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  1. The big ten has really screwed the pooch with this political statement. Losing fans and credibility throughout the big landscape. Two Governors and a handful of radical presidents and top admin spreading fear in hopes it would squelch the voices of all. Ha! Not a chance in H...
  2. I can confirm everything that was said about Whitmer and Michigan. Are gyms are still closed. are theatres are still closed and you have a to ware that fricking mask everywhere. People this is one evil B...... She promotes anything that will weaken the immune system. You could tell Warren was lying from the get go when he was pressed ever so gently. He could not give a sensible statement. When enough ADs and Coaches grow some balls and come out publicly with the truth. Warren should be fired immediately! And for Whitmer her big day comes this Wednesday in the courts.
  3. So it is now being tossed around to start Big Ten Football in January or February at indoor facilities or domes across the conference landscape? So let me get this straight it is gong to be safer to play this game inside vs an outdoor fresh air stadium five months from now? Who the f.... are these people and what planet do they live on? Totally all political BS. Just make a player and his family sign a waiver and those who know the facts and have no fear can play and the ones that are fearful can opt out and not lose a year. SIMPLE.
  4. Archie's seat is very hot folks. He loses this game to a horrible Nebraska and misses the tournament, Archie is out.
  5. attacked? no not at all. Just stating my opinion that has been backed by facts many times over. Sorry you don't like it.
  6. Well aware of it. Sorry it doesn't fit the narrative you like.
  7. Sounds like you need to escape to your safe space. LOL!
  8. How do you see this as an attack? Please explain. I can't wait to here this. Attack..... laughable.
  9. Nothing personal here, but I will be glad to see Green, Davis, and would love to see Smith join them. So much talent in Green and Smith and have to watch them continue to not give a shat time and time again is painful. Davis..... injury's make him play like my grandma. Watching these three become so disconnected at times during the games laughing and bullshattting on the bench. A loss does not bother these players at all. they don't hate to lose and there for don't have a winners mentality. All that being said. I hope they win a game or two in the BTT and make the dance, but the
  10. There has been way to much bad!
  11. Why the hell would anyone want to pay to watch this bad basketball! Look. very simple Indiana fans expect more plain and simple. The only thing we are getting more of is bad play and that equals a half empty hall.
  12. We were playing well. 12.28 left in the game. Miller subs in 4 new players. Immediately we commit two turnovers and don't score a field goal for 9 minutes. That is why we lost this game. I can also name a few other times in this game and others where a player will just be getting into a good offensive rhythm and out they come? I guess this is the Indiana version of Miller time? He sure as hell didn't coach like that at Dayton. Must be the players bill of rights? Not sure just makes no sense. Really really Stupid!
  13. If we lose. go back to the 12:28 mark Archie subs 4 people in almost the entire team and we don't score for 9 minutes. What a dip shit move. WTF!
  14. I can not stand his substitution patterns. How the hell can they have any kind of rhythm?
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