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  1. Take him over Durham all year long
  2. Agree. The key ingredient to all of this is getting guys to stick around for at least 2 years - ideally 3-4 if possible (obviously). That’s how you win and win consistently in today’s game. I know there are a few outliers, but this is the recipe.
  3. A few puzzle pieces for sure. But refreshing to have more of a balanced system / classes going forward.
  4. Is Carter out of the picture now definitively? If Lander reclassifies and only stays two years, Carter will have a year to learn/contribute a bit then take over. If Lander doesn’t reclassify, hard to see him coming in to know he’ll be 2nd or 3rd option for first two years.
  5. Will Davis start getting some of Brunk’s minutes? Two quick fouls didn’t help tonight, but he’s been non-existent all year. Is Hunter caught in a numbers game? Looks like Damezi is getting more minutes than him right now ... which he’s earned. But would like to see Hunter on the court more as a second shooter.
  6. Damezi. Staff gave him every opportunity last year, but his freshman year was a MAJOR adjustment. I think we see this year why he was considered a very good recruit.
  7. I think Hunter will be the centerpiece and I’m 100% assuming he’s healthy. My true X factor is Damezi. The staff gave him a lot of minutes last year, but it was obvious the game was fast for him and an adjustment. People said in high school he really just needed to catch and shoot/score, but last year he had to run through an offense. I know at times he missed the entire backboard and airmailed some shots, but for some - the D1 game is a massive adjustment. I think we’ll start seeing his true potential this year. The staff certainly believes in him - as evidenced by minutes last year (when realistically someone like Clifton could’ve gotten more mins).
  8. Complete random thought, but what’s Matta up to? Has his health improved? Heard him in the mix at UCLA - but could’ve been hearsay. If health is still an issue - perhaps would consider / fit into a backseat job? I realize this is a complete negative one % chance thing, but wishful thinking
  9. Wonder if Nebraska is talking to Holm?
  10. College baseball is so hitting dominated, if IU can start getting some even bigger stud arms, they’ll be set. Guys like DeNato carried them in the Tracy era. That michigan game was won with their starter last night. Speaking of DeNato - wonder if Coach Smith is still kicking himself for leaving him in the bullpen vs Stanford when IU lost the regional at home. Man that was a tough break.
  11. Alluded to chemistry at least 3-4 times in 17 minutes. Clearly there was an issue last year.
  12. Yes. Very similar. I don’t think anything is quite like TD. When IU was in CWS, I think there was less than 5 homers the whole tourney. Coach Smith always talked about the dimensions AND the winds were the killer. I believe they moved the fences in the following year. That IU team hit a few shots to the warning track. That team was built for bombs. Had it been a regular field, they very well could’ve gone further. Louisville will be fine. Just need to show up. Bottom line. Not sure what happened last week.
  13. Best possible draw by far. Way better than Nashville. Plus, the Super Regional seems the most manageable. Probably won’t get out of regional, but they couldn’t have asked for a better path to Omaha. Agree. I think Milto goes G1 and Saalfrank goes G2. Need bats to show up this weekend.
  14. Could silence on the recruiting front, specifically the grad transfer market, mean IU knows they are right there (or hopefully getting him)??? Ive always assumed there was very little chance, but silence lately hopefully is speaking volumes.
  15. Could IU luck into him????
  16. Obviously we’re all hoping Hunter is available and Phin’s shot and development trends like Yogi, but I think Damezi could be a wild card. He was an excellent shooter in high school. The staff gave him plenty of opportunity this year. He struggled this year, but freshman can take time to adjust. If he gets up to the player he can be, I think he could be a real wild card for IU next year. Just my $0.02 on this rainy day.
  17. Agree. I think it’s all about the grad transfer. If he commits to UNC, Harris won’t go there.
  18. Don’t know. Probably went well. Im sure his unc visit will go well too. Cole Anthony is announcing Mon/Tues - probably to UNC. Sounds like the wild card is that Keeling kid (transfer from Charleston Southern). If he picks UNC, I’d have to think Harris will go to IU.
  19. It sounds like it’s very possible IU doesn’t get any of the three they are after. Still a chance they get two however.
  20. What if lU doesn’t land any of these three guys?? Wonder where they’d turn.
  21. Why is this mildly concerning? I just viewed this as he can’t play good enough D in Archie’s system. IU had little big-man depth all season, and he never saw the floor. I just took that as Archie didn’t think he could play D. You think there’s something more?
  22. Yes. Agree. I was going to note that in my response. But even Morgan did some basic head scratchers. His teams, even at Dayton though, have never excelled at free throws for some reason.
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