me trying a form of self healing. What did we just witness? At half I half joked with myself saying this will end up a close win. Dumb not to expect a loss. I remember Woodson demonstrating proper finger roll form and thinking there are other issues going on here. Man, that half was bad. Syracuse S16 bad, IPFW bad? Gotta be close.
  7. Good post. While I would not make a statement like this, Woody has lived the basketball world at a much higher level than me. Also, I’m not sure of the context of that quote, but we all know he is smart enough to play who earns it.
  8. Recorded the game, couldn’t watch live. I was watching my son’s small Christian school and their opponent drill 3 after 3 and wondered why the heck IU has struggled so long at this while following the board during the game. A few comments watching later 1. Love seeing fife on our bench 2. Love the focus on ally oops, including several out of time out sets 3. Coach needs to figure out how to maximize use of Kopp and Stewart. Those dudes have the skill to win games. 4. Tamar can be a pro…pretty quickly. 5. Again, fife on our bench 6. Rob P and Kopp I think are the ones that can dictate this season. They perform consistently well, gonna be a fun season.
  9. Kansas would be great, Iowa State not bad. I have wondered about West Virginia as a potential on occasion. Baylor would be nice, but I am not sure about them, I don’t know much about the school itself if it fits a bigten type model.
  10. I remember that new haven game like it was yesterday. Having been on the court up by 1 with a few seconds left. Embarrassing to admit how often that loss crosses my mind 30 years later. All due respect, that whitko team was a well coached and a great passing team. Much more than just nicodemus.
  11. I just can’t give Dolson enough credit. I’m not trying to get the cart before the horse, but man, what a great hire that few saw coming. High level ball is all about the NBA. And Woodson is leaving no stone unturned. I am loving the next 10 years. Finally, the admin just may be smarter than the boards!
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