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  1. I chewed 5 pieces last night! Will chew more on Sunday.
  2. Great win!! I did my part by chewing arctic grape icebreakers all throughout the game!
  3. Continuing to pray!! I believe that attitude counts for a lot and both you and Ayden have great attitudes!!
  4. I still think Phinisee is not 100% because he was one of our best defenders and very confident on the floor. Waiting to see how the season finishes and what happens with our new recruits next year.
  5. Great to see our team play with effort and heart!! This is IU basketball!
  6. Yes jbaz13, I agree that we need to see how the year plays out and I also agree about something going on with Phinisee. I think we care so much about IU basketball that it’s hurtful and frustrating to us when players just quit and seemingly don’t care—at least that is what comes across.
  7. I’m trying really hard to root for this team but finding myself screaming at the TV then wondering how the team continues to look so lost.
  8. Happy 2020! Praying for a great new year for all of us, including IU basketball!!
  9. Praying it works out for you all! Our youngest had 7 1/2 years of HGH shots daily and grew 7 inches beyond her projected final height which made all the difference in her quality of life!
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