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  1. UCONN announced today that they will not be playing football this year. First FBS school to pull the plug. Hope I’m wrong but would not be surprised if this is the first IU football season without a loss
  2. Sales to IU. Welcome aboard. Excellent size and nice to keep kids in-State. Great to see his offers from Nebraska, Michigan State, Missouri, West Virginia, Maryland, West Lafayette SR high, etc. I don’t miss the days of only beating out Western Michigan, etc for players.
  3. 10 conference games and they bumped the start of the SEC season to Sept 26th. I would not bet a lot of money on even that happening. A neighbors kid goes to Alabama, went down there Friday to move into his apartment and has already been hitting the parties hard. No way “back to school” parties, etc.doesn’t lead to players testing positive. Keeping my fingers crossed but have my doubts.
  4. On paper those two teams were miles apart. I watched that intro video and it was almost funny to hear 6”5 IU freshman forward Marty Simmons followed by 6’10” UNC senior forward Sam Perkins (in NBA for 17 years) and of course Dakich being followed by Michael Jordan. I have a couple of friends that are UNC grads/fanatics and they view that season the way we view 1975 and 1993 as the championships that got away. And, as you stated, they are still unhappy the way Dean kept Jordan on the bench for so long and they view the second foul on Jordan (which was a BS call) the way we view the Calbert charge call vs Duke. That’s the thrill/challenge of the tourney as I would bet that UNC would have beat us that year 8 or 9 times out of 10.
  5. I looked it up and Leaf signed a guaranteed 4 year contract. The 4th year, for the 2020-2021 season, is for 4.3 million which will bring the total 4 year payout to 11,576,000. At the end of the contract he will be 23 and have earned over 11 million. Not shabby.
  6. Clemson just announced they have moved back in-person classes from mid August to September 21st. Would be very surprised if they have students stay away but still have fans attend early September games (or play games at all). We shall see. Pfizer is the latest to seem to have a promising vaccine.
  7. Every once in a while a guy would hit three shots in a row which invariably meant Crean sending him to the bench. That’s one of the things I never, and never will, understood.
  8. Yes, at the end of the game they mentioned that the buzzer determined when the game was over but my point is that while the buzzer went off after the shot at IU it probably would have sounded before the shot if the game had been played in Ann Arbor. I think the buzzer was late but will take the W.
  9. I agree and was a bit surprised that the article mentioned that he was not aware of what Mullen did as a freshman. I would be showing him all the accolades that Mullen received and point out that as a freshman Mullen might have been riding the pine at Tennessee etc rather than star as he did at IU.
  10. I watched some of that game. One thing I noticed, and that have you commented on in the past, is that Knight played all 5 starters for the first 10 minutes of the half. Knight had a “you get hooked if you make a mistake” reputation but guys were making bad passes, committing turnovers etc but remained in the game (although I’m sure they felt the “death stare” from the sideline..lol) I don’t understand why so many coaches today feel the need to start subbing 4-5 minutes into games. Also.....I’m still not sure Edwards shot should have counted as the buzzer seemed late. Also, Also.....I had kind of forgotten how good Hillman was.
  11. I can’t stand Scumapari, and think that even I could have “developed” players like Wall and Davis into NBA prospects, but I don’t read a lot into this guy complaining about Cal. Every year there are McDonalds All Americans that don’t make it to the lotto, or meet expectations, and I would guess that 90+% of them largely blame their coach.
  12. Sure worked well when the Florida, Georgia and Texas governors “got out of the way”...LOL
  13. Young, terrific shape, excellent healthcare......Yes, yes and yes. The challenge, however, is what kind of shape are the coaches, teachers, parents, friends, shopkeepers, etc etc that “healthy” asymptotic athletes, that test positive, come in contact with? It’s a quandary, to say the least, but everything is complicated by how the disease is transmitted.
  14. I was also going to bring up Benson’s tip. I was at the game, as an IU freshman, and we had seats right behind the basket where Benson made the tip-in after Crew’s miss. We were murmuring “there goes the undefeated season” and then he made that shot to send the game into overtime. Place went absolutely bonkers.....Agree with you in that there is a big difference between that team being a one loss national champion vs being the last undefeated champion.
  15. Regardless of what dollar limit the NCAA imposes there will be schools/boosters that entice recruits by immediately exceeding that maximum limit.
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