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  1. Guys ....I think we all know I’m a bit of a Luke brown fan ....casual to medium .....want to make sure I get the word out I’ve watched every game of his career and tonight Blackford edged frankton ....game stayed in the 40’s ....but one of our own ...the man the myth the legend coach Robby set up a defensive scheme that held Luke to a career low 10 points. I wanna stress that I’ve seen him double and triple teamed regularly and I’ve seen him have cold shooting nights and he still falls off the bench and drops 20. Coach is a magician he deserves major props
  2. Hey ! We are in a new century ...it’s noriyuki morita...cmon now
  3. Coach ....I would say I’d buy you a beer but the Ihsaa hasn’t put them in concession stands yet ...assuming you’ll be there tonight wishing you the best of luck. As a Blackford fan I’ve always been familiar with frankton but I’ve gotten to observe your program more closely the last few years. I’m a huge fan. You’re state championship team and contenders during the four year or so stretch of dominance were so refreshing. Didn’t feel like there was a true Luke brown type in the bunch but you had seven or eight amazing kids that all played together played hard and bought into your program. A
  4. He IS old ...but recruits well and being old means dane gets the job quicker
  5. Not saying it should happen immediately... but if it did ....would anyone else love John belien with Dane as assistant / coach In waiting ?
  6. I totally agree and the one thing that’s been sorely missing from our last ten years of recruiting is the emphasis on basketball players ....there has been a premium on athletes and fundamentals and shooting are secondary ....leal and Galloway arent UNathletic ...but they are definitely basketball players. With that group getting a free fifth year leal and Galloway are the type that as upperclassman you can have a two or three Uber athletic kids and you can count on Anthony and trey to handle and value the ball , calm us down in pressure situations, be aggressive and hard nosed defenders , p
  7. With the stretch we have left it will require effort like last night EVERY night
  8. It’s just as fun watching it the second time 🤓
  9. Funny Rico literally asked this exact question earlier ....
  10. That’s what I was thinking I just saw it flashed on fox sports though ....crazy
  11. As with any healthy debate ...you all make excellent points ....I think arch has dug a bit of a hole he needs to dig out of and his fate isn’t something can be evaluated on a single game good or bad and ....one thing I would hope we all agree on ...when our kids play line a true iu team ....what we all grew up on ....we should all put away the swords and enjoy it regardless of our position. Tonight was vintage iu and so much fun to see let’s not ruin that with words till we need to 🤗
  12. Good call ...not just that he went 0 for’ ......but also the fact that he’s generally an iu killer ...always makes a scrappy play or hits a big shot in crunch time ...he was made a non factor
  13. surprised you weren’t sick for two months then
  14. Good lord and you didn’t even have iu upsets over top five teams to make it bearable
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