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  1. You like XJ’s attitude? His ‘attitude’ is not a champion one. He can leave
  2. Attitude? Oh, so no longer someone with an uncommon opinion can defend themselves. What about the person with the opinion who wants to share more without getting antagonized. Y’all are brainwashed
  3. No, I have info obviously, just not a lot I want to publicly announce. I thought I’d start off with the obvious. Man, again, we really are this naive
  4. I mean, it’s pretty obvious though… so why are you out of touch? Did I make a point? Too sensitive.
  5. Out of this board. Our fanbase is becoming as degenerate as our society. This sucks
  6. Impressive sounding words? Ughh, basic vocabulary maybe? What in the world
  7. Well in today’s society it’s obviously implicit bias, right?
  8. Probably a Russian disinformation campaign
  9. Leaders recognize leaders, and our two associate head coaches are the bottom of the B1G. Expect no better than a top 7 finish next year
  10. I can't remember a roster truly this deep. Not sure if anyone is elite status other than TJD, although hopefully more will breakout. We have a whole club of guys that can play, boys. Competition for playing time should make everyone better. Loving it
  11. Ohh c'mon the fans determine, you know this... that's why I made the tread 😉
  12. Let’s get it.... Here’s mine: Lander Leal Geronimo Race TJD
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