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  1. No. Heard from a friend who follows closely and has some ties to their athletic dept … but perhaps his source is message board on this.
  2. I get the impression that social media debacle rubbed Fears camp the wrong way. Also, word from Illini fans is IU was big time negative recruiting against Illannoy on visit and that also didn’t sit well with them (particularly his father). Could be complete BS - I don’t think Matta has anything good to say about Illinois (and Illinois would feel same). Just what I’ve heard
  3. Under normal circumstances and previous years, I would completely agree with you. But the NIL has the potential to be a major game changer. For instance, what if he’s a projected late 1st rounder and he can make $750k next year, finish his schooling, be on a F4 team and have an opportunity to improve his draft stock? The 30th pick is slotted around $1.6mm. And if he thinks one more year can help him develop by playing … the 20th pick, by comparison is around $2.2mm Probably still unlikely, but the NIL becomes a variable now in these decisions. It’s no longer a matter of leaving all the $$ on the table - the NIL closes the gap. But like another poster said, it’ll all probably depend on his draft projection first and foremost
  4. If the talent is there to make a F4 run, I wonder if TJD will consider a 4th year now with the NIL?
  5. Luckily Coach Woodson will make a change if he sees fit. Definitely something to keep an eye on - especially with Dane and Matta’s experience.
  6. Without knowing him, hard to say he wasn’t passionate about the job. Early on he talked about the phenomenal history of IU. And every year he always talked about the fans and their passion, best in the country, etc. I think he could’ve been passionate about the job, but it’s just his outward personality didn’t reflect any of that. Unlike a guy like Musselman who acts like he’s in Hollywood at Arkansas.
  7. He’ll definitely coach again and will absolutely be a P5 coach. His main flaw at IU was recruiting Dayton-type players to IU. The IU job has a short-leash compared to many other schools. He’ll be back. I really think a 180 was pulled on him in the end. There were reports of him leaving the year-end meetings with Dolson/Admins as being encouraged about having another year. Then, one or two days later, he’s fired. He knows basketball. He didn’t get to IU on accident. The IU experience was a big lesson for him and he’ll adjust going forward … both in recruiting and going to a place with a longer leash. Recruiting-wise - that first class unfortunately doomed him. Looked great on paper, but never came to fruition. Could be lack of developing guys. Could be bad luck. Could be a combo. Also what handcuffs were on him early when maybe he could’ve brought McKinley to IU? We’ll never know. He knows b-ball. He’s a good coach. Didn’t work out here. He’s not the next Belichick, but other very good coaches don’t succeed at places too. It happens. Didn’t work out here, but doesn’t mean he sucks.
  8. I actually read that article and came away thinking he may be the only one recruiting and playing by the rules down there. He mentioned something to that effect about recruiting the state of Indiana after he got fired and how he never touched anything like that ... I wouldn’t doubt it down there.
  9. Archie always complimented the fans and really seemed to appreciate the fan support. If the reports are true, I’m led to believe he was told he would have another year and perhaps a 180 was pulled behind his back after that meeting. If that’s the case, I could certainly understand his beef with the administration, etc. but something acknowledging and thanking the fans - i thought he would’ve done that.
  10. Yeah anxious to see how this works out. Marquette would’ve been perfect - especially because he recruits Chicago so well. Porter is all about long-term and culture ... it’ll be interesting to see what happens after a couple years.
  11. Was Franklin really attached to Archie? Does he not think he’s excel under Woodson? Does he just want a fresh start? He always seemed like an Indiana kid ... so not sure what else he’s looking for unless he really loved Archie.
  12. Gotcha. I may have been looking at Races original ranking of like 125-150. Either way, it was Archie’s downfall. Indiana, bottom line, should be recruiting top-100 guys nationally with a few 5 stars mixed in. To boot, Romeo probably doesn’t come to IU or Kansas and Louisville don’t get into trouble. I do hope Lander stays though.
  13. I dogged TJD a lot during this season ... but so far during the off-season, he’s been my MVP. He didn’t rush to declare for the draft nor transfer portal. He’s been preaching patience to the fellas on social media. That’s extremely mature IMO. He had a foot out the door, but off the court, I’m impressed with his leadership this off-season. (Now please stop flexing when IU is down 22 to Rutgers!)
  14. Only lander was top 50. Geronimo and Race were over 100. that was the issue with Archie - recruiting. His three best players were from the state of Indiana. His only top 100 guy other than that was Jerome Hunter. His program wasn’t attracting national talent - mainly his offense.
  15. Here’s the $10mm question... what about a guy like Muss? Was he even spoken to? Was it get Stevens or IU guy with the buyout money? Did Woodson get a token interview and blow Dolson away and earn it on his own merits? I’m optimistic about the result and the hire ... just curious the process how we got here. And in full disclosure - I complained that IU didn’t interview any other candidates when they gave the team to Tom Allen!
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