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  1. Has there been any indication/info as to why Durr has sat the last two games? I hope it’s not because he got caught hanging out with Snoop Dog because that’s typically three games and I think the Illinois/Kofi game is one of the primary games in which we need him.
  2. Yep, I’m not going to start it but will respond. Your welcome.
  3. I don’t know why this stuff continues to get mentioned on a sports forum but since it is…….it’s incomprehensible that people joke about the effectiveness of the vaccines. Literally NO ONE said they would 100% prevent covid just as no vaccine is 100% effective. They are, however, indisputably saving lives, reducing hospitalizations and there are daily sad stories of people needlessly dying because they were not vaccinated. PS, Great win today.
  4. Yes, that was a bs call. He ratio was actually 9-0. His improvement (settling down yet still having a high motor) is a huge development for the team.
  5. Really liking how X has been running the team lately. The “out of control” ratio has gone way down and he consistently plays hard.
  6. After the previous game Woody was asked about Durr not playing and just said “coaches decision”.
  7. Durr must still be in the dog house
  8. Thanks. Figured it was either Illinois injuries or a MD player had the game of his life.
  9. How in the hell did they beat Illinois by 16?
  10. That’s one of my biggest issues with BT refs. One half they let guys get mauled but then call chippy fouls the other half.
  11. Keen eye for the obvious but…….really hope we get off to a good start in the second half. Avoid 8 points in 8 minutes and we can get the W.
  12. Maybe I missed it but I don’t recall anyone saying all 5 starters were the problem. Seemed to be more complaints when all 5 starters were taken out at the same time (hockey line substitutions) and complaints that both Stewart and Kopp shouldn’t start together which is quite a bit different than saying the starters (all 5) were the problem.
  13. The portal will be crazy. As an example all 13 of our scholarship players are eligible to come back next year and we have three incoming recruits. Three current guys have to go. Nearly everyone assumes TJD is leaving which means, if true, we still need two more departures. Going to be a bit crazy.
  14. Woody had kind of an interesting demeanor when he said Durr not playing at all was a coaches decision. Not quite sure what to make of it.
  15. Woody just mentioned KL not being able to play but getting him ready so I guess the medical redshirt rumor isn’t true.
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