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  1. Looking back, I’m an idiot for not putting Duke in at least the final four
  2. I remember saying during the 2nd half of the Illinois game before Illinois ran off with it that IU had a shot to win the B1G. Then Northwestern happened
  3. That was the big talk once the refs were announced. Bo Boroski and that other dude from the B1G.
  4. I just can't understand this take. So the head coach (a former player) fires an assistant coach (also a former player) because they didn't see eye to eye and wanted to go in a different direction, therefore someone will no longer be a fan of the team. After all the crap we as a fan base have been through the last 20 years, that's the final straw.
  5. Unless your Dane Fife or a former player then you get a lifetime contract because he's "one of our own".
  6. I hate Purdue because I’m an IU fan. I hate Brad Davison because I’m human.
  7. Davison and Bohannon on the same weekend? Christmas comes early!
  8. Davison ain’t gonna let his career end by just standing there. He’s gonna make his last foul the dirtiest of his career
  9. Lol Davison just flopping all over the place
  10. Once again, Big Ten teams that practice bully ball aren’t getting the calls they’re used to.
  11. Uh oh…looks like ref ball is going to make sure Wiscy doesn’t lose in Milwaukee
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