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  1. Blackford won 62-53 ...brown had 33 and I counted 5 assists
  2. Agreed ...get an extra ribeye med rare for me please and thanks....enjoy the weekend !
  3. Line was around the building at 4 for a 5pm door opening 6pm jv tip ...only letting 1950 in and its senior night so hope you’re here if you’re coming
  4. True but it’s still fun and distracts me between iu road losses 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. I thought wabash was extremely good last year ...sounds like this one could be a shootout if anyone other than brown is making shots
  6. Not pulled in for snow day make ups ?! Good for you ...have a good End to your long weekend my friend
  7. Well thanks for taking the time to do that ! Really well done ...also glad to know I’m not the only one that watches college and high school basketball film during work hours 😂
  8. I think he’s just far and away our best and most consistent guard ...which could make your observation absolutely correct and the rest of our back court is SO bad and inconsistent he looks better
  9. Did you pull all those out of game film and link them yourself ?!
  10. Now THATS interesting ....is that a scenario where she thought you’d enjoy it and was encouraging you to do something fun or is she in tune enough with sports that she was doing it as a form of cruel punishment ?
  11. For whatever reason he thought you were taking a shot at him ...when I pointed out you weren’t he said he was sorry so he must have just read it wrong
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