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  1. Grad Transfers?

    I think that I read two of Vandy’s players were transferring so maybe they do?
  2. Remember when...

    I totally agree! Archie’s schemes got us a lot of open looks, we just didn’t have the shooters to take advantage of them...but we will next year!! and the team will be more comfortable with the defense as well. Go Hoosiers!!
  3. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I am already excited for our team next year because we will have shooters! to complement the defense that CAM is instilling in the team. This past season CAM’s schemes created a lot of open looks, we just couldn’t shoot. Next season we will have both a defense and an offense for opposing teams to contend with. Can’t wait!!
  4. Haas out for rest of tourny

    Hate to hear that!
  5. Think twice before you travel to Mexico.

    Wow Mile! So sad 😞
  6. Poll: Where will Romeo go?

    IU! The stars are aligning!!
  7. Vote for CAM

    Voted several times today 😊
  8. Vote for CAM

    Voted and still in 3rd.
  9. Vote for CAM

  10. One of the worst losses in IU history

    We ran into a buzz saw. Confidence is a big part of the game. And Rutgers made shots they normally don’t, not at that pace or percentage anyway. Very disappointing loss but I still feel that IU basketball has a bright future with CAM at the helm.
  11. IU vs Rutgers game thread.

    And Hartman just tied the game!
  12. IU vs Rutgers game thread.

    But we’re making our free throws!!!
  13. IU vs Rutgers game thread.

    Wow, just shows how much Juwan impacts our play!
  14. IU vs Rutgers game thread.

    So glad that they are playing their best now!!
  15. Vote for CAM

    Me too!