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  1. I liked smith a lot, probably would have etched his name in the IU record books somewhere. But not a fan after this. IU is a destination for grad transfers, not a place the highest minute player leaves. It’s big time, big publicity. Seems like a slap in the face to the program. Archie gave him his shot at the 3, clearly gave the young man all respect and opportunity....then this. Because of this, his departure is disappointing but hate to admit kinda glad in a way. What’s worse, so late as to limit archies chance to react.
  2. I’m somewhat of an old timer, however, TJD is not only my top choice in the CAM era, but also close to the top all time. I don’t remember many freshman seasons as good as his. Too lazy to look it up numbers but maybe close or better than Zellers. Romeo is obviously a special player and a close second but we get at least 2 yrs of TJD and only 1 of Romeo. after that probably Rob
  3. It’s a good post by bobS, duncomb has yet to accomplish anything but we understand the comparison. I would go with a solid 4 star 4 year contributor if I had the luxury of hindsight. But you gotta take someone like Noah when you can if you run a high level program. Recruiting sure isn’t easy.
  4. Well my son and I drove down here from Indy, no sign of trey yet but we will enjoy our butter pecan double scoops until we can post an update!
  5. I think the key to that shot is 2 fold. 1. He drops his right foot slightly just before his spin to get the defender to shift just enough. 2. It’s Jordan.
  6. Plus this kid can shoot the rock! So come on! This character and grades discussion is just gravy!
  7. If I’m being honest...I agree. Let’s just win! I’m not saying only recruit great students, and I don’t think that was 5 fouls point either, just it may indicate the discipline needed for this ferocious competitor we all seek.
  8. i Know Geronimo is not a McDonald’s all American like Rickey Calloway, but for some reason that is who comes to my mind when I see his videos. Athletic freak, similar size. I am looking forward to this kid, but hopefully sticking around for 3-4 years instead of bolting to Kansas after winning a natty.
  9. I get your point, but it just speaks to their character. This info alone won’t get them 10 boards a game, but good grades shows discipline, which can parlay into developing their talent and skill. Volunteering shows selflessness, concerned about others, likely a good teammate. I like this info but it alone doesn’t make a great baller.
  10. I remember al Rhodes, I played in the Fort Wayne area so we never played Warsaw, but his name was known. Didn’t he coach a guy named Jeff gross who was really good? It sounds like al would have thought of me as a baller if only I had talent and skill 😂
  11. Love this development plan as it includes a year 3😁
  12. Trace already is one of my favorite all time players. So glad he is back for another season to cheer him on. I have seen this comment on occasion about trace improving his shot to increase his potential in the league. Just curious what folks think on this, not just specific to trace, but all high level players....is it just a matter of getting shots up? Or is there a technique issue that needs addressed. Admittedly, I don’t see much flaw in traces game...kid is a stud. It seems maybe a little more confidence is all it will take for him to take, and make those jumpers.
  13. Good post. Many are good at the game, have experience in the game, and have knowledge of the game. The good coaches are great communicators and teachers of the game.
  14. Darrion: “hey big bro should I stay at new haven or leave early for La Lumiere? Keion: new haven bruh I may or may not be a new haven alum
  15. You are correct they are great ambassadors for the program. I also think they will be pivotal players on a 4 year stretch we will eventually look back on as the turning point. I am thrilled these young men will wear candy stripes and believe they will both have great careers, maybe even etch their names in the IU record books.
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