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  1. I’m not implying it’s good, just reporting it happened once (followed by what I think is one of the worst losses in his tenure)
  2. He has won 4 in a row. In Archie’s second year we went on a brutal streak of losing 11 out of 12 games but then won the last 4 regular season games in a row. After those wins we sadly decided to not show up for the opening BTT game against OSU.
  3. Not feeling singled out but am curious how you thought my post inferred that we have changed coaches too often. That assumption isn’t even close to what I think.
  4. Do you have a link to the site where you pulled that roster ?
  5. Yes, It’s pretty amazing how Jordan’s game evolved. In college, and his early years with the Bulls, he was primarily a take it to the rim guy but he developed into a perimeter threat. And yes, kudos to Uwe. His freshman year he had trouble catching bounce passes to the post but his senior year he averaged 16 a game and was the 17th pick in the first round of the draft.
  6. Yep, Jordan only played 26 minutes. Alford played 40, Blab played 37, Perkins 35, Doherty 37 etc. Without foul trouble Jordan would have played roughly 50% more minutes. That being said....what a win for IU as the comparative rosters were not even remotely close from a talent standpoint. Dean Smith had a number of absolutely stacked teams.
  7. No doubt I’m spoiled from an IU basketball perspective as I was a freshman at IU during the undefeated 75-76 season (sitting behind the basket in which Benson made the tip-in against UM, to send the game to ot and preserve the undefeated season, was a highlight I’ll never forget) and I was still in Bloomington (grad school) for the ‘81 championship. Before the younger posters get jealous, I would trade the two nattys to be 35 again....LOL I’ve always wanted Archie to succeed, as I’m an IU fan and coaching carousels generally don’t work, but I increasingly think he is dead man walking (h
  8. I don’t blame Archie’s motivations as I agree with you that he wanted to better his career, family etc. I also don’t blame the administration as those that follow the minutia of mid-major, and other head coach candidates, were nearly universal in praising the hire. I also don’t think Archie proves we should not hire another mid-major coach. Mid-major coaches, like nearly any other hire, are a “risk” but many of them turn out to be great power 5 coaches. Beilen, Donovan, RMK, Beard etc etc are examples of coaches that successfully moved from mid-major jobs to power 5 success. On the
  9. It is what it is, and I understand your point, but.........it’s still sad to read the words “Rutgers was “ONLY” two games ahead of us” Rutgers Basketball ”Only” two games ahead of Indiana basketball in the Big Ten. Say it out loud and it sounds worse.
  10. I agree with you in regards to the first three schools but he underperformed his predecessors at Iowa (not to mention the off the court stuff). After SWMizzo I really hoped he was on track to be IU’s coach at some point but his Iowa stint really soured me on him getting back to Bloomington. Not to mention he had mediocre results with a fair amount of talent at UCLA. He has had 2 power 5 jobs and both schools and fan bases were absolutely ecstatic to get rid of him.
  11. Although some on the board disagree with Knights tactics he is pretty much unanimously considered one of the greatest college coaches of all time. He took IU to 4 final fours winning, of course, 3. ’76 team members Benson, May and Buckner were among the most highly recruited players in the country (ie top 50). ’81 team - 3/5 of the starters were burger boys and IT is considered one of the greatest PG’s of all time. ’87 team - Knights greatest coaching championship, in my opinion, with just one Burger Boy (Daryl Thomas), Alford (I know he was Mr Basketball but have no idea if he
  12. If it was a game or two during the season I would agree with you 100% but our shooting issues are a trend, not a game. The need for a pure shooter has been apparent for 4 years and here we are.....At some point it’s on the coach.
  13. I also still watch every game and always will. That being said.....I’m less emotionally involved than I have been for decades, I find myself reading email/articles etc during the game which I never did in the past and the wins/losses just don’t seem to to mean much because I just don’t think we are heading anywhere. Winning or losing a game does not impact our ability to win the Big Ten and a top 3 tourney seed is a pipe dream. Year 4 and we will probably be under .500 in the conference and end up 9-12th but hopefully we will improve in some Kenpom metric(LOL).
  14. I figured 75/25 Fry would be gone. Great news. If Whop also comes back our “brand/mojo” will continue to improve as we should have a nationally discussed receiver corp. We have another fun year on the way!!
  15. I was at that game and sitting about 5 rows up from the court close to where the “action” took place. Turgeon stormed over to Smith like a bat out of hell, grabbed him and went off on him. Turgeon looked like he was going to self-implode as he was really, really pissed. Smith was acting like an idiot yelling “F this place etc, etc”. Not to justify Smiths behavior but I think part of the reason he was acting like a jerk was because a 55’sh year-old fat azz fan 5 or 6 rows in front of me was court side and giving it to Smith all night...loudly....non-stop...relentlessly. The IU fan was a
  16. Hope AF is ok. Good to see TJD get in gear and score 10 or 12 straight points for us. We can beat Wiscy but need the last 10 minutes of this game to be 35 minutes of the Wiscy game. Was great to see the other team have a couple of scoring droughts. We did not give them much in the last 10 minutes. Good to see.
  17. CRMK did end up letting Isiah run the show, after a while, but as a freshman Isiah shot right out of the gate and averaged almost 15 points, shot over 50% from the field with 5.5 assists a game and was first team all Big Ten. No offense to Lander, as he is a freshman that grade-wise should be in HS and has a bright future, but freshman Isiah and freshman Lander don’t belong in the same sentence.
  18. I hope you are wrong. I hope we win tonight. But agree that when you look at the schedule it’s hard to see us .500 in the conference and making the tourney
  19. Really hate to see AF out. You can tell he worked very hard in the off season and it was paying off for him. Hope he recovers quickly.
  20. Agree we have been mediocre for a long time but you were originally referring to the lack of urgency but even Creans first team, which had virtually no chance to win most games, displayed more urgency than the Archie era.
  21. Not sure why so many are negative. After all, we broke 20!!!
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