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  1. I didn’t think you were being rude and no worries I have pretty thick skin ...Bill is right I’m a Blackford grad ...small town about 7k people. I’ve lived there my entire life other than college and grad school. He is also right the three years prior to coach Hoover and the browns moving here we went three full season only winning one game. Them coming in allowed me to be as enthused about high school as I am about the colts, pacers, or iu. i was coaching the 8th grade when he moved in as a frosh so we went to the D1 camps with the high school and interacted some. Got to know his dad ted a little. They are honestly great people and the part I’m a biggest fan of is his work ethic. Even kids that love something take a day off from it , but not him , everything he does on a daily basis revolves around getting better at basketball. I have played in or run a mens league at the local junior high for 18 years and Luke started doing his after practice shooting routine at the junior high so when he’d finish up his workouts he’d stick around and play some just can’t find much to not like about them , thought the whole thing was an act at first but they are genuinely nice and incredibly dedicated
  2. 1. Always respect your opinion 2. Will definitely enjoy the sandwich 3. Not pushing a narrative ...I think it’s more indicative of a debate we’ve had many times , I think he made the decision he was going to take playing time immediately over riding the bench and risking Never getting off it BUT I’ll also be honest I haven’t seen them since we haven’t been able to play our mens league nor attend his games ( they were off this weekend as they had a teammate test positive and have to sit for 14 days on a side note ) so I don’t wanna say too much about what all the decision was based on till I hear more from them directly
  3. I’ll be honest I don’t know much about Missouri high school ball or aminu ...is it a public or private school ? If so that’s 1 nice work I was google searching indiana and couldn’t come up with any
  4. And you know I agree with 90% of what you just said including what his role would be at a major program and the fact he would have been defensive liability ( same arguments I made with hulls exhaustively ) ....the part I disagree with was it not coming ....he would have ended up with an offer from either northwestern Clemson or Purdue depending which was still filling spots come December or January and to add to that ...had they offered ...I’m not sure it would have changed the decision because, as you mentioned , he would have been physically able to attempt to guard 1 or 2 position in the big ten until his junior or senior year of college you also know I realize I’m bias but it doesn’t change the fact I’ve seen other high level guards regularly Kramer and Jordy probably being the most recent ....I’m still waiting on someone to find me a 1 or 2a guard that has gone power six in the last 15 to 20 years ( not as a challenge because I’m truly curious )
  5. Generally but not always ....I agree high percentage his size don’t pan so I can understand not pulling the trigger
  6. Same here ! And maybe he will get a few games in against the big schools and show I was way off base in which case I’ll apologize to everyone lol. I’m looking forward to seeing one way or another. Are you in Indiana ? If not what are your high schools doing as far as fall sports ?
  7. it’s not stringent ...find a guard from a 1 or 2 a non private school that got the offers in the last 20 years ....that’s one position at Two of our four classes of basketball And a non private status ....that is somewhere between 25 and 40% of the high schools in this state...you not being able to find one doesn’t make it stringent my friend
  8. Your original point was that playing at a small school doesn’t matter because Caleb furst plays at a small school and he’s attracted attention. my point is you can’t find a kid under 6’6 from a one or two a school to get offers or major attention in the last 20 years ....we have all three come up with many examples before that but none in the last two decades so either the talent has disappeared or they are simply not taking risks on those players anymore ....I think its a pretty obvious correlation if you look at the numbers. If you look at private 1 or 2 a schools you’ll find several over the last 20 years public you’ll find none ( unless we are missing some ) so I just don’t think your original comparison was apples to apples but you ARE correct with your second point ...they hadn’t materialized yet I’ll certainly give you that
  9. That could have happened you’re correct ....I almost wish he would have moved schools now so we’d know the answer as sacrilegious as that is for me to say. I hope you don’t think I was being short or rude to you I respect your opinion and don’t mind you disagreeing with me. I’ve gotten a chance to watch a lot of kids from indiana high schools That have gone on to successful college careers and there isn’t much margin between him and when I used to watch hulls at that age ....he may have taken a huge step back at a big school but I think he would have put up 20 and 5-10 assists as an upperclassmen ....rebounding and defense I wouldn’t argue would be stellar numbers although he would stuff the sheet with steals
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