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  1. I want IU to win so bad just so we can delay the "is Archie good? Whose fault is it? Who should have IU hired instead of Archie?" Talk until the next loss. I also want to see if this team has the heart it was lacking last year. This is a "show me sumthin" game. Hoosiers 72-64.
  2. All I can say is that I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in the lack of effort, I'm disappointed Wisconsin's regression (progression?) to the mean had to be against IU. A team that normally shoots mid 30% from three and has been shooting sub 30% will eventually have a stellar shooting day. But I'm mainly disappointed in myself. I'm disappointed I allowed myself to bathe in the FSU glory. I'm disappointed that I thought IU had a real shot at winning @ Wisconsin. I'm disappointed I started counting the wins before this game. I told myself "they've got a real shot at 13-0 going into the Maryland game..." what an idiot! But, at the end of the day, this was just a bad game and this team will be over this game by tomorrow so I should too. I'll be right back here with you all refreshing HSN every 30 seconds to see what everyone has to say. Except that Bobcat guy. He can go f#&k himself.
  3. The replay is available on the Watch ESPN app.
  4. Here's his 3 point numbers and ppg from the final 7 games of last year and all his games played this year. He picked up right where he left off. Date Opponent 3P 3PA 3P% PTS 3/2/2019 Michigan State 3 5 60.00% 13 3/7/2019 Illinois 3 5 60.00% 11 3/10/2019 Rutgers 0 1 0.00% 16 3/14/2019 Ohio State 8 10 80.00% 26 3/19/2019 Saint Francis (PA) 3 8 37.50% 12 3/23/2019 Arkansas 4 9 44.40% 18 3/26/2019 Wichita State 2 7 28.60% 12 23 45 51.11% 15.43 Date Opponent 3P 3PA 3P% PTS 11/16/2019 Troy 1 6 16.70% 6 11/20/2019 Princeton 2 3 66.70% 16 11/25/2019 Louisiana Tech 3 5 60.00% 16 11/30/2019 South Dakota State 3 6 50.00% 11 12/3/2019 Florida State 5 7 71.40% 30 14 27 51.85% 15.80 Last 12 Game Totals 37 72 51.39% 15.58
  5. Which ranking system is that? I know the AP and coaches comes out on Mondays. Kenpom has IU at 21 and FSU at 20.
  6. I've been very impressed. He looked like he was in over his head at the start of the game. This is by far the best competition he's faced in his life. He settled down and looks like he belongs on the floor with all these athletes.
  7. FSU's defense in #3 in the country. IU looks to have the better D tonight so far!
  8. It is worth pointing out that FSU played 4 games between 11/23 and 11/30 including a game Friday and Saturday. IU only played 2. I guess we'll see if that makes a difference. Plus, the Hall will be rocking tonight for the first time this year.
  9. Jake was granted immediate eligibility and is available to play Thursday against Maryland. I can't find the reasoning, but he's from the area so that must have factored in to the decision. https://www.inquirer.com/college-sports/temple/jake-forrester-temple-ncaa-transfer-waiver-eligible-indiana-20191126.html
  10. LaTech has a guard by the name of Kalob Ledoux that transferred from McNeese State after 2017-2018. This is interesting because IU contacted him about transferring. He takes a lot of 3's and is shooting below 30% on the year, but he shot 36.5% his last year at McNeese State. This is the guy that will get hot from outside if given the opportunity.
  11. I don't mind this schedule. Sure, it looks bad after the first few games, but then it's LaTech (91 Kenpom), FSU (14), UConn (77), Notre Dame (52), and Arkansas (24). Throw in Wisconsin (38) and that's 6 top 100 Kenpom games before the bulk of B1G play.
  12. Louisiana Tech plays North Alabama Friday night and IU beat North Alabama 91-65 on 11/12.
  13. Smothering D getting it done. What was that, 3 straight steals that turned in to 7 points?
  14. Are you implying if IU hired Mack or Holtmann, IU would be in the top 10?
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