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  1. I know there are a lot of games left but this is kinda a make or break kinda game. Barring a collapse(injuries, etc...) from some other team... Nebraska is our weakest opponent and best chance to win on the road. Plus a loss would be a bad loss since they are way down in the NET rankings(161 I think). We played terrible against them the 1st time and won so I don't think we need a great game to win. Just have to stay focused for 40 minutes and we win. 63-59 IU wins. Go Hoosiers!!!
  2. Yes you switched to "wings hitting 3s" and we were talking about whether IU had highly touted guards. Lol But whatever. Bottomline is our shooting sucks from the outside. Archie can't shoot it for them but he better start doing something to get them to improve. Thats his job. That and recruit better at the guard spot. Oh and I'd take Carton in heartbeat if he wants to transfer. Go Hoosiers!!!
  3. What does that have to do with Archie not being able to land a highly touted guard? I mean yea I agree with your statement but your changing the subject. Go Hoosiers!!!
  4. Who was highly recruited though? Other than Phinisee maybe. Armaan was a 3 star and I don't remember us battling anybody for Damezi. Sure they may turn out good by year 3 or 4 but that wasn't my point. CAM has missed on all of the highly recruited guards and that is what's baffling. I will agree thay none are living up to expectations. Go Hoosiers!!!
  5. Well he's a forward and we are talking guards so... Or are you bringing him up because CAM should have been focusing on landing a guard instead of wasting his time on him? Go Hoosiers!!!
  6. Looks like recruits to me. Go Hoosiers!!!
  7. Not really. CAM's missed on several highly rated guards that would have been starting day one. Rob is the only one of CAM's guard recruits that has proven his worth. Damezi and Armaan wouldn't see the floor at any other Power 5 school. Maybe by year 3 or 4 they end up as solid backups but both have a lot of work to do. Go Hoosiers!!!
  8. We moved down to #47 in the NET rankings. That's bubble territory. There are a lot of games left but a Nebraska loss would really hurt our chances of making the dance. Go Hoosiers!!!
  9. The guards absolutely get open looks. They did last year as well. The offensive system works but not having a guard that can throw it in the ocean kills us. If I was a top high school guard I'd be jumping at the chance to play in that offense. I'm baffled why CAM can't land one. Go Hoosiers!!!
  10. Devonte says, "Hold my beer". Go Hoosiers!!!
  11. Why did we recruit Damezi again? My hope's of him being a solid contributor the next 2 years have been crushed. That form of his is awful. I really hope CAM brings in a shooting coach to work with him and the other guards next Summer. Go Hoosiers!!!
  12. At least we drew iron and backboard on the inside. Lol Go Hoosiers!!!
  13. This is one we should have won but when you can't shoot from outside this is gonna happen. Go Hoosiers!!!
  14. I posted this last night. He isn't even in the 2021 draft projections that I've seen(which is suprising). TJD would really have to come up big the rest of the year to even sniff the 1st round in 2020. Which if he did it probably means IU finished with a really good season so there is that. I am with you though and see him here 3 years. Go Hoosiers!!!
  15. I don't see TJD on any of the NBA mock drafts for this year or next. If he's planning on making the jump he'll need to start turning heads asap. He's getting no love. Go Hoosiers!!!
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