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  1. Understood ...had to leave at 4 for Blackford game so didn’t get to watch till late last night ...looked exactly like last year ...tough but middle of the road team took away our number one option and everyone else looked lost ...had stretches during FSU that reminded me of last year also , couldn’t even get the ball in bounds for a good stretch ....super jekyl and Hyde because when we are on and energetic we are tough luke had 31 and ten plus assists and only played 24 minutes ( sat all but one minute of the fourth ) ....7 points and 7 assists in 3rd quarter when the lead pushed to 50
  2. I think that post is as much a testament to bob knight as it is Luke brown. Brody was the real deal as far as your prototypical kid with all the ability and none of the size. He was an Indiana story and of course coach Knight would be there to take notice. Coach Knight would have visited Blackford and probably would have done the same as he did with Brody at Union ( not offered but created good Will just in case)
  3. Not sure anyone can be the next Damon ...but kids full potential depends on physical growth
  4. A little premature ...but purely out of curiosity ...does anyone recall a player leading the State in scoring AND assists in the same season ? I looking at the ihsaa list of yearly scoring leaders none stood out as being clear cut in that department. You guys think of anyone ?
  5. Right ...not required ...but then the argument is “ it’s not necessary “ I still haven’t found a valid argument as to why doing it would be a negative or anything other than beneficial . Even if it only works once every ten years or once every 1000 kids ...it’s still a plus
  6. That is true ...but I would also argue that’s more an accurate stereotype for the top notch recruits ...I think they are making the Argument about The kids outside the top 150 that aren’t getting attention but could develop by their upper class years
  7. I mentioned earlier that was one cogent argument I heard about false hope but I think you’re comparing apples to oranges a little and ...further ...I have a different take on the business model ....I think recruiting would be more akin to soliciting a service and having lists of cold calls to make ( which all of us get and hate ) you’re given a list of kids who don’t check all your boxes but still are performing or getting attention and those are now your “ leads “ . Recruiting you have to get as many people as possible to want to be with you ....you can’t take them all but having too many options is better than having too few. Careful wording is important but I would absolutely like to see them make a point of sending some letters or having an approved short dialogue with players at aau programs who they happen to see perform well that weren’t on the recruitment list. You never know when you’re 1 2 and 3 customers may jump ship and you suddenly need to pick up the ones you previously ignored to keep your business afloat 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Less ...true ...but not not rendered UNinvolved either and, as with anything, it’s always case by case
  9. If he just meant that situation and caliber of player ( If left uncommitted ) then yes I would have felt like that approach would be useful with a Cooper neese
  10. He was originally a butler commit ....nothing to sneeze at ...he’s the type I would advocate sending a letter to ...something as simple as “ great season congrats on the point total “
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