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  1. I’m with coach Robbie ...I’ve had the opportunity to see this kid four times ( at least once each fresh soph and junior ). It’s not had to have a line in the water just in case because he has things that can’t be taught such as size and an unusually soft touch. What has concerned me each year he’s played has been his lack of aggression on the offensive end and, worst, his overall conditioning. He struggled getting up and down the floor if he had to run on multiple possessions. Right now as is big 10 posts would run circles around him. If he works with someone to get in top notch shape and continues to develop he could be a solid player
  2. Luke leaning towards under armor rise team for summer schedule ( if it’s possible to have a summer schedule )
  3. Hundred percent agree ....not a sure fire nba prospect ( much less all star caliber ) in the list but there are a ton of 2-4 year program boosters ....you could field 2 or 3 competitive all star teams with full rosters from that group ....should be some great basketball in the state next year although it looks Iike barr Reeve is basically unbeatable in 1A and I think linton and shanandoah are state championship teams in any most years but Blackhawk being 2A still is gonna be just about impossible to overcome ....I see a ton of 3A teams but don’t think any can beat silver creek ....4A is the one that should be super fun start to finish
  4. IBCA supreme 15 released for junior and senior class https://amp.indystar.com/amp/2925470001?__twitter_impression=true
  5. Great point ! Jayden Taylor ? Jayden brewer ?!? Even better how do you cut this group to 13 for the Indiana all star team next year ?!?
  6. https://amp.indystar.com/amp/5080334002?__twitter_impression=true impressive group! Such a deep class ! Congrats to all but how in THEE world did Keon Thompson make the core group over : Blake Sisley , Blake Wesley, Luke goode, Luke brown, kooper Jacobi , and pierce Thomas ?!
  7. Tough to find anything to be happy about ...disappointed for all college and high school athletes ....one decent bit of news for next year ...in addition to playing at new Albany Blackford was invited to the HOF classic and will play what would have likely been the final four of 2A had regional played out only swapping Linton Stockton for barr Reeve.....if anyone has doubts about Luke playing against high caliber teams then check out that tournament ....Blackhawk Christian BR and shanandoah can play against any team from any class and acquit themselves especially next year as SHS and BR return their top 3 scorers each ( barr Reeve essentially replaces Keegan oniel with Curt hopf )....should be a really fun 3 games and a good showcase for Luke hopf and furst
  8. Everything only seems to be closing until warm weather ...I think the olympics will endure
  9. Agreed ...if it is something that needs to be stopped I hope they don’t cancel I hope they just postpone ...it looks like Ohio and Michigan both cancelled outright and now Indy schools have closed for several weeks 🤦‍♂️
  10. For now ...and is that despite Fort Wayne schools closing ? I hope it stays on I got one of the 75 tickets
  11. Shame for the fans and shame for the players having to play in a strange low attendance environment but still thankful for the IHSAA not rushing to cancel and leave these kids and seniors with a disaster end to their dreams. My step son will get to go but it’s likely I’ll be watching my second Blackford game in three years from a stream rather than live ...good luck to the bruins and all the regional competitors around in the State stuck in this strange situation !
  12. https://amp.indystar.com/amp/5011340002?__twitter_impression=true
  13. Truer words may never have been spoken ....thank you for the feedback should be a fun Saturday
  14. I’m more confused after looking now ....macanaquah gets killed by wabash and loses to oak hill then beats northwestern ...gets killed by Whitko and then beats Rochester by over 20...Rochester loses to wabash by 1
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