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  1. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Yes would love to know if you’re able to share mile!
  2. Northwestern Postgame Thread

    Love this news mile!! So happy to see the guys keep us in the game with 2 of our starters out for most of the first half! Amazing run in the second half. Looking like things are finally clicking for the guys under CAM’s tutelage!
  3. Who is missing from this list?

    Very cool Rico. Thanks for sharing!
  4. It’s great to dream though and when the light goes on for the team as a whole...
  5. Vote for CAM

    I voted!
  6. Minnesota post game thread

    I get frustrated with the team but I just can’t not watch and cheer for my Hoosiers! Great win!!
  7. Hoosiers In the NBA

    guidelive.com has an article about Yogi getting his own burger! The yogimania is a 1/3 lb cheeseburger with bacon, a fried egg and siriracha mayo! Will be first sold at Mavericks game on 1/5! Sorry tried to link story but I’m not that savvy 😔
  8. What Makes Indiana?

    Sorry my bad! I didn’t read your through your question fully. The miraculous run to the title game in 2002. I remember the excitement all through Northern Indiana, from the weather person who was an IU grad to the newspaper caption which read “Does that glass slipper come in crimson?!” The superhuman effort that AJ Moye used to block Boozler’s shot to seal the victory for IU, that is what I think is the epitome of IU basketball.
  9. What Makes Indiana?

    Basketball, round barns, John Dillinger, are some of the things I think of!
  10. Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks so much for allowing me to learn from all of you!!
  11. IPFW Game Thread

    Mee too!
  12. GAMEDAY: IU v ND

  13. CAM Radio Show 12/7

    Thanks Snowling!
  14. OT Be Thankful

    Praying for you and all who loved your friend. And yes, we all need to remember to be kinder to and more understanding of one another.
  15. SC State Player Collapsed

    Praying for him. And yes, puts the outcome of our game in perspective!