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  1. Assembly Call had Eric and Ward from Hoosier Hysterics on last night. Definitely worth a listen. If you watch on youtube, you can get all the extra dialogue between segments.
  2. When he started crying while talking about Christian, I thought there might be a slight chance....
  3. Honestly, in the last couple of months, I've felt bad for TJD and Armaan. People acting like since IU missed out on some recruits, the roster is full of scrubs. Just imagine if TJD had strung his recruitment out until now.
  4. Rabjohn's says he was told this from someone but doesn't say who: - An assistant who was a former Duke player was with CTC. - This assistant coach was talking up Duke and how he enjoyed his experiences there. CTC did not like this "lack of loyalty" - CTC then left to go compose himself. He came back and Kyrie's father asked a question. - In response to this question, there was back and forth between CTC and the assistant. Basically having an argument in front of Kyrie and his family. - At that point, the Irving's decided IU is not the place for them. - All the other stories (CTC blowing up the bathroom, etc.) are not true.
  5. Unacceptable - it wasn't brought up on the podcast, but I don't think CTC was recruiting Romeo at all either!
  6. Also, when Crean was still there, the Watford's called and said they wanted to come to Hoosier Hysteria (his sophomore year I believe). IU never even called back.
  7. Hoosier Hysterics is an awesome podcast overall. This one is especially great. I love the insight Rabjohn provided because most insiders don't want to "bad mouth" former coaches and players. The parts I found most enlightening were CTC recruiting philosophy (or lack there of), Sampson years, and IU administrations lack of respect to athletics. I would definitely consider this a must listen.
  8. Lol I'm on my phone and I thought it was a lacrosse stick!
  9. I appreciate your input because when I was a student the last thing I thought to do was to go to a message board and provide feedback (especially with only a couple of weeks left)! But to play devil's advocate, can't you also say that the student section not being filled up displays more negativity than comments on a free message board? You say players on the current roster come out to these forums and find negativity. They can also look up at the 16 minute media time out and see the student section half full. What kind of message does that send? Also if there are any past, current, or future IU players reading this, please know we love you! Any criticism you see is because we want you to succeed so we can enjoy watching you! Also for @IUStudent2 and any other soon to be grads, please pick up the book 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey. Habit #1 - Be proactive, not reactive, and take responsibility for your life. You're going to come across a lot of negative people and situations in life. You have the freedom to choose your response. Finally, hi Mom and welcome!
  10. If the only way IU can become a top level program again is to cheat and fans approve and recommend of that strategy, then I'll just have to find a new hobby. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -MLK Jr.
  11. It's a slippery slope. Once I get to about 10-12 beers, I start to forget the proper strategy. I've got the right and the ace in my hand, but I mix up the playing order and fail to play the right to draw out the left before I play the ace. I'll never live that down.....
  12. It was fun and all to have a low rated recruit ball out, but then you have many more misses that can really hamper a roster. Priller and Gelon most recently.
  13. A Kansas assistant was on tape talking with a rep from Adidas. The Adidas rep says that Zion and his family wanted "occupational opportunities", cash, and living arrangements. It was denied into evidence so we don't really know the full context. I find it rather odd that an Adidas rep is on tape saying his family wanted a house and Zion chose Duke (Nike) where his family lives in a million dollar home. I thought I saw somewhere that the house is owned by a prominent Duke grad, but I can't find it.
  14. I have a hard time believing that Adidas was bidding against itself.
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