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  1. Was anyone able to confirm any news on the board meeting yesterday?
  2. What's more astonishing than that. Was the fact this team lost one game in two years.
  3. Archie "we have to be smarter on offense" Really! you are saying this at the end of the season? If you are saying this at the end of the season. your season was lost before it ever started.
  4. Was Archie qualified. Was Knight qualified. I would bet you my House Lewis would or could do a lot better then Miller.
  5. Time for sure. Time for the admin to hire and IU guy. Alford, Lewis, Fife, Guyton, Woodson, Whitman, You want to bring the Hoosiers back to life. Bring back one of our own.
  6. Not only no but hell no! time to hire an IU guy. Why will the admin not give this a chance? Because they know the sleeping giant will awaken,
  7. I just think it's all in recruiting. Is he just recruiting the athlete with decent basketball skill but still a project? that seems to be the case. Lets get the good basketball player with good fundamental skills that we can add muscle and quickness too.
  8. Oh I beg to differ. Trace, Race, Hunter, Have terrible form. Ball goes off the wrong side of the hand, palms are on the ball, they fall back before they follow through, shoot flat footed. I have been paying close attention the last 6 games.
  9. I would say that the college staff would have to change some players shots. AAU has destroyed High School basketball and even Jr High ball maybe even more important. Jr high is where most Indiana kids used to learn the fundamentals of shooting.
  10. Such bull spit. What a flipping nut job. We let this kind of shit rule are world today and the same shit that ruined Indiana Basketball. The kicker of it all the people behind it is such a small minority. Be Brave tell them all to go to hell.
  11. I don't think Archie is a bad coach either. Let me pose a question. If you were to take IUs current roster along with Arch and Osterman back to Dayton. Do you think they would win their conference? I do and I think they would have a lot of wins and be beaming with confidence and on a roll and a team like that is a tough out. We know what Arch and this roster is capable of in the big. bottom rung for 4 years. What worked for arch at Dayton will not work in the big. He coaches with the same style and scheme and it's not working. So Arch is not a bad coach just not the right fit in the big.
  12. With your losing ways over the past 4 years and players dropping the Fbomb on you. How much longer do you expect to be at Indiana U? And with you not being able to remember an event that happened just and hour prior are you sure your last name is not Biden?
  13. He has to seem non biased as a commentator, but the longer our basketball program is slung through the mud and remains in turmoil. Really helps the Turdue cause.
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