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  1. Indiana usually gets like 12 non conference games per year. If the B1G goes to strictly conference games that means no tune up games before conference play. Could you imagine not playing since early March and your first game is against Michigan State. Talk about tough circumstances. Not sure how that would work with the NCAA tournament either.
  2. I'm biased but I'm going with Mike Shannon and John Rooney.
  3. MLB released the full 2021 schedule today. Little soon for that imo, but it's out there....
  4. I have not. I always go to see them when they play here in Terre Haute though. Usually a pretty good game between them and ISU.
  5. Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. I wish he was gonna be playing in Orlando but I understand why he isn't. Got a big contract year coming up and needs to be fully healthy to ball out and get the most money he can while he's young. Hopefully its with the Pacers.
  6. Thanks for that! Greatly appreciated. I need to get down there to watch a game.
  7. Does anyone know if he had been playing basketball at all before the last couple weeks. I know its been reported that a lot of NBA players didn't have access to any basketball courts or anything of the sort. So I'm not sure if he was in that boat or not. That could be a huge implication as well...
  8. I need some IU basketball. I had high hopes for the team after the win in the BTT. Now we have Lander and the boys coming in. I wanna watch some Indiana basketball. Don't care if its with fans or without.
  9. Cool video. Wish it was a little more in depth but it was good nonetheless.
  10. Used to love going to Gattis. Had one right up the road from me when I was growing up. Great place and I wish they never closed that store. I think the closest one is now in Martinsville, if that one is still open.
  11. This video brought to me to tears. Just like I did the day he walked back into AH.
  12. I'm pretty optimistic they'll have a season. Not sure they'll finish it, but I think they'll start. I'm curious what happens if a team has an outbreak. Do they just drop the team or what??
  13. I've only seen Hayden pitch once. It was in the state tournament in 2019 against West Vigo. He dominated most of the game. He gave up 2 but I'm pretty sure both were unearned. HIs slider is nasty. It's almost unhittable. Tons of swing and misses.
  14. I saw this somewhere else. But what do you guys think about how far this IU team could go in the NCAA tournament?? I'm gonna say elite 8 is the ceiling. Never know what IU team is gonna show up. If we get the IU team that showed up against Iowa, we can beat anyone.
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