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  1. Yes. I think I read somewhere he’s playing on the eybl circuit this year.
  2. Maybe they’ll just go while still being drunk from the night before.
  3. Wonder if it was Doyle that asked that question and why Archie answered the way he did....
  4. So is this a quad 1 win by over 10 so really helps us right?
  5. Lol. Nope. I’m with them till the end of line.
  6. I’m sure it would be difficult to get a straight answer anyway since it is NCAA
  7. I’m not 100% on this and probably shouldn’t speak on this without looking it up. I think they can come and talk to them but I don’t think they can work with them. At least not during the season. Just like Archie can’t bring in like a professional person to work on shooting form or something like that. I think they have to do it with the staff or on their own.
  8. Because offense is easy. Defense is about want to. You have to want to play defense. Not all players have that.
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