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  1. Wonder if he held out to see what TK was doing. Hopefully Creighton under investigation will help IU ... assuming another school doesn’t sneak in.
  2. Agree. Archie is fine and IU is in great hands. He’s building it the right way
  3. Ha. Me neither. But given the choice, I’d take Painter. I appreciate what CTC did for IU and bringing the program back, but Painter seems like a much better coach IMO.
  4. So if you had to pick either to run your program, you’re taking Crean?
  5. Crossing my fingers on what Sam Story said. IU. Side note - did Sam take his Twitter down? Maybe he was getting bombarded?
  6. Kinda like half of the state going to Brooks’ announcement ...
  7. O$U is easily top two solely because they are a major football school. Sort of like Texas, b-ball takes a backseat to football. Much less pressure in that job. Very high salaries. Longer leash than IU job.
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