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  1. Coach Allen should be the coach until his contract is up. He has done a good job while playing in one of the best league divisions in college football. Lets take a look at some of the Names the media just loves to gush over in the west. Fleck. What has he done. The Big Beef from the Illini. What has he done? Hell even Ferentz at Iowa has underperformed a lot of years. And all of this while playing in the west. Keep Allen and this program will be solid.
  2. Yep, I see blowouts in our future.
  3. You got that right. exactly what it is. LOL!
  4. Looks like the same old crap to me. stand on one side dribble dribble dribble. Try and get in to Trace. Do we really have to watch this same old pathetic offense again.
  5. You all can wish for a new coach and hate on Allen all you want. And keep saying he is this and that. The league is who killed IU football once again. In 2019 Allen and the Hoosiers won eight games. 2020 COVID YEAR. The league sets the rules and says to qualify for the Big Ten Champion game a team must play at least six games. IU Plays seven 6-1 Ohio state plays 5. What does the league say to IU. Sorry we changed the rules so Ohio State can be the champion. Screw you IU. So Now all you smart great coaches out there tell me. How in the hell do you ever recruit at a high level or motivate the players you have on your team again. How? Look at 21 aside from all the injuries the same players lacked attitude they had in 20. And 22 no different. Tell me if you're a big time player would you want to come to a program where you know the league is willing to put the screws to you in favor of one of the elite programs. Would you pick IU or any of the teams in the west?
  6. Your new head coach is already on staff. Rod Carey will be the IU Football Coach starting the 2023 season. This is the same way they replaced Wilson with Allen. It's a done deal. An IU guy with previous head coaching experience. Who knows if this is good or bad? Time will tell. Gather up all the old NIU game clips you can find and sweet dreams. I think I would scrap all the Temple vidieo? I understand we are all so very desperate for a winner of any kind besides soccer and swimming at IU. Allen put a few good seasons together. Best in recent memory. And had a really good recruiting class together last year. I hope Carey can do better. Basketball looks promising this season. With that said I don't think Woody is the answer. I also think this season will be a complete bust. With the schedule I feel they will lose some of the big games early and spiral from there.
  7. man allen sure did kick that one like crap.
  8. wow you guys do hate the coach.
  9. Who knows if we score or not on those drives where they dont call pass interference
  10. The refs have gave rutgers 14 points or maybe more.
  11. The refs stopped our momentum and them will not call a pass interference. Hose jpb from the league is in. the first Td was not a catch. You all seen it. they would'nt even review it. HOse JOb
  12. Oh yeah little man. You are an allen hater. The refs are pulling a big ten hose job.
  13. we cant beat the refs. the hose job has been called in by the league.
  14. yes rutgers went after his knee purposefully. you all seen it.
  15. I dont want to hear anyone bithching about the coaching. The refs have screqed us out of 14 points already. They stopped our momentum on a bogus replay that wasnt even close and then no replay on the rutgers non catch he did not have control. total bullshit. We can not beat the refs as well. all we ever get from this league is a good screwing.
  16. For starters. I am not a CTA sympathizer. With that being said. I don't feel the Coach is the problem. we have some decent players, but they are just that decent. With all the injuries the last two years, it shows us we don't have enough good players. I actually think Allen is getting the most out of these guys. Mullen is not the same player he was before his injury. He maybe at some point, but that's not now. our line play is not good on either side of the ball and yet we have been competitive in most all games we have played and played Michigan better than PS did. Yes, we gave that game away yesterday. I just think the coaches and players are pressing a bit much right now. Go play hard and have fun. Remember when we were coming from behind and winning games early on and all you saw from the press was negative press. Remember this one from the star. "IU can't keep winning games like this" Purdue has won almost all of their games that way. Yet no negative articles? The big ten will not do us any favors with the schedule. That has to be changed no matter who the coach is. My hope is we can get all our better players healthy and win three more? But we must hold the players accountable as well as the coaches.
  17. If we had an O-line we would be a pretty good team and win a fair share of games. I don't see any accountability among the players on the O-line. These guys get beat and just clap their hands and then reach out and help up the guy they just let take a beating. it's like they say it doesn't matter we get steaks after the game, Do we not have one player on the O-line willing to hold the others accountable? Wilson would not allow this pu--- crap. I wonder if we are still feeling the effects of what happened then? Something is not right? Hell Haggard is as big a house but yet gets beat every other play?
  18. This guy really is a shit show. The Rock does not even have a tunnel to run out of.
  19. So, what does it say about where we are at as a program, if the experts are saying Illinois has a chance to win the west. And we have a big ten win over the Illini this season.?
  20. Defensive mistakes. Offensive mistakes. Special teams mistakes, Coaching mistakes. I would say that just about sums it up. Yep a total team effort. The one bright spot. They never packed it in! Lets clean it up and go get our second big win.
  21. It all starts and ends up front. We need an O-line coach that players want to play for and who can recruit.
  22. Notice how the Bigs tv heads said last week, that the Hilltoppers was a trap game. This week it was said again. Cincy a trap game.? But we are not a favorite? One thing for sure they hate the fact we beat the Illini. Oh and now they are saying the illini are one of the favorites to win the west. Hell just keep winning. Go Hoooooooosiers.
  23. We will have to play a very good game to get out of there with the W. Our own conference gives us no love. We have played a tough schedule to date and it only gets better from here. We were no fluke in 20 and 21. We seen a healthy Penix and what a good play caller can do as the Huskies trashed Sparty. Our coaching staff and our team was dismantled and yet here we sit at 3-0 and the talking heads of the big ten act like they hate it? Go Hooooooooosiers!
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