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  1. Yep with so many cases here in the US it would be hard. As cases decline I'd think it more possible though. Which if the Presidents are scared of lawsuits now then sports may be doomed. Just curious have there ever been lawsuits in the past with players or workers who maybe got a virus and died or had issues later? I mean I get suing for food poisoning or asbestos and the like but we are talking about a virus that we have very little control over. Go Hoosiers!!!
  2. Here's an interesting read on tracing that was done in China. https://www.newsweek.com/china-superspreader-travel-elevator-1517320 So I suppose you could trace where a player got it. Go Hoosiers!!!
  3. First off... so sorry for your loss. My point was people's disregard for their own health in most instances leads to the main cause of their lives ending sooner. Smoking leads to poor lungs which leads to a weakened immune system which leads to a shorter lifespan. Yes covid "finished off" but it wouldn't have if living healthy lifestyle. I do think your grandmother's case is different and hope you won. Go Hoosiers!!!
  4. But just having students and staff on campus poses a risk even with masks and social distancing. If they were truly concerned about the well being of students and staff their stance would have been online courses and no campus housing. I'm not for that btw but just saying it should be all or nothing. Go Hoosiers!!!
  5. I asked that very same question yesterday. Talk about a mixed signal. Go Hoosiers!!!
  6. lol much better. This is 2020 so I expect nothing to happen that makes sense. With regards to money... sure he doesn't need it but neither do guys like Ewing, Hardaway and Morgan to name a few. IU would put Miller on a much bigger stage than Memphis. Maybe that would interest him. Plus his son seems to have a good relationship with Archie. It probably is a long shot but I'd talk to him if I was Archie.
  7. That sounds like an absolute to me.
  8. I doubt it. Nothing will have changed really. Smaller group of athletes is all. The presidents will use the same reasoning. Go Hoosiers!!!
  9. Why rush to fill the job when the season is probably over before it starts? That athletic budget just lost a poop ton of money today. Will there even be HS games to watch future recruits? I say this tongue in cheek but I wouldn't be shocked if this spot stays open until we know if there will be a season. Go Hoosiers!!!
  10. If I started smoking when I was 15 and continued smoking until I was 70 and then get Covid and died... My dumbass died from smoking!!! Likewise if I ate McDonald's everyday then get Covid and died...my unhealthy dumbass died from a poopy diet. Not trying to sound heartless here but maybe if people would take responsibility for their own daily health in the 1st place they would be fairing better. I personally know 3 people that have had Covid. All recovered although the one that is overweight and does not live a healthy/active lifestyle suffered for a month in the hospital. Sure some people are born with conditions that make them susceptible. They(along with the elderly) are they ones we need to isolate and help. Go Hoosiers!!!
  11. So why open dorms and have in person classes? Why is that not a liability to the Presidents opening campuses all over the country? If the long term ramifications and liability is the factor why are they ignoring the health of students, professors and others on campus? Go Hoosiers!!!
  12. Having a Spring football season is a pipe dream. And so is having a basketball season now. If the presidents are fearful now they still will be come January. Bad decision if you ask me. Oh well guess I don't have to worry about paying for BTN for the year. Just put a lot of people out of work. Go Hoosiers!!!
  13. The way I look at it is athletes will have lots of extra time without practice/workouts/games. Instead of being somewhat isolated for those hours each day now each player is out and about like the rest of us. And knowing teenage/college kids I can guarantee they won't be home alone in their dorms. I could see Covid numbers actually increasing among athletes if sports seasons are cancelled. All the regular testing, extra safety precautions and coaches and staff monitoring things go away when seasons get cancelled. Go Hoosiers!!!
  14. It was on the History channel this past May. Worth a watch if you can find it on demand or a repeat. Go Hoosiers!!!
  15. They probably will but they shouldn't. Taking away sports will not stop or slow down Covid. Go Hoosiers!!!
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