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  1. Interesting post. It made me think many of us are likely in this “line in the sand” perspective, where we want IU to succeed on one side and want Archie to be the man on the other. I wonder, on the Archie side, is it because us fans are truly on the fence that he’s the coach this program needs, or because we are just tired of starting over. If I’m being honest, I know where I stand.
  2. I am 48. Archie has golden opportunities to make this season work out. Starting Thursday. If we miss the all Indiana bubble tournament after 4 years of what has been some fairly brutal hoops, I will be ready to move.
  3. Can she coach? That would be great and I would never complain. If not, when Stevens says no, Oates or Whitman kind of intrigue me, with either Lewis or fife or even tonegal the next calls. Only if we don’t make the Indiana bubble tourney this year of course!
  4. Yeah I meant to convey crean started with nothing...poor typing
  5. Clearly Archie doesn’t have the same talent, but he built the roster just as crean did (From nothing). Hopefully next year is better as you point out. My comparison to the Syracuse game was more in terms of a watershed moment regarding the fan base.
  6. Ah the good ole Syracuse game...from my perspective that was a hole Crean was never able to dig out of. Eerily similar to what has been going on the last few days.
  7. Which seems to be the case every time we play
  8. Nah his frustration is justified If this continues
  9. Is Durham even playing in this game...come on senior
  10. Frustrating to see our 1, 2, and 3 lack confidence to drill 3’s, and other teams 4 off the bench drilling them in our eye.
  11. Yeah like it or not he is key to our success...I think he has it in him
  12. Talking to a Purdue grad co-worker, we both agreed this game might be determined on who got in foul trouble...Jackson Davis or travyon. We also agreed on what coach would be focused on making that happen.
  13. Thanks for posting this. Interesting listen. I like how Archie is trying to build confidence in his shooters, the missing piece at the moment. This team has a lot of kids I enjoy rooting for. Keep working Jerome (and get just a little less vertical on defense 😁).
  14. The entire BIG has that sort of stretch and then some
  15. I’m admittedly an offense guy but noticed the D our guys played the last few minutes. That was key while Leal drained his threes. Those stops allowed that run to make it a game.
  16. Would love to see this. I like archie’s focus on defense but do wish that could translate to a higher energy, attacking offense. It would obviously result in some TOs but we need some pace with an attacking mentality...not just dribble fast up the court only to dribble for 8 secs out top. I have heard others say we run NC transition. I may be missing it but would Love an aggressive transition O with aggressive secondary options.
  17. Good post. NW went to their guard time after time and they took over the game. Today ILL rode Kofi for awhile till ayo got hot, then rode him. Down the stretch I wish arch would run set after set for TJD or AF, unless someone else has the hot hand.
  18. None of us want a revolving door. We want cam to step up. In games and recruiting. It’s hard to be optimistic losing to NW at home with TJD, and looking at next year with him likely gone.
  19. Good post. Regarding franklin I am loving his aggressiveness. We need assertive offensive players. And I’m not sure who else besides TJD should get more shots. al and rob have disappointed 😔 ...so far.
  20. This big10 will expose weaknesses. We have a lot. Trace and Franklin are stepping up, and Galloway is doing well as a frosh. Everyone else needs to buckle up, especially our coach. Bottom line it’s his program after 4 yrs. we struggle to shoot 3s, struggle at the line, nobody on the perimeter is willing or able to get downhill to the rim in half court. Things need to change fast. Slam me for expecting a bit more if you feel I’m off base. Frustrated beyond belief. lastly, ROB, please realize your talent and potential. We need you, be aggressive getting to the rim.
  21. it’s all good. It’s only 4 yrs plus we get another shot in feb. Maybe we can beat NW on the road. You never know 😳. It’s our job as true fans to expect this sort of loss.
  22. Year 4 with Archie I figured we could hang with NW by now
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