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  1. Last year he had 5.7 assists to 3.3 to’s Shot 32% from the three, 50% from the two and 79% from FT. Averaged 14.2 a game in a season in which most games were ACC (few cupcakes). Good to see that he proved himself in the ACC vs hoping a transfer can successfully move up from a poor conference to the BT.
  2. So even if he had gone to IU, T-wat never would have hooked up with Woody.
  3. Few needs to switch to Archies packline...ASAP.
  4. He is from Newark NJ. Mom wants him closer to home. Surprised Rutgers hasn’t reached out as the RAC is only 30 minutes from Newark.
  5. Franklin seems to be a great kid and he really improved between his freshman and sophomore year due to all the off season work he put in. I really hope he stays.
  6. The portal barn door is wide open and it’s also looking as though the Supreme Court is going to rule in favor of the players in regards to them owning their images, compensation etc. The college basketball landscape has changed a lot in the last 20 years but it’s going to change to an even greater degree in the next 3-5 years. Regardless of wether it’s a good or bad thing it is happening. PS: In the spirit of saving you the time it takes to type a reply, IU Scott, I will add that you are against the changes :).
  7. Peanuts? According to this link his contract would have made him the 18th highest coach in the country this year and the 4th highest in the Big Ten. At 3.667 a year he is close to Bill Self, Bennett and Huggins money without having coached a single college game. https://sports.usatoday.com/ncaa/salaries/mens-basketball/coach/
  8. 400k for Matta No buyout had to be paid to get Woodson Woodson is probably 3mm or so less a year than BS. In two years IU won’t have to pay Woodsons health care. Sounds like a good value play.
  9. I don’t know what might have happened in the past but Jay Williams likes taking shots at IU. Even when Crean had good teams Williams had a way of making some jabs. I hope I’m correct in my assumption that WWW doesn’t get within 20 area codes of Bloomington. Would be a really bad look.
  10. In my own mind I am young...very young, Others might disagree that I’m young as I was a freshman in Bloomington during the undefeated 75-76 season and in Bloomington for grad school for the ‘81 championship (ie. very lucky/spoiled). I even saw Woodson in person when he had hair...LOL.
  11. I agree. 99% of the talented recruits (I might be 1% low, LOL) want to be in the NBA. I agree with the sentiments that his age, and lack of college experience, are not ideal but I also question why a Midwest recruit would be more excited sitting across their kitchen table from Muss/Oats versus NBA guy Woodson. If you are a recruit being told you need to develop x,y,z to get to the next level would it mean more from Woody or Muss (not to mention that I think Mussleman would view each win as being one step closer to his NBA coaching dream)? Before the announcement I preferred Oats, and
  12. The former UNC and Duke players happen to be hanging around a lot of current players that are primarily 4 and 5 star players (ie are the former players “inspiring” the current players or do those programs tend to have good teams because they have really good players ? I think it’s the later). I’ve stated before that while I think it’s “nice” if former players feel welcomed, and are around the program, I’ve questioned if it translates on the court. The RMK return to the Hall was billed as the third most important event in the history of mankind and the players performed as if they would h
  13. From a chemistry perspective I’m very glad to hear that Matta was Woodsons idea. Many considered Matta a candidate and it could have caused some potential issues if Matta had been “imposed” on Woody. Also says a lot about Woodsons confidence in that he is not threatened by Matta, input from others etc.
  14. They are good and are natives of Spokane. Be interesting to see if the Zags have interest/room for them.
  15. It’s going to be interesting to see how the dominos fall. Will MSU signing a PG lead to Watts going into the portal as an example?
  16. Aside from those couple of things Sampson was a good fit
  17. And 5/6 to MF’ng Rutgers....Rutgers.....Please wake me up from this nightmare.
  18. I thought, maybe mistakenly, that your “4 year” comment implied we unnecessarily churned through coaches so I was just pointing out that Davis had 6 and Crean had 9 years. Think my Kate Upton comment made it pretty clear I don’t want him.
  19. I’m hoping Moser telling his players he is not going to IU is equivalent to me telling my wife that I have decided not to leave her for Kate Upton.
  20. Hard to compare the IU vs Loyola patience level, or the potential to win, as Moser had his poor start at a school that had not made any tourney (NCAA, NIT or CBI) since 84-85.
  21. Davis got 6 years and Crean got 9 years.....probably because both did better than Archie.
  22. At first I didn’t think Moser made any sense but today he has proven he could carry Archies torch....11-0 OSU run, almost 11 minutes with one bucket, more to’s than baskets in the first half.....COME ON DOWN!!!!!
  23. Agree as Alabama football seems to have survived.
  24. Call me crazy but I think Wade and Bosh, and trying to win a championship, had more to do with LeBrons move to Florida than the states tax policy. If the tax rate meant so much to LeBron why in the world would he then go to California?
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