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  1. everyone watching the Illini get hosed? calls they could call all the time they break out when they need them.
  2. Herby just said a few minutes ago that both corners will be out again today?
  3. With our offense in dire need of a true slot due to injuries and with the recent emergence of Noah P who thinks we could see Reece Taylor move to the slot?
  4. With our offense not having a true slot receiver due to the injuries and what not. and with the emergence of Noah P who thinks we could see Reece move to slot?
  5. or maybe just give the other team fleas?
  6. I have looked at the last two games many times. Without a doubt our biggest problem with the Offense is the line no doubt. and we have no real speed threat on the outside at receiver and that keeps everything bottled up for our offense and east to defend. Not sure if we brought in any Freshman speed burners at receiver but if we did we need to play them. Hopefully we can find some speed in the portal this winter. the oline is a very slow reacting group collectively.
  7. watching the game again on FS1 replay. I am telling you we did not fool the MSU D one time with our play calling. I mean they were there waiting on us. We couldn't even leak a tight end out one time down on the goal line. Either we are very very vanilla or our booth upstairs is bugged or these games are scripted play by play. I have never seen anything like it.
  8. I know you have heard the old football saying. Your team takes on the personality of your line play . our d line has seen steady improvement under coach allen. The o line has gone soft. Very soft. The perfect marriage was wilson and Allen. Tom needs to find his wilson. lol
  9. I can just here Nick OC at the Monday presser. Well we didn't execute and that's on me. No shat Nick!
  10. I think IU loses every game left on the schedule. A total team collapse is coming. LEO is dead?
  11. i have never seen a more pathetic fu..... offensive game called in my life. two weeks for this shit. no need to watch this shit again this year. should have walked all over these clowns. sucks for our D
  12. we have good players bad o line play and really shitty play calling. this has got to end this year.
  13. whistle to wind my ass they were already into the count wow!
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