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  1. I think so too. I think Scott saw the program in neutral and not attracting kids nationally based on Archie’s offense. I think the ultimate tipping point was the free agency off-season - any new coach can accelerate a rebuild by August. Muss, Drew/Altman (if they go there), and Oats are still coaching. I personally think the target is Muss. Still wonder if Beilien is an ultimate fall-back option.
  2. Pay him until he wants to retire in like 5-7 years. He has to understand his age isn’t ideal for a program right now ... but doesn’t mean he absolutely wouldn’t consider I don’t think.
  3. I haven’t watched Oats enough ... but 40 threes per game makes me nervous. Is he pretty solid X and O? His results have been there at Buff and Bama thus far ... but is at all 3 bombs?
  4. No. Sorry. I mean no skeletons. I really hope it’s who Dolson is targeting
  5. I think he does. I’m holding my breath. If not him, sign me up for Beilein to bridge the gap and we’ll do this again in 5-7 years.
  6. Point is - money alone is going to lure him to IU from Arkansas.
  7. Exactly. What can IU offer that Arkansas can’t? The biggest thing is premier historical program and as CTC said - It’s Indiana. I think most coaches think they can recruit better here. One of the best fan bases. Typically don’t have a football team distraction / not a football school! But when the IU train gets rolling ... it’s as special as it gets. Arkansas is no slouch, but it’s not Indiana.
  8. Money aside. Im just curious what his ultimate goal is.
  9. All things being equal, IU, Oklahoma and Arkansas offer him $4-$5mm plus ... what does he do? I guess he chooses between IU and Arkansas. But not sure which way.
  10. Would love this hire, regardless of his cheesiness. He can coach. But, why leave Arkansas right now? I doubt Arkansas is a destination job for him, but is IU? Possibly? Is a place like UNC or Duke? Possibly - although I think they’ll handpick one of their own. Kansas maybe? Who knows if they will be in trouble? Oklahoma? Probably not a destination program. Or does he ultimately want to get back into the nba? That’s the big question here. IU won’t be able to out spend anyone - his payday is coming either way. So it’s all up to him what he wants. Plus he’s got a two year start at Arkansas. Him being from Ohio, his dad coaching at Minnesota and him growing up during IUs heyday - certainly understands what IU hoops is all about.
  11. Moser is good. No doubt. But he’s no guarantee. Right now - IU needs as close to a sure fire guarantee as possible. We just witnessed how small conference success doesn’t always translate. I understand tourney success, but Moser just seems to risky given the fragile state of IU b-ball today.
  12. For $21mm, I bet 10 of us on here can design an offense to shoot 35 threes per game.
  13. Which I think, given this unique year, is why Dolson jumped the gun probably by a year. The offense became so unattractive nationally. Any new coach can rebuild by August. Yeah the $10mm could’ve been to make a run at Stevens ... but it was to make a change regardless- since any new coach can literally build a brand new team.
  14. Could be Muss? Nobody knows. But it seems like the longer it drags on - it’s not an “IU guy” nor John B nor Matta ... at least until a coach that is currently coaching says no.
  15. Which 5-6? Do you like Oats and Drew and Altman?
  16. He can recruit nationally and has a much bigger personality than Archie. That would help him a ton here. Fair concern about his offense ... but he’s certainly my pick over any IU guy that’s being mentioned. And even a guy like Oats too.
  17. I’m sure Pat Knight is recruiting him too. Plus - the Knight ties would satisfy a lot of the “IU guy” crowd. Hire Lewis (they previously coached together) and a lot of people are happy. If he’s up to moving out of Texas, I think he’s more likely than Musselman. He gave Tech a good run and may has topped out there. People say Lubbock is sort of dumpy, so maybe recruiting can only go so far down there. Plus they love football (which is Drew’s complaint at Baylor).
  18. I’m in if I can be that dude next to Linus hitting that moon walk or whatever!
  19. Dude. The more reasonable any explanation, the worse! Ha. We are our own worst enemy in every possible way at this point ... not to mention - some legit candidates are still frickin coaching
  20. As much as we dogged TJD during the season at times, I actually appreciate the fact he’s hanging in there to see who IU hires. He could’ve thrown his name in the draft a week ago. Hats off to him for showing some IU heart.
  21. Fair. I was reading one of his best offensive seasons was with Lewis on staff. That would check a lot of boxes. Plus - if he can get that talent to Lubbock, you would hope he could get better to Bloomington (people say Lubbock is rough). And yeah - I’d love muss too ... maybe Dolson is waiting on him. Who knows? Nobody actually really ... besides Scott himself.
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