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  1. It’s a testament to the history this program built that it can still draw ratings and support. The apathy I feel and that I’m hearing from what I consider die-hard fans is stunning. It’s hard not to feel that we’re a bunch of pawns in some sick game. If we’re such a great and supportive fan base, why isn’t there more of a sense of urgency to get this right by the brass?
  2. Hello Hoosier Nation! Longtime lurker. Being on the east coast, this site has been a way to stay connected to the fan base and keep a pulse on the program. In fact, every game, I refresh the thread to follow along with comments of the game, as if I'm watching it with friends (sounds kind of sad...right?). Anyway, like most, I have been thinking about the program a lot. I think we are seeing a very unfortunate, somewhat combustible situation happening with the program and fan base. On one hand, we have what I believe to be a good, young coach, who does need several years to create a culture, re
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