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  1. Pulled pork freezes well and tastes great when reheated. Freeze in batches for you and her or use when you have guests!
  2. Glad you are all okay! Our friends garage with their 3 vehicles were demolished Monday along with part of their siding, the kids play area and the woods directly around their home. The brick house next to them was leveled 😢 Thankfully no one was hurt!
  3. Praying for him and his son!! And the families of both!
  4. Awe Billingsley99 you have been such a great poster and we love hearing about your Ayden as well. Please don’t let a few self-important people influence your posting. This is a free board and it’s posters like you that truly make it special and unlike any other space with which to discuss our Hoosiers and other sundry topics.
  5. Love this Billingsley99!! Have an amazing time celebrating your talented brave son! Thank you so much for sharing his story with us ❤️
  6. Wow, thanks for sharing JerseyHoosier! Loved the video!
  7. Wow, Cline is unconscious! What would have been if we had a consistent shooter...
  8. Love Zach’s play. He’s keeping us in the game right now!
  9. Really want the team to send Juwan out with a win to end to complete his career at IU so 1 down, 4 more games to go!!
  10. Praying little keet does well on Thursday and that you both, along with the rest of us, have a win to celebrate on Tuesday 😊
  11. PoHoosier, thanks for the perspective check. Praying for peace of mind and better days ahead for all of us!
  12. I agree! Can not understand why the coaches left him out as he was the heart of our team!!
  13. I agree. Very disappointed Juwan didn’t make it as he was extremely important to our team and we are trending upward!
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