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  1. Trayce had a good inside game. but I am glad to see him go so that maybe we can get a big that can make shots past 10 feet. Todays game demands this.
  2. Xavier Johnson has entered the portal and has let his intentions known he is transferring to THE Indiana penile syatem U
  3. What are these rankings based on? How could yuou come up with we deserve to ranked 21st and we lose half our team and our point guard is a convict on the run.
  4. You would think that crap was real. Probably a WWF fan also.LOL
  5. Why did knight assault the officer? He just decided to go out on the street and put a jack ass in a garbage can? Tell the whole story or trap shut.
  6. Just like with all the coaches after Knight. The inmates are running the prison.
  7. Why would anyone with any basketball knowledge?
  8. Oh no! Just wishing former Hoosier and new Ball State coach well.
  9. Oh yes Hoosier fans. No worries. Our program is headed in right direction under Woodson. Fife Gone! Matta Gone! and Butler gets better for it. What we are left with is a bad culture full of apologists that makes excuses for bad decisions based upon world politics instead of a winning culture capable of winning at an elite level. The depths we have been at for 22 years! Go Cards!
  10. seriously. Why in the hell would he keep anyone from Archies staff that failed and get rid of Fife. I think Woody did not like looking over his shoulder. But why a guy from shit hole PA
  11. one dimensional. Tell me a player on this years team that wasn't ?
  12. the only two I would like to see stay is MK and LD can build a solid team around those guys.
  13. What a flipping crap show. year after year. PU has to love this crap Edit: please watch the language. -blue
  14. Look for another mediocre season with all the new faces that have to learn to play together as a team. and look for the that permanent built in excuse from the coach from the beginning to the end of the season. Well, look we are still learning to play together. not one so called reporter called him out on this when he was still giving this excuse at the end of the year.
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