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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. Mile!
  2. WOW! Praying for her. I can’t even...
  3. Praying for both you and Scott BGleas!!
  4. Maybe but Gov Holcomb will be addressing the May 1st deadline that day. With Cass county exploding, if they do open up after Friday, it will probably be a county by county decision.
  5. Praying for you Scott!
  6. Happy Birthday Bronkonagurski!🎂 Praying we will all see light at then end of this tunnel soon!
  7. I just binge watched all 6 episodes of Knight School on YouTube this morning into the afternoon. Enjoyed seeing the positive side of CBK in action!
  8. I just read an article from Inside the Hall that he is young for his class and that he will only be 18 his entire freshman year of collage ball. A lot of time for him to grow physically as well as mentally!
  9. Great to see you posting HTD! We miss you sir!
  10. Congratulations Scott! Praying you will see them soon!
  11. Praying for you Billingsley and for Ayden!
  12. Thanks for the game thread CC! Much needed laughs among the disappointments and uncertainty.
  13. Thanks so much Devonte and DeRon for your hard work and dedication to the team. Wished so much for you to experience the dance! Praying for the best for your futures going forward!!
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