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  1. Really glad to see the name change with the other sports forum!! Totally epitomizes Snowling and his love for all IU sports!
  2. Indykev I love your profile picture honoring snowling!
  3. Oh wow! Praying for snowling’s family. He was such a great fan and contributor for IU sports.
  4. Yes, definitely miss Mile as well as CC. Praying HTD is doing well.
  5. Sorry Badgervol! I’m so sorry you weren’t able to coach your son. The reactions of your AD and the families really speak highly of your character and of your coaching. I’m sure your son sees this as well.
  6. Love your heart Al! This season would have turned out different if all your teammates exhibited the same amount of heart and tenacity you did! God bless you in whatever you decide to do next!
  7. Feel bad for Al. He played his heart out and even though he’s made his share of dumb plays, you always knew he gave it everything he had. Wished this had been a senior day for him to celebrate.
  8. Al is playing his heart out! Feel bad that he has to go out this way.
  9. Thanks loviubb! You are right. We all want IU to be great again. We care, that’s why we are so disappointed and upset right now.
  10. I could be wrong but Rob has NOT been the same player after his concussion and injuries. He really looked good as a freshman.
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