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  1. I’m just a little surprised that this year we have the most transfers out, so far, in the BT. On the flip side we had some decent transfers come in this year.
  2. Maybe but I would guess Curry already knows what he is getting into with Ohio State. He only needs to look at their ‘21 class to see that in one year they insanely landed the 2nd, 3rd, 10th and 25th ranked DL’s in the entire country! That’s just crazy potential depth and talent and some really good players are going to ride the pine.
  3. I thought we had zero chance of winning this game but now have hope since Sheridan has figured out the problem.
  4. Will my looking at Clowney recruiting posts 1,575 times influence his decision? I hope so.
  5. Ellis, Baldwin, James….just crazy how we went from a bunch of bodies to basically one scholarship player (Carr). How often has that happened ?
  6. Pack-line…LOL. Half our team is new so, according to many posts in the past, they could not have reasonably been expected to fully grasp the pack-line until the 2024-2025 season. Can’t wait for this season to start.
  7. I agree. Iowa’s record can’t be disputed but even though they have a good defense I just don’t see them being a legit top 4 team with their average, at best, QB.
  8. I’m pretty sure Martinez and Brady are the two oldest guys playing in nationally televised games. Think Martinez is 6 months younger than Tom.
  9. That’s brutal. Makes our being outscored 58-6 look impressive. LOL
  10. Just looked at the AP poll after yesterday’s games. MSU is up to 11th in the nation. Based on today’s AP rankings IU is playing 6 of the top 11 teams in the country!! 6 of the top 11! I wonder how often that has happened. Just crazy.
  11. Pre-season….if you told me that IA, Cincy and PSU would all be in the top 7 in the country I would not have been surprised to hear that we started the year 2-3. Pre-season….. if you told me that we would score a total of 6 points vs IA and PSU I would have been very, very surprised.
  12. I agree. Woody was probably the first coach that would be comfortable in the stripes as he wore them many times as a player. I’ll defend Archie on that point even though I’ve been following IU hoops since the ‘70’s and think Archie was a total, unquestioned disaster as the IU coach. It’s very telling that current players mention how smooth the transition has been but don’t wish Archie the best, don’t say they learned x/y/z from him or say anything at all about him. Man that was a really bad 4 years. Really excited about this year and the positive mojo currently in the program.
  13. In 2 weeks I’ll be interested to see how we look against a more “average” team like MSU. It’s obvious we are not top tier but are we as good or better than MSU, MD, Rutgers and PU? If so, it’s still a step in the right direction in spite of embarrassments (our offense) like tonight.
  14. That was a nice stop for the D. They have been under duress all night, against the 4th ranked team in the country, as our offense just can’t stay on the field.
  15. Before the season started I really thought Fryfogle would be absolutely tearing it up downfield and would be heading towards being a 5th-7th round pick.
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