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  1. I can't remember a roster truly this deep. Not sure if anyone is elite status other than TJD, although hopefully more will breakout. We have a whole club of guys that can play, boys. Competition for playing time should make everyone better. Loving it
  2. Ohh c'mon the fans determine, you know this... that's why I made the tread 😉
  3. Let’s get it.... Here’s mine: Lander Leal Geronimo Race TJD
  4. Adidas Nike whomever.. just please design ‘our’ brand- classic candy striped trim tops and bottoms with classic cut, not what we had this year. Alternate Jersey designed by kilroys
  5. I think it's very important that we present a detailed ladder-like, pay-structure. One in which gives opportunity to really reap from success in a 1-10 year plan- that your pay will be even more success-driven, in which at IU, once at certain levels of success, we have the money to scale up your rewards. I think it's the only way we entertain someone talented. Also, may give the university some security year 1-2 with financing Archie
  6. Why do you focus so much time on defense, when it’s the 1/2 of the game ‘without’ a manipulative (basketball, coordination, etc etc) ?
  7. I can’t imagine this being fun basketball to play for our boys. The margin of error on their shoulders d/t lopsided concentration on D is insane
  8. I’m not f****ng around, do we practice offense?
  9. Took until the 7:24 Mark to get our first good look out on the perimeter our offense is really bad guys and leaves half of the game for wider margin of error Crazy how much of emphasis Archie puts on D. It’s out of control. If you want the D to be your rock, fine, but not this much. You’re allocating too much time for practicing the part of the game where your team doesn’t have the manipulative (basketball)- all coordination and skill will be significantly skewed
  10. Absolutely ZERO offensive identity. Get me out of here, why do I keep watching
  11. Here we go LEAL is in.... should’ve happened 15 min ago If Galloway isn’t going to shoot our O crumbles
  12. Hope it’s not true, but what can I say, the kid never has struck me to be fully engaged ‘about the team’
  13. Anyone know why Hunters not dressed? Seems like Dakich has an inside scoop
  14. We shoot 62.5% from 3 70% behind the line 12 turnovers (not ‘significantly’ high) ... and 24-56 fg clear indication this ‘new’ offense is garbage. If TJD doesn’t draw fouls when he gets to his spot bc of positioning, we are screwed. We need more of a dynamic offense guys. Our players are so bad off the ball and it’s not their fault
  15. Right but then the defense sags and puts pressure on everyone else 🤷🏼‍♂️
  16. So, it begs the question, what does our rotation look like with Trey Galloway? The last few games our offense hasn’t moved the best with him, and kills us when they back off of him... love the guy and what he has done this year already, but do we win tonight with him playing heavy minutes? Thoughts?
  17. So how exactly are they working on controlling and taking care of the ball behind the scenes?
  18. My biggest knock on Rob is his court vision and ability to dish.. c’mon man ~if he’s not going to have that roll, then with a healthy Aarman, he shouldn’t start
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