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  1. hoosierfan615

    Mobile? Or desktop?

    Usually mobile, via my iPad or my iPhone 😃
  2. hoosierfan615

    A few things...

    Yes thank you so much CoachSS and you too IUwins 0708 and all the rest of our insiders who bring so much to HSN!!
  3. hoosierfan615

    Where were you?

    I just led my class in the pledge of allegiance when my co-teacher handed me a note saying that a second plane crashed into the towers...
  4. hoosierfan615

    2018-19 summer workout videos

    I thought I saw that too!
  5. hoosierfan615

    Like Father, like Son?

    I remember going to the 3A finals and seeing Bruce and the RHS team lose in a double overtime loss, then staying to watch Jordan Hulls in the 4A final. We were surrounded by people waiting for the 4A finals and all were expressing how amazing the 3A final was. Such a heartbreaking loss for RHS but was so proud of them! We were seated one row behind the team (RHS), one of the few perks we got because my husband was the VP of the RHS school board at the time 😃
  6. hoosierfan615

    Weight loss motivational thread

    So sorry 3Ballin! Praying things will get better!
  7. hoosierfan615

    Weight loss motivational thread

    So glad to hear that you’re on the mend Rico! Praying for a full recovery!
  8. hoosierfan615

    OT: Larry Clisby

  9. hoosierfan615

    Weight loss motivational thread

    So sorry 3Ballin! Praying for you!
  10. hoosierfan615

    Hoosier Hysteria Date Set - 9/29

    I agree!!
  11. hoosierfan615

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Thanks Mile for all you do and contribute to this board! I so appreciate you and everyone else that gives us news about our Hoosiers!
  12. hoosierfan615

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Yes, really appreciate 0708 and coachSS so much for what they bring to all of us!!
  13. hoosierfan615

    Rising Suicide Rates

    So sad. Praying for your friend and her family and friends.
  14. hoosierfan615

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Wow, what a sweet thing to do Yogi!
  15. hoosierfan615

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Vic just won the NBA’s most improved player award!! Congratulations Vic! Well deserved!!