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  1. I don’t want any team to go undefeated I want the Big Ten to do well and want all BT teams to win in the early rounds as I want the conference to prove it is good. I would be ok with any BT team winning it all, since it has been so long for the conference, except Purdue. I don’t care if they go to the sweet 16 Etc but under no circumstance do I want PU to have an actual (ie non-Helms) banner.
  2. Could one of you guys help an old dude out? I have read a lot of posts about whether or not we want players to stick around but keep forgetting....are we getting a lot better once Romeo leaves, or when Davis leaves, or was it when Green leaves, or maybe it was when Smith leaves??
  3. I’d ask him ”are you under the impression that the rules dictate that the 5 that started the game are required to start the second half.....no matter what?”
  4. We finally found someone that can hit free throws....LOL
  5. Other than the year Knight cancelled senior night (a bs move on his part in my opinion) this will be one of the saddest/deflating/discouraging senior nights ever. Feel bad for Al as he was a 3 star, not expected to be a star, that improved (albeit did hit a ceiling) and seemed to be one of the players that seemed to care the most.
  6. Walk it up and then had a couple of possession where Hunter had to heave up a 3 with a second or two left on the clock. It was almost as if we were running the clock. Maybe that was a halftime adjustment...lol
  7. Not highly recruited? He had offers from Virginia, UNC, Louisville, Maryland, Notre Dame, Purdue, Illinois and a dozen others.
  8. Noon game and we are still in it at 12:09
  9. No big surprise. We were 10th last year and 9th the year before. One reason we got rid of Crean was because of his inconsistency going from winning the BT, to 8th to winning the BT and then falling to 10th etc,. Have to to admit that Archie is much more consistent (9th, 10th, 10th or 11th)!!!!
  10. I hope your right and I often think about the Sabin/Alabama vs IU basketball comparison. Alabama was in a rut but they were a “blue blood” that took off under Saban. We still, in my mind, have that potential. Let’s pretend we have a new powerhouse coach and both IU and PU make the Elite 8. PU would be a ho hum national story while we would get a TON of national “they are back” momentum. We still have more of a potential national footprint/potential/possibilities than a Purdue type of program. The challenge is..will we ever get back there. In football the Nebraska, Michigan, Miami, etc fans
  11. I read numerous posts that Howard can’t coach and it is virtually impossible to win in a coaches second year. IU by 38!! Book it.
  12. I agree and in retrospect he should have probably stayed in HS. His stats point to a player that was possibly overrated but on the filp side he has made some OMG passes in which he created an angle that did not seem to exist and then made the pass. I mean truly elite passes. His quickness and speed are also elite but when you zoom from the defensive basket and then stop at the top of the key or free throw line , and aren’t a big threat to take it to the rim, his athletic advantage is neutralized. I still think Lander will be a very, very good player but it might be late in his Sophomore or
  13. Beard on BTN after the game... “Rutgers won every single 50/50 ball” ”In the second half I’m not sure IU got a 50/50 ball” “I was shocked, I’m not going to lie, at IU’s lack of effort in the second half” ”Thought we would see more fight but we didn’t” ”A lot of it was just effort” For 3 1/2 years I have been saying we don’t consistently compete under Archie and have gotten pushback. I’m not sure how/if people still dispute that Archie’s teams do not match his “marketing brand” of being hard nosed competitors. Just disappointing.
  14. At least we had some good times with Crean and Sampson. We are in the midst of, for the first time EVER, of not having better than a .500 conference record for 4 straight years.
  15. After a lot of deep thought and diagnosis I have come to the scholarly conclusion that we suck. IU, (IU), IU, Indiana University will have lost 5 of the last 6 against RUTGERS. Against RUTGERS. Against F’ng RUTGERS.
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