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  1. I loved it. I'd bet he said something like, "shut your damn mouth if you know what's good for you".
  2. I even think 9-11 gets IU in the tournament. That would put them at 19-11 with no bad losses. There will be such a logjam of 10-10/9-11 teams and the bubble isn't too strong this year.
  3. i think the tech was on Francon Jr.
  4. 49 at half. IU had 49 total against Penn State!
  5. 4 straight 3's by IU...what am I watching?
  6. Try foxsports. That's how I watch BTN on my phone, ipad, roku, and xbox one.
  7. I listened to Fisch's segment. Dakich made reference to the student athlete bill of rights and other posters on here have mentioned this as well. Can someone explain why this is detrimental? I've tried finding critical articles but I can only find puff pieces.
  8. Thank God! Replace DG with Leal and Galloway, give DD's minutes to Race and this is a tournament team.
  9. I may be annoyed but I will forever and always love IU BB and America
  10. No, they don't. They're frontrunners. When shots are falling and the crowds cheering, they're great. When the going gets tough, they fold like a cheap suit.
  11. Springsteen coaches basketball? It would be boss if we hired him. I'd spring steam from my ears!
  12. The simply are no alpha males on this team This right here. Each and every one of them act like this is an AAU game. Who cares if we win or lose there will be another game in a few hours? I'm really just sick and tired of watching this team.
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