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  1. Good on him for telling the truth that neither he nor anybody else really knows.
  2. Ah. Gotcha. I wasn’t sure what he was doing these days after he left rivals. Thanks!
  3. Where’d you see that? I checked nick’s Twitter feed and didn’t see it. Also I know he created quite the buzz several months back with a now deleted tweet about it was a lock or something like that about Trey not coming here. I know that tweet and discussion is somewhere in this thread.
  4. I think the fact of the matter is nobody knows but Trey and his mom, and don’t think anybody else will until Friday. I feel confident CAM and ostrom did everything they could to get him to choose us. If he does great. If not yes it will suck kick in the gut any other adjective you want to use for suckage but it’s his decision and we will have to accept it. I hope he does pick us though.
  5. I’m not real sure where this guy came from or how connected he really is. Go look back at all his picks. He didn’t start picking basketball until September. He was previously was all about football recruiting. It seems like rivals was left scrambling when Eric Bossi went to 247 sports and Corey Evans went to work of the OKC thunder. All that said he still could pick Purdue. I sure hope he doesn’t.
  6. Yeah I’d be careful with what you believe from over there. They had someone saying Lander to Louisville was a lock. We all saw how that turned out.
  7. I know we shouldn’t rely on crystal ball picks because for the most part they are just guessing, and I like to listen to our insiders here versus the crystal ball pick. With that being said Peegs switching to a high confidence pick seems somewhat significant. I don’t know how long the crystal ball has been around, but out of the whole time Peegs has only done a pick 11 times. It appears he only picks when he knows he is going to be right. All that being said trey could easily pick Purdue. I hope he doesn’t but he could.
  8. The weird thing about that flip if you look at the history of his pick. He picked IU today and then flipped to Purdue....today....
  9. So Rabby just published an interview with Trey about his upcoming decision. It’s behind a paywall, of course, so I have no idea if any good information was said or if it was all generic answers.
  10. Please. You know our fan base. Of course Archie will get blame.
  11. Ha yep. I saw that too. There’s another post on that site from a guy who claims to be in the know that said Trey to IU is already a done deal.
  12. Nick Fury is who you are thinking of.
  13. No. The deadline already passed for them to change their mind.
  14. https://247sports.com/college/basketball/recruiting/Article/Trey-Kaufman-decision-set-Indiana-Indiana-State-North-Carolina-Purdue-Virginia-Kaden-Cooper-Nate-Barnhart-Wyoming-Elijah-Thomas-153305532/ Eric Bossi formally of Rivals now of 247 sports if you don’t want to read basically says if he had to pick he’d pick IU but he really has no idea.
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