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  1. How about this Brooks instead of the other??? UNC's Garrison Brooks enters the portal. https://247sports.com/college/virginia/Article/Garrison-Brooks-NCAA-transfer-portal-North-Carolina-Tar-Heels-Hubert-Davis-163932418/ Go Hoosiers!!!
  2. So if Brunk comes back is it 1? I count 12 players if he does. So only one spot open right? Go Hoosiers!!!
  3. Who posted that? That totally makes sense if true. Go Hoosiers!!!
  4. Haven't lived in Indiana in over 25 years. Everywhere I go wearing my IU gear people ask me about IU basketball. Not about IU academics, football, soccer or swimming. Just about IU Basketball. We may not have lived up to expectations but people out of state expect us to be title contenders outside of Indiana. Go Hoosiers!!!
  5. 5 minute scoring droughts. Go Hoosiers!!!
  6. Maybe the stars are aligning for IU. 🤔🤔🤔 Go Hoosiers!!!
  7. I like the outside the box thinking but... Larry Legend makes a hell of a lot more sense. Go Hoosiers!!!
  8. So anyone else email Dolson and get a response today? I did and was suprised to get a reply. I'm sure it was a form letter sent to every other fan emailing their frustrations but at least I know someone saw it at IU. If you haven't emailed your displeasure and want a change you should... email Dolson. athldir@indiana.edu Go Hoosiers!!!
  9. If we lose out the season I have a really hard time seeing Archie survive. Sad. Go Hoosiers!!!
  10. Sadly that's probably likely. Just look at our remaining games. Where are the wins going to come from? Go Hoosiers!!!
  11. Funny you should bring this up. Except for the major sports most college athletes are not on full rides. Those partial scholarships don't go far. With a full class loads and practice/events a kid has limited part time job options if mom and dad can't help with the tab. The change will give them a chance to make a few dollars(not talking huge money here but there will be marketing opportunities). Go Hoosiers!!!
  12. Guess we'll see the freshman again when we down double digits. Go Hoosiers!!!
  13. One FG in first 7 minutes. SMH Go Hoosiers!!!
  14. MSU plays Thursday and next Sunday. So I doubt either school would want to squeeze in a Tuesday game. With so many missed conference games the B1G might be better off passing on the B1G tournament and just filling the week with makeup games. 🤷‍♂️ Go Hoosiers!!!
  15. I don't disagree man. All I was saying is another school is not luring kids away from us by sayin our fans are mean. Those coaches are pointing out our poor shooting, half court offense confusion, player development, no tournament appearances, etc... And 50 in the NET sounds high to get back on topic. 🤔🤔🤔 Go Hoosiers!!!
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