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  1. Yes, Carter Murphy. His dad played at ISU. His grandpa and uncle are Steve and Culley DeGroote, also the coaches at WV. He's got some good baseball genes.
  2. West Vigo won their 19th straight game last night beating Northview 10-0. With the win, West Vigo finishes 10-0 in the WIC and wins back to back WIC championships. Played 6 games in the last 8 days and all were run rule victories. Beat Terre Haute North 13-3 Beat South Putnam 10-0 Beat Clay City 15-1 Beat Terre Haute South 10-0 and 10-0 Beat Northview 10-0 Supposed to play on the road tonight at Riverton Parke but I think it's gonna be rained out.
  3. I was at the IU-ISU game. It was a good game. IU finally got the bats going there in the 9th. Two huge homers that were absolute bombs. It was cool seeing a few local guys back at home playing for IU.
  4. Didn't get to play because of weather. We picked up Lebanon and lost 4-1. Couldn't get anything to fall but that's baseball. We've run ruled our last few opponents. Won 10-0 last night over Greencastle. We had a perfect game last week against North Vermillion. We run ruled Warren Central last Saturday. We haven't lost a WIC game since 2019. 2-0 in the conference right now. Our toughest games come against Edgewood and Northview. We play Bloomington South later this week.
  5. People need to quit getting their panties in a wad. Let the kids play. He didn't even really "pimp" it anyway. I've seen much worse than that. Don't like it? Pitch better. Who cares if a guy "pimps" a home run? They aren't hurting anyone except your ego.
  6. A couple games have been postponed already. I saw Yankees/Red Sox was postponed. Twins/Mariners was postponed as well.
  7. I quit watching after Evansville took the 7-1 lead. I couldn't watch anymore.
  8. That mound is a mess. They pulled off the top layer and tried another surface. That didn't work. Now it looks like they're trying to clear out the rubber pellets from under the mound. Weird. Not sure I'd want to continue on a mound that unstable.
  9. Looks like UE's mound is developing wrinkles. That seems pretty dangerous to me.
  10. Stahl loads the bases with a few walks and he's pulled after 1.1 innings.
  11. Umpires sure botched that. Yikes.
  12. Had a great chance to score in the first but a double play kills the chance.
  13. Yeah they tweeted out their CF camera suffered damage so they're down to one camera which is the one high above home. Can't see much at all.
  14. I have the Tennessee/Lipscomb game on my tv right now. I'll probably switch to IU once they start then put Tennessee on my laptop.
  15. Are you gonna watch tonight? I will since it's on ESPN+.
  16. Somone hinted at maybe his wife cheated on him. Said he's very religious and they usually try to save a marriage if they can. Usually an affair is the only thing that could end a marriage. Who knows.
  17. I hope Hayden starts next week in Terre Haute. I've wanted to see him. He played against my West Vigo teams and always dominated us. Would love to see him pitch in person again.
  18. They're playing so well right now. If they win on Friday night, they tie the SEC record for best start at 10-0. Could break it with a win on Saturday.
  19. West Vigo run ruled Marshall, IL last night 12-2 in 5 innings. Their game tonight was canceled because of rain. They play Friday night at Noblesville, and Saturday at Westfield and Western.
  20. I'm absolutely stunned they let Duke lose this game. Thought for sure they'd have Duke in the title game for K's last season.
  21. Tennessee won the first two games against Vanderbilt. Won Friday night 6-2 and won Saturday night 5-2. Vols pitching and defense has dominated the series so far. It was Tennessee's first series win in Nashville since 2009. Tennessee goes for the sweep tomorrow afternoon.
  22. No but I know where they are.
  23. West Vigo beats Casey-Westfield by a score of 10-4 this morning. Starting the season off right. Home opener is Monday against Marshall, IL.
  24. It was spring break for West Vigo. They started a little after 2pm.
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