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  1. I agree, and enjoyed watching some of the things you mention unfold, but still say we will see once we play better teams. Will players still play well in certain sets against better competition, as an example. Hope so, maybe, we will see. I’m not being negative, as I really liked seeing the freshmen among other things, but we will find out soon enough.
  2. This is not a knock, because you can only play who is scheduled, but I don’t think we learned a whole lot against a TT team that was missing 2 of their top 3 returnees. Last year there were a lot of excited posts when Damezi had a good game against, I think, Troy. Performing against better athletes that can close out quicker etc is a totally different ball game. That being said...The 4 or so minutes when the 4 freshman played with Race(then TJD) was one of the most fun to watch few minute spurts of the last few years. Loved how they attacked the game and played well together. I have
  3. Like I said, I prefer that to apathy setting in
  4. If we get into the Maui winners bracket we will probably play 4 ranked teams by 12/26 and will find out what we have relatively quickly.
  5. I think Michigan’s lack of success is an indictment of JH rather than proof they don’t have talent. Same thing last season as they were not elite last year but had 10 players drafted. I’ll be surprised if we see him on the sidelines next year.
  6. I agree. His physicality is what makes me think he will succeed on Sundays. He plays through a lot of contact and sometimes “artfully” uses his hands to create separation.
  7. He does look good but.....this is TT without two of their best players.
  8. The freshman are playing hard and with effort....I’ve been waiting 4 friggen years for this!!!
  9. He was so sure handed last year. I thought he would be one of the best TE’s in the Big Ten this year.
  10. Regardless of what happens.....The guys did not fold the tent when they fell behind and did not get worn down (as in the past) by the more talented team.
  11. He is obviously very good, and also makes plays with his legs, but I agree he holds the ball too long and the way he sometimes just chucks the ball out there, when under pressure, is surprising for a qb of his caliber.
  12. Let’s see how OSU handles the pressure! They expect a natty and their shirt collars just got a whole lot tighter......
  13. I laughed out loud when I saw the replay of the hold because it looked like there were actually 3 or 4 holds on that play.
  14. And OSU football is OSU football. They are loaded and 3-4 teams in the nation are clearly well above everyone else.
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