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  1. Really want the team to send Juwan out with a win to end to complete his career at IU so 1 down, 4 more games to go!!
  2. Praying little keet does well on Thursday and that you both, along with the rest of us, have a win to celebrate on Tuesday 😊
  3. PoHoosier, thanks for the perspective check. Praying for peace of mind and better days ahead for all of us!
  4. I agree! Can not understand why the coaches left him out as he was the heart of our team!!
  5. I agree. Very disappointed Juwan didn’t make it as he was extremely important to our team and we are trending upward!
  6. That was just what I was going to say!
  7. No worries! Happens to all of us. We are all united in pulling for our team though!! And again, so thankful that you share your wealth of knowledge and articles with us. We are very blessed to have you!!
  8. Love all your articles and analysis TDH but so happy your prediction of Illinois winning was wrong!
  9. Most first half points this season!! Finish strong boys!!
  10. So sad. Pancreatic cancer is awful, my mil died from it several years ago. Prayers for Alex and his family.
  11. According to another IU forum, this tweet is from keion’s father.
  12. Soo happy for the team!! Praying this is the start of a run to the dance!
  13. TDH, as always thank you so much for your insightful and pertinent articles! I really enjoy reading them! You add a lot to our community 😃
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