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  1. Just don't see that being the case. If there is a "cancer" the only one I could see it being would be Davis since he is not seeing the floor very much. If either one of those players doesn't like Archie or doesn't like being coached by him I'm pretty sure they would have transfered at end of his first year as the coach. Its just funny how it seems everybody always lays the blame on the same players but has no real info to back it up, just 3rd or 4th hand information.
  2. I dont feel i look a everything in a negative light. Its just what I see when I have watched the last 2 1/2 years. In the past you could see players improve through the season and take another step forward the following year and then the following year and so on. Sorry but that just has not happened under this coaching staff. I'm not coming on here calling for anybody to be fired or to be kicked off the team like many others. It's what I see or as many say it doesn't pass the "eye test".
  3. Yea and everybody said Anderson could light it up, but haven't seen that happen yet. He's good at building houses
  4. Based on what I've seen the last three years i won't hold my breath. Who's going to work on his shot with him? Have you not seen how we shot now?
  5. Finally got to the end of this thread and to be honest its been quit comical. The same people who wanted the last coach gone are now defending this coach. I've one question. Name one player in the last 3 years that has improved from one year to another? I can't think of one player that has improved and that is on the the coach and coaching staff. Someone mentioned once Hunter gets another year and offseason under his belt he will be much better. What makes you think that?
  6. I know this is not going to go over very well, but here it goes anyways. I find it funny how reading thru these forums that pretty much everybody has turned against one player. Now I'm seeing another player being thrown around that shouldnt be playing or should get limited minutes. I'm wondering since these players are not worthy of playing time or for that matter shouldnt be on the team, does anyone even know what our record would be with out those 2 or even just 1 of them on the team, and what they have contributed throughout the year. I know, I know "but somebody else would have stepp
  7. No need for that. This is the biggest reason I never posted up until the other day and now i will go back to that. My opinion isnt in the majority. I will just keep slamming my head against the wall every time I watch a game, which will be Tuesday night. Hopefully they play better or the coach can figure out how to get more points on the board. I hope I'm wrong and something turns around but right now all I see is a mid major coach getting mid major results playing in the BigTen.
  8. Morgan, Green, Davis and Mcroberts are the only players left from Crean. Durham, Smith and Moore all decommitted when Crean was fired. Archie chose to rerecruit those players and they decided to commit. So those are his players.
  9. So that NIT team that didnt exceed expectations was the coaches fault right? But now this team with 2 potential NBA players underachieving and it's the players fault? Ok got it!
  10. This is not a rebuild! That is a poor excuse. The previous coach had a rebuild. This coach did not come into a situation with only 2 returning players that were walk-ons.
  11. So let get this straight. The only reason IU is playing like crap and cant score is all because of 1 player or that players dad. Not because of the coaching?? Ok.
  12. On this this board prior to the start of last season I would always see it was the coaches fault for the team losing. I remember reading many of posts where posters would say if there was any other coach they would make the tournament or even a couple of years win the championship. Now that the team is really struggling the coach has nothing to do with it. Apparently it's the players now or to be more specific just one player, or maybe just that players dad that has made this team unbearable to watch. It cant be that the offense is atrocious. I dont want to hear that if we only had
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