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  1. Will definitely be interesting with all the guys having an extra year too due to Covid
  2. Archie too!!! Lander had his best mins also. He moves his feet well on D ... and tnte didn’t get slap happy. But yes, great team effort.
  3. L3al drains one ... next possession, take a seat.
  4. Agree. Need to bring it every game from here on out ...
  5. This is the most positive message board there is!!!!!! (Seriously).
  6. Hahaha! Frickin’ auto correct! shes since retired tho ... since you’re asking!
  7. Maybe Stewart plays, Armaan gets going again .... and Leal gets a long run for his offense.
  8. I think IU will score in 80’s ... but will still lose by double-digits
  9. Sounds like Yes on all the above, based on CAMs radio show with Don on Monday night. Doesn’t mean they’ll beat Iowa, but need to beat the middle-of-the-pack teams (Rutgers, Minn, O$U, MSU, and one more crack at Purdue)
  10. Is it me, or has most of the B1G gone to a 3-point focused offense? I don’t recall this many conference teams being so 3-pt focused. It’s probably shifted over last 15-20 years, but it just seems like every game is a bad matchup for IU bc the other team jacks 3s.
  11. Part of the 21 class was made up with Stewart. I’m sure they’ll consider one more transfer too. And hopefully Brunk comes back.
  12. You think Rob will start? Curious if the Rob + Al combo will get a lot of mins. Also very curious if Stewart will play.
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