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  1. 1 minute ago, btownqb said:

    But what we've been trying to say is... it's not that important, either way. We just played our best 5 games, consecutively, since Crean. 🤷‍♂️ 

    Maybe, Woodson is doing it right? Idk. All I'm saying, it's not a huge deal. Being comfortable in a role is a good thing, though. 

    100% agree. My point was - I think Coach starts his starters both halves and those guys were primarily selected based from total collective experience (hence why guys like TG are not starting).  

    anyway, IU wins last night. Illannoy loses today.    Let’s keep it going!

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  2. 39 minutes ago, KoB2011 said:

    What coach do you think regularly changes their lineup at halftime?

    How would you feel if your role at work was constantly changing on a week to week basis? Would that help you perform better?

    I think after last nights 1st half performance, some coaches would’ve started in the second half.   He put in 18, was rebounding well and defending.  I’m sure he was tempted.  

    sitting behind a desk is a lot different than a 20 min half of b-ball, but I understand your point.   It would have to take an exceptional performance- which Rob was last night.    I haven’t studied Pitino, Cal, Few, Drew, Pearl, etc half time substitution patterns, but I’m guessing one of them would’ve started Rob in second half.   Maybe I’m wrong. 

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  3. I think it’s as simple as Coach just wanting the most experience starting the game.  With that thinking, he’d add Rob and take someone out.  

    I think a lot of coaches would’ve started Rob in the 2nd half last night, but he’s sticking to his starters - I’m thinking primarily bc of experience. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, tdhoosier said:

    I was just getting ready to post a similar reply.

    I'll preface this with: this is just an observation. I am in no way advocating the TJD not be in the line up or hurts this team.

    That said, back to our last dominant big, Juwan Morgan, it seems like this team loses itself with the inside/outside game. They get caught waiting for their All Big Ten big man to do something, rather than moving the ball and setting up a 'plan B'.

    I really hope the lesson taken from this game is that the guards have the ability to take over a game. Now lets do it with TJD on the floor. He can still be the first option, but they need to move with purpose and create for other players (and themselves) once the ball goes into Trayce or if he's not open.

    All that said, and generally speaking, does an inside/outside game disrupt the flow of an offense in today's game? Yes, there are teams (Purdue) who play this way successfully, but history has shown that it hasn't worked for us all that well. 

    Again, I know this is just one game. I'm just thinking out loud. 

    Great observation.   I then think back to DJ White.  He was great with his back to the basket.   But also - when they kicked out, they were very effective that way too.  

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  5. 1 minute ago, Hoosier51 said:

     This might be influenced by my hatred for Turdue but I am not impressed with them at all. Ivey is a really good player and Edey size helps him score some points, but other than Stefanovic hitting some threes and Williams having an occasional good game they are kind of just another team. Newman and Hunter are lost out there and Furst I had no clue was even out there at times. They have the pieces to be a decent team but I don't see them as an Elite Eight team especially with their PG and defense.

    In the toruney, Ivey can almost single handedly carry them to a few wins. 

    I was most impressed with Gillis. He’s like Race, but a more consistent deep threat. 

  6. 59 minutes ago, HoosierDPU95 said:

    I know there has been a lot of talk on here about us needing to find the next elite big to replace Trayce (especially after the Nebraska game) but I think this game just demonstrated that in college basketball, elite guard/wing play with competent bigs beats elite bigs with competent guards/wings the overwhelming majority of the time. It appears this staff is recruiting this way and I'm totally down with that. Now, if we happen to land another elite big as well I won't complain 😉

    Been thinking a lot about this!  

    Success last night without TJD and the college game has moved away from dominant big men.   Which got me thinking about Archie  

    When Archie was here, his best players were Juwan, a broken down Romeo, and TJD. Basically built an offense around Morgan and TJD all those years.    At Dayton, all of his success was bc of guards.  

    Now - he HAD to recruit TJD.  And this may highlight Archie’s deficiencies, but i really don’t think he wanted to design an offense around big men.  If TJD had no Indiana ties, would he have even recruited him?     I recognize some sort of larger body is needed down low, but I feel like had Archie ran a guard focused offense, maybe he’d have more success?   

    Just a random observation.  He seemed great at Dayton.  Obviously not here.  

  7. 2 hours ago, Lizard said:

    You are right.  I would go so far to say that the offense was actually much better.

    Aside from Iowa, XJ has matured last ten games or so.  I’m not sure if Coach is emphasizing more half court sets - so as not to rush and turn it over in transition, but something is starting to click.  

    also - XJ wants to be an alpha and leader on this team.  Not as talented as other previous leaders (ie - Yogi), but he wants to carry this team on his back.  Love his attitude.   

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  8. He’s assembled a top-5 staff.  Recruiting has been great and will continue as such under him (assuming staff stays intact).  

    on the court - agree - trending where a lot of us thought (7-10 seed).   

    crazy thing is, not very far off from being a 1 or 2 loss team.  

    my only complaints are kopp still starting (he wants experience) and lack of sets/plays for Stewart and kopp.  They r both one dimensional and shouldn’t be on floor together imo.



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  9. 53 minutes ago, Joe_Hoopsier said:

    To me, that 3 pointer was where we changed our destiny in this game. So many times in the past, that was the 1 missed shot that swung all momentum. Not this time by gawd!

    And yes, XJ concentration on his last 4 free throws was pure gold. We punched all the way untill the last bell.

    As frustrating as XJ can be at times, I appreciate he wants to be the leader, wants to take over a game and wants to carry this team on his back like an Alpha.   He’s the only one that will step up (maybe Bates too).  But, his skill isn’t obviously all there, but at the very least - I can appreciate his mentality and fight. 

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  10. 15 minutes ago, OLDIUFAN said:

    Big win, didn’t like X Johnson taking the first 6 shots in the second half. He needs to move the ball. 

    His minutes were on par with the rest of the games this season, but I think there was a 7-0 run for IU in the first half where he wasn’t in.  

    he came in later in the second half to help close game, but with Trey hopefully emerging, could very well cut into his minutes.  

  11. So wait - Oats offense is basically shoot as many threes as possible - which I believe he said was based off analytics (I recall that during the coaching search).  

    Clowney’s last comment on Bama was their play was really like that because the personnel necessitated that (or something to that effect).  

    So - now that Oats is recruiting Clowney, a big man will be the focus of the offense?    

    Im not an X and O guy, but something seems up here unless I’m completely missing something.  I hope for his sake, if he does end up at Bama, it truly is for the best for him.   Perhaps one to keep an eye on down the road in the portal.  

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  12. I think we’ve learned now with Garland, Kaufman, and possibly Clowney, that you just never no until the end.  

    But like everyone says, transfer portal fixes this right up.  Really not a huge loss.  Disappointing- sure.  But nothing like losing out on guys in years past. 

    IU has one of the best staff of coaches in college now.   They’ll find one kid to replace him. 

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  13. Archie knows hoops. He didn’t get to IU on accident.  He just basically recruited a Dayton roster to IU.  

    Also, all of his 5 stars were Indiana kids - his offensive style had zero attraction nationally.  

    He’ll learn from this and bounce back - better than say a guy like John Groce has. 

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  14. 23 minutes ago, Andrew said:

    Have u ever read their boards? They make stuff up all the time lmao

    No.  Heard from a friend who follows closely and has some ties to their athletic dept … but perhaps his source is message board on this. 

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