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  1. Not sure what year you were playing there or what schools you played for, but i would say these stories may be a bit of a stretch based off some pretty personal experience. Medora gets a bad rap, but i would say if you visited during the day and were respectful, you would find most Medorians to be kind and welcoming. Onto the documentary, I think they may have dwelled on some of the more sensational stories a bit, but they were just trying to earn a buck! I enjoyed watching it, if for no other reason than feeling like i was taking a walk down memory lane.
  2. Lots of fight left in this team! They could have easily mailed it in a month ago. Nice win in OT with no Juwan, Smith, and then Durham toward the end.
  3. I think you’re being sarcastic but maybe it is what this team needs? Probably too late, but something needs to change to light a fire under them. What if this alleged locker room scrum is the catalyst that propels them to a BTT run?
  4. I hope you are right. Said it earlier, that is one big thing this team is missing. I hoped all year Al would be that guy, but something is holding him back. Al definitely appears to have the most heart of anyone on this team and has the potential to be one of those guys we all look back on fondly as the spark.
  5. I agree with this, IU SCOTT. I’m sure its been repeated ad nauseum, but the type of player Archie needs to be successful is not the same type of guy that Crean was looking for and not many zebras can change their stripes. Also, i hear a lot of people that want great talent mixed with solid upperclassmen. These same people call for Miller’s head after a loss. You cant get to this if you cut bait after two years. With that said, i do scratch my head at some things the coach does, and he definitely shouldn’t be immune from criticism.
  6. Steubenhoosier, I just created an account because this was going through my head as you were typing that. Have been lurking forever, and had to sign up to quote your comment. Where is the player on the court that holds others accountable for poor plays? Where is the fiery role player that gets everyone to sack up and play in the midst of a 10-20 point run? When we tied the game up late and needed a defensive stand, where was our guy at the top of the key slapping the floor as they brought the ball up the floor? (Not a huge fan of that move, but i like the emotion involved). It seems to be non-existent with this team. Where is this teams AJ Moye? Thanks for this forum by the way, most enjoyable by far to lurk at.
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