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  1. And the group of 4-6 that can’t attend .... what’s crazy is I impartially laid out a case for like no joke ...25 guys on that list and it was hard for me to convince myself they should NOT be on the team
  2. I think notlthatlives brought it up, I made an unfortunate inquiry inviting more info and five fouls either knew it or took the time to research it ....I’m not sure which of us is most culpable but there is plenty of blame to go around
  3. I was the opposite in school I was always semi embarrassed THATS what we had a banner in lol ......we were one of the few in our area that had guy cheerleaders maybe it was a separate division
  4. Wish I had read this I just made the same cheerleading post
  5. Off topic question to all involved ...Nostalgic purposes aside I’m completely indifferent to cheerleading so don’t shoot me if you’re fanatical either direction but your post interested me for a single reason : question is ...how many “national”cheerleading competitions are there and is there one that’s actually sanctioned and officially recognized ? I ask because I was an 01 grad from Blackford and OUR school proudly displayed a state and national championship ship banner ( before our cheer program leader got himself into some legal pickles ) intertwined with the year
  6. And survived the tornado blowing out the gym wall !
  7. I couldn’t agree more ...ball state had already signed sparks but I’d take waddel over him in a heartbeat maybe they thought he’d say no ?🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Nothing wrong with a flyer when the player has 3 finals appearances and the family pedigree this young man does ....you’ll find production more often than you’ll strike out on those gambles
  9. I made a solemn vow that when venturing into other threads I wouldn’t hijack them with my mild case of Blackford / brown random ....but the topic or free throws got me looking at numbers and 652-707 at the line over 3.5 seasons is pretty crazy ....if fletcher loyer had played here all four years he would have a similar percentage too that’s pretty commendable
  10. I thought they agreed not to reclassify based on size but they were still going to do success factors moved
  11. All three lose such major contributors moving up a class would Be very rough ...barr Reeve still has knepp and Blackhawk still has Boyer then silver creek with northern
  12. He looks like a perfect fit for Miami oh or indiana state ....he definitely had pedigree
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