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  1. hoosierfan615

    Recruiting Momentum?

    Love reading your articles TDH! Thank you for all you bring to HSN!
  2. hoosierfan615

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Thanks for all your incredible news stories about our Hoosiers. Much appreciated and yeah, I think you have Kravitz beat by a mile!!
  3. hoosierfan615

    HSN site

    Infiltrated the basketball forum again...
  4. hoosierfan615

    HSN site

    Appreciate all that you do mods!! Love the fact that we are privileged to have a free site to talk and share about our teams and interests!!!
  5. hoosierfan615

    HSN site

    Hey guys, Have you noticed the site being infiltrated with spam? Imagine my surprise seeing all Chinese characters making our beloved site unreadable. Thanks in advance for working on this problem
  6. hoosierfan615

    Challenge to HSN. Give me words that....

    Know and no, knew and new
  7. hoosierfan615


    Thanks for clarifying seeking! When I posted earlier, I meant to say that Zach doesn’t need but a couple classes to stay eligible so a scholly isn’t necessary for him to keep playing with the team. By “done” I meant his degree not his playing days at IU 😃
  8. hoosierfan615


    Haha, I meant that he was done with the academic portion of IU. I believe that he still has a year of eligibility left that’s why he is still on our team. Next year he will do his senior speech...hopefully with a lot more games to be played in March!!
  9. hoosierfan615


    Hey, I just saw several Instagram pictures where McRoberts is in his cap and gown with Rojo, Priller, Newkirk and Freddie! I didn’t know Zach was graduating. Is that why he didn’t get the scholarship from CAM because he is done?! I know he didn’t use all his eligibility up when he transferred from Vermont to IU.
  10. hoosierfan615


    Thanks for another great article TDH! I agree about Zach’s heart and attitude towards the team. We are very blessed to have him!!
  11. hoosierfan615

    Romeo Langford

    Happened several times to me too! Thank goodness it was after I saw the livestream of Romeo putting on the IU hat and announcing for the Hoosiers!!! Thanks everyone for pinning up the link to the live stream for all of us!
  12. hoosierfan615

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

  13. hoosierfan615

    Cody Zeller Season in Review

    Thanks again for an informative article TDH! Cody is one of my favorite players!!
  14. hoosierfan615

    Troy Williams Season in Review

    Very entertaining TDH! Great clip too!
  15. hoosierfan615

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Yes! Pacers lead series 2-1!!