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  1. They both seemed to be moving fine yesterday when they were swimming with dolphins.
  2. Because this is the roster we had for that. https://www.usab.com/3x3/3x3-national-teams-men/roster.aspx
  3. Oh yeah you’re right. I forgot about that. My fault.
  4. That could quite possibly be one of the biggest Olympic comeback stories in a while. She’s 24 now I think she would be around 27 at the next Olympics and to come back and be dominate again in gymnastics at that age would be quite impressive in my opinion.
  5. Could be. I just know the way gymnastics works in the Olympics it’s a four person team but you can only send three people per event or apparatus or whatever it’s called and all three scores count. Obviously she was going to do all events and she probably would have been awful and that would have probably cost them the medal because she was in her feelings and would have most likely fallen a lot…you get the idea.
  6. I mean I guess but she was last to go for the team on the vault and she scored the lowest out of all of them which actually put them in the hole they had to climb out of in the first place. With her quitting or pulling out or whatever she did probably actually saved the team getting a medal. If she really didn’t have it today and would have kept falling or whatever she probably would have actually cost the US getting a medal.
  7. I’m not going to copy and paste out of respect to both boards but if you go look now he says he thought it was between IU UNC but Syracuse was in the lead the whole time.
  8. Not that it matters these days, but Syracuse does already have a top 30 player that plays the same position as Justin.
  9. This is awesome. I told my best friend way back when he committed TJD may turn into one of the people’s favorite Hoosier’s. Might not be the best but he has always seemed to love IU and has always seemed to promote his love for being here. Hopefully some in the portal get swayed to run it back as well.
  10. So lander is in another group shot of this meeting and Armaan is in that same picture but hidden by Brunk. Some other poster in a different thread found him. I don’t remember which one. Sorry.
  11. Who knows. It’s the ncaa. They might not even pass the one time transfer rule for all we know.
  12. Actually technically no. That rule hasn’t passed yet. They are voting on that this weekend at the final four meeting. So as of right now all transfers have to sit a year unless they get a waiver.
  13. Nope not long at all. I’ve done it numerous times. Really boring though.
  14. I know he wants to be closer to home, but I’m wondering if it’s UE closer to home or IU closer to home.
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