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  1. They can't now but this would open the door for them to make money by doing them. Sure volunteering for some happens but have you sent any kids to a sports camp lately? It's not cheap. If the athletes are helping bring in kids to a camp then they absolutely deserve a cut. And this is big school small sports not just small schools that this impacts. All athletes. Go Hoosiers!!!
  2. Small schools still have followings don't they? And again I'm not talking some national ad. This is like small time community stuff. If a new golf store opened in the town and they wanted to pay the top golfer on the team to come out and give tips kinda thing. Is that unheard of now? Yep. Maybe it is only because it's not allowed. I think you would see plenty of these small opportunities for athletes. Might sound like small potatoes to some but to others its not. Go Hoosiers!!!
  3. There aren't overseas options for every sport. And female pro sports are rare. Stop focusing this on basketball. And forget about commercials and big sponsors this bill is not just about them. Here's another example since you don't seem to see how the others given would help athletes... Take the tennis team. Very few of the kids are going pro. And no they don't have a ton of notoriety. So let's say the local golf and tennis club wants to have a Summer camp for kids. Under the current rules athletes couldn't be paid to come and give instructions or even a talk to the camp. But lift the ban and that tennis club owner might hire say 3 or 4 players for the job. The tennis club owner then can promote the event and is able to say he has IU's top tennis stars to help. To a little kid that can be huge to be taught by a college player. Again this might not be a lot of money but again they would at least be able to earn from their sport. Go Hoosiers!!!
  4. You're right no gun to the head. But to many of these kids sports is the only way to attend college to make a better life for themselves. Kids from poor/bad neighborhoods that have no future without the opportunity. You're not against that surely? And please explain how this wouldn't help small sport/school athletes. We've given numerous examples on ways these kids could earn a few bucks. No it's not millions like the basketball players. However making a hundred bucks coaching a camp goes a long way when your family is dirt poor. I get that you think the players are selfish for wanting more. I used to think that as well but once you look at the big picture you see how wrong and unfair the current system is to all athletes. Go Hoosiers!!!
  5. You are right with that in some regards. The big schools do have basketball and football athletes that do get all of that and more. But what you don't mention is all the small sport teams(especially at small schools)that don't have this life of luxury. And not every college athlete is on a full scholarship. My daughter ran in high school and received a couple partial offers to run at a couple smaller schools. The amount offered would have barely covered her books. A lot of people make the argument well they can get a job and... I worked through college so can they to pay their bills, etc... That may sound good but these athletes are required to spend countless hours practicing and traveling to games. Then thrown in classes. Not too many people could handle a job and be successful in class and on the field. To me this comes down to what's fair for all college athletes. The NCAA dropped the ball on this a long time ago. And if they don't address this soon and make changes then states are going to change the system for them. Go Hoosiers!!!
  6. If you read comments from some of the politicians pushing the bill in California this is not all about the big money athletes and sports. A lot of it has to do with the small sport athletes that can't earn money. Like the swim team member that can't coach swimming during the offsseason and get paid. It's about all the lesser athletes that will have no pro careers that are not able to make a few bucks while in school. The window for making money is very small for these kids. Also consider female athletes. What pro sports options do they have after college? Not near as many as men so again their window for earning off their sport is small. The NCAA should have fixed this years ago and made allowances for certain ways for athletes to earn. But they did nothing and now they are going to pay a huge price. Go Hoosiers!!!
  7. I dunno if that's the right label but both votes in California have been unanimous. As far as the NCAA goes... I have mixed feelings. Sure March madness and other tournaments are awesome but I have about had it with them not enforcing their own rules or passing down punishments when they are deserved. Because of the almighty dollar the big schools will always get off easy. So to me blowing it up and starting all over doesn't sound all that bad. Go Hoosiers!!!
  8. I think you missed that discussion. California is just the start. I think most agree once it passes there other states will follow. A couple lawmakers in South Carolina just announced they are working on a bill. Go Hoosiers!!!
  9. I never said anything about a booster not opening a company. Must've been someone else. But again that kinda of thing is already going on today if you ask me. So I'm not worried about increased cheating. Go Hoosiers!!!
  10. There will be no need to hide or launder money to pay players under the table. It won't be illegal. If Nike tells player A we will pay you 500k to wear our shoes and go to UK. That player can go to Addidas and say I like IU can you match that? No rules broken when this thing passes. The money laundering and illegal activities you speak of are already happening. And its rampant. And the NCAA continues to let it happen because those are the same schools making them money. Go Hoosiers!!!
  11. Yep. But I have the feeling if colleges are required to pay athletes and classify them as employees we will see small sports eliminated all together. And I'm not a fan of making players employees. I was just saying that may be the only way to keep college athletics fair if the endorsement thing happens. Go Hoosiers!!!
  12. No class = no play and no paycheck. I dunno the answer. I'd hope we stick to any athlete having to pass classes to play. But we already see that rule bent. 2nd semester players that are not going to class because they are going pro or my favorite... the UNC paper classes. But yes taxes will be taken out for any endorsement deals or as a paid employee. Go Hoosiers!!!
  13. But how is that any different than what the big programs are already doing now? At least with making endorsement deals legal other schools could compete for athletes. Go Hoosiers!!!
  14. Good point about the NBA and limits. I got the feeling the only way to make this work is if athletes become paid employees and there is a salary structure. I don't know how else the NCAA could regulate anything unless they do. Go Hoosiers!!!
  15. How so? What other cheating do you forsee that isn't already happening? To me these schools(and a couple others) are grabbing the majority of high profile players already. It's near impossible to win a recruitment battle against these guys unless there is a state or family tie to a school. I don't think this endorsement deal helps them at all. If anything it may even hurt them and give other schools a better chance. Go Hoosiers!!!
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