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  1. I have to say one thing. TA must run a tight ship. You know there had to be a lot of bad attitudes on that field and locker room all year. And we not one story came out of it. So, in this case we know it was not loose lips that sank this ship.
  2. TA and staff will hit the portal hard this year. I hope he gets his OC on board quickly.
  3. Durr will be a spot player this year. he needs to give us 8 maybe 12 solid minutes a game.
  4. no matter who the coach is or what school they are at. If you don't have the Jimmys and Joes will not win a championship. Crean had some studs and won a couple conference titles with them. What that says is with the right players anything is possible.
  5. The O line and the offense was horrible all year. They absolutely wore the D down by the first six games. best players on both sides injured and our weaknesses were revealed and magnified for all to take advantage of, and they did! Hopefully we get a OC that will stick around for more than a year. First year DC second year bad OC coupled with injuries was the perfect storm. Seems like some on this board don't like and want to blame ELO culture for this debacle? Why wouldn't want the players to love and respect each other and the coaches?
  6. I would like to have 24 and 31. transfer portal.
  7. I say the portal will be full of IU players soon. I didn't see the OC or the DC today on the field?
  8. There is a bigger story behind the scenes. I hope we get to hear it?
  9. he may not be? Rumor is he has been contacted by a certain team from the south weeks ago. After hearing this. I then seen an article published that had curtain High profile coaches and what there buy out would be. Allen was one of those coaches. Truth to it? timing was spot on and could explain attitude if leaked?
  10. I agree with this. If Trey get in the gym and develops a consistent outside shot. I see he him as a huge piece of the IU puzzle. Although I could say the same about Lander just a different style of player.
  11. I really think our shooting is going to keep getting better with this bunch. Love the effort on defense. Going to be interesting for sure. Go Hoosiers!
  12. I for one can not stand big ten analyst Dave Revsine. Talks about all of the big teams having close calls. How it was a positive for teams early in the year and then comes to IU and says only won by six and they just expected so much more. Who expected so much more? Really first year coach new offense new defense. We won you dip shit from Illinois who is also a Northwestern grad. We know most of you talking heads can't stand IU. What a fricking moron.
  13. So this is it. The battle for the basement!
  14. I would rather win ugly than lose bad.
  15. We don't have to have a boat load of shooters. We have a couple that's enough with an inside game and great defense.
  16. In todays game with the shot clock momentum is everything. When the ref made the bullshit call. the game shifted. Then the Noah kid went off. We have to have a defender to take on that person that's in a zone and get in their head piss them off and get them out of sorts. That s what fife was for IU. Dane will find his man. For IU Stewart ran away and hid after that great start. Ball has to move and get shots in rhythm. a win is win. Keep improving.
  17. Well of course in my heart I don't want too, but my mind says something different.
  18. This is how I see it shaking out. 1. Purdue 2. O St 3. Michigan. 4. MI St 5. IU 6.ILL 7. Wisc
  19. Next week we will see who the worst team is. Talking of firing Allen over one bad season riddled with injury is crazy talk. With that said. Something was definitely going on in that locker room? We may never know, but in a few weeks the firings and the departures will tell the story. I am not sure how many of you caught what the announcer said and quickly moved away from it. turmoil and controversy.
  20. Going to be interesting to see just how much was going on behind the scenes with this team in a couple weeks.
  21. now the f------ start calling them.
  22. oh Man Allen just let Sheridan have it big time.
  23. More injuries than any team and the country and the only school to require the Jab,
  24. can we just call it covid and quarantine for two weeks and play PU and call it
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