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  1. The sickening part is that I was as tired of Crean as everyone else but in his last 6 years he went to the sweet sixteen three times and won the conference 2 of those the last seasons. Sadly that six year “run” now almost seems like an unattainable goal. I realize things can turn around (let’s start Thursday night!) but it is a bit of a bummer now.
  2. We had two open for this season. If no one transfers after this season, which I doubt, we will have one opening next year as we have two seniors leaving but three recruits coming in.
  3. Yet somehow MSU’s NET ranking is 11 and ours is 62.
  4. So do we now think that there is a secret microphone imbedded in Archie’s gum and board members take turns dictating the games? I guess he chews extra vigorously when , for example, he is told through the microphone that he has to start the same starting five in the second half. I also heard, from a very good secret source, that Archie had hoped to “send a message” by sitting Green during the @Maryland game but it was Pat Shoulders turn to dictate the game and Pat (through the mic in the gum) overruled Archie’s plan to sit Green, In summary: Year one - It takes three years to learn the defense and “Crean players” Year two - Only year two of learning the defense, injuries, players are sleeping with each other’s girlfriends and “Crean players” Year three - the administration controls his every move, we were only allowed to play Western Illinois once, to save money he was told to not use 2 scholarships and “Crean players”
  5. There is a third choice.... Fish has heard that Archie was/is handcuffed which hopefully just means he could not boot Green off the team or perhaps was told he could not get over the top (open to interpretation) when it come to verbal or physical practices. Somehow that is being interpreted to mean that Archie might be directed as to who, when and how much he plays guys. I have ZERO inside info but would not be surprised if he was forced to keep Green but I don’t believe for a second that he is being told who to start, how long to play people, when to sub, etc.
  6. I call BS but if that is true who is dictating playing time? Fred, the board? Maybe it’s true but I don’t buy it. Is Fred saying “not only do you have to keep Green but he must play at least 20 minutes”....I don’t believe it.
  7. Thanks. In the last 6 possessions of the first half one of the things that stood out to me was TJD only touching the ball once, and that touch was beyond the top of the key. He was in the game for the first three possessions and on the bench for the last three. Maybe Archie saw something but I’m not sure why you would rest him, as he was not in foul trouble, 1:30 prior to a long halftime. I realize saying “get more touches for TJD” is easier said than done, since defenses know they can clog the middle due to our subpar guard play, but we really need to figure out a way for him to touch the ball on nearly every non-transition possession.
  8. Time to change your prescription.
  9. I rewatched the last 5 minutes of the first half because the sadistic side of me wanted to know what happened. In real-time it was obvious we let things slip away but I did not know the collective sequence of events. A recap: IU was up 28-25 with 3:30 to go. Each team had 6 possession from that point. PU’s 6 possessions Made a 3 Made a 3 Made a 2 Made a 2 that followed a miss and offensive rebound Missed a 3 Made a 2 6 possessions, scored in 5 of them, no turnovers, rebounded 1/2 of their misses. IU’s last 6 possessions Missed 3 taken by Rob Missed 3 by Hunter followed by missed 2 by Green TO - Davis illegal screen TO- Coming out of timeout Brunk is subbed in and turns it over Missed 2 by Green TO- Rob travel. 6 IU possessions, all 6 were empty, 3 To’s, rebounded 1/4 of our misses (actually it was Davis throwing the ball at the PU players feet). Essentially both the offense and defense were less than optimal as we did not stop them (PU scored in 5-6 possessions and shot 5-7) while we came up empty in all six possessions shooting 0-4 with 3 turnovers. TJD was in for the first 3 of the 6 possessions. He only touched the ball once when he caught a pass 3 feet past the top of the key. He was on the bench, resting up for halftime, during the last three possessions.
  10. I don’t want projects. It’s funny that you mention Priller and Jobe as I think there is a little room between a 5 star and Priller. We needed a point guard and a shooter (could have been a transfer.JC etc) and did not get either. Part of a coaches job is to recruit and he was not able to get decent players to fill those needs/scholarships. Maybe it was bad luck, maybe he was hamstrung, maybe it was Creans fault but the bottom line is that those needs were not taken care of.
  11. Since players are going to be paid soon, maybe Cuban would be a good choice ...LOL
  12. Green, No. Al....he “sort of” recruited Al as he had to re-recruit him and could have let him go without any APR implications. Al never even participated in a Crean practice. Maybe it’s just me but I think a coach should be able to influence/develop a player after three years. A quote from the IDS. Miller made in-home visits with all three recruits in the class of 2017 last week, and after getting guard Al Durham to re-commit and forward Justin Smith to stay, Miller now has Moore as well.
  13. I’ll add two “players” that are not bringing more to the table than Moore. Open scholarship 1 Open scholarship 2
  14. Pearl had a track record of proving that he could win in the SEC. It is sad that we are now comparing basketball expectations at IU and Auburn.
  15. Beilein went to the tourney 2/4 first years at Michigan. With West Virginia I was referring to his first move from the mid-major ranks which was very successful with a sweet 16 and elite 8 in his first three years. Pearl has a completely different track record than Archie as Auburn saw what Pearl did when he moved to the SEC (made the tourney each and every one of his 6 years) from a mid-major school. Archie does not have the same track record. Both Beilein and Pearl proved, rather quickly, that they could succeed at the Power conference level.
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