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  1. Possible. But equally possible “hey - I appreciate the opportunity to talk, but it’s mid-season and I’m focused on my team right now”. If it is ultimately Woodson, I just don’t think it’s announced Friday. IMO
  2. Let’s just say it is Woodson ... wouldn’t Dolson at least wait to talk to maybe Musselman, Drew (maybe?) and/or Oats? The likelihood of the last two may be low - but at least have a discussion before naming Woodson? Woodson will be there in a few weeks no matter what.
  3. If true ... which could be skeptical ... anyone but Beard would probably be a let down in a lot of fan’s eyes at this point (not considering Stevens in this).
  4. Let’s look at it this way ... this is a phenomenal opportunity for IU right now. There are at least 10 teams in the BIG (give or take) that would LOVE to be looking for a new coach right now. Look at Iowa. Do they think Fran will ever take them to a Final 4? Wisconsin? Maybe. Outside of Michigan, O$U, MSU, and ILL ... I’m sure they’d all love to potentially hire a new leader. Also - who knows if Howard will leave Mich for the NBA soon? Can Holtmann take a team to the F4? How much gas does Izzo have left? Let’s see how Underwood does without an NBA player or two on his team. IU has a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY RIGHT NOW. Let’s all regroup in a week or two and take our collective temperatures. Just because there is no news, doesn’t mean Dolson is on option 14 like Mick Cronin. Come on fellas.
  5. In terms of “IU guys” and bridging the gap ... doesn’t Beard quasi fit that description? He coached with RMK and Pat for 10 years combined or so. He and Pat are best friends. He gushes over IU hoops, etc. I believe he had Lewis on staff previously for a couple years. If he were hired, I assume all this would be addressed. Yeah, he didn’t play for coach, but this is literally the next best thing.
  6. Keep ... the ... faith ... alive!!!! (at least were back to talking about Grand Slam candidates)! Beard or Muss anyone?
  7. Recruiting is a major piece of it obviously. But at this point, he’s so respected, his recruiting would consist of one phone call to each kid. Who is going to say no?!?!!? Ha
  8. Exactly. It can’t be based on his coaching resume.
  9. Perhaps not best buddies, but these small tight-knit sports/fraternity type groups. Their paths have definitely crossed before and especially if Matta is done coaching (which I’m not positive) then he’d definitely have nothing to lose. But either way, he’d be open to a general conversation with Dolson about a lot of topics.
  10. These guys are friends. I’m sure matta has no problem sharing ideas with Dolson and saying things like “here’s where offenses are going, here’s what nba teams look for, etc”. Almost like a consultant.
  11. Correct. We’re at the point where every coach is being linked to the job. Everyone is speculating because Dolson isn’t saying ANYTHING. Read: Dolson is doing his job. And the fans are mad. But, if he hired someone tonight that we didn’t all love, we’d all complain he didn’t wait long enough. We are literally creating our own narratives and sabotaging ourselves and fighting amongst ourselves while Dolson is doing his job. The guy raised $10 milli for a buyout. He knows how important this hire is. Let’s let the process play out.
  12. Two tourneys in 20 years. side note - he and I went to same high school though! But no. Would love to see him revive Marquette
  13. Guess the point is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be an NBA coach to have a modern offense
  14. I don’t think it has to be an NBA guy per se, but just understands where the NBA is going to attract better talent here .... basically anything but Archie’s offense. Musselman has NBA experience. Beilein obviously does too. Oats offense shoots a ton of 3s. Still a lot of options and some guys still coaching or just got done.
  15. Someone said he and his mom started following Beilein recently on Twitter. Maybe Beilien is going somewhere else? If it is one of those three - especially Beilein ... why wait to announce? I’m thinking he’s like option 6, 7 or 8
  16. The biggest mystery in all this will be how close the sides were ... if at all? Did Dolson really secure $10mm to get Stevens? Or - did Dolson secure $10mm because there is a free agency off-season and IUs offense was no longer an attractive product nationally and the product/brand was stuck in neutral? Or somewhere in between? If there were any legs to the Stevens stuff and IU came through, I find it hard to believe he’s the type of guy to use IU for a raise. Just my opinion. I’m sure there was mutual interest (and there still could be, nobody knows), but part of me doubts he said “get the money and I’m in .... oh just kidding”
  17. Do we know if Beard or Musselman were plans B and C? Both would require big money (Muss will get a payday soon). Then onto the next tier of guys like Woodson, Matta, Beilein, etc maybe? This assumes no Drew too.
  18. You really think we got duped? The program seemed in neutral. The lack of an offensive product was not attractive to national recruits. Given the free agency year, former player disappointment/frustration, etc - I think Dolson realized a change needed to be made. Now I’m sure Stevens may have said he’d listen ... but do you really think a hand shake deal was in place and fell apart at the 11th hour?
  19. Given the choice, would you want Bennett, Beard or Muss?
  20. Right. But look at the ND Kendrick tweet an hour prior to that. He’s an AAU guy in Evansville area. In conjunction, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t mean something.
  21. Does Beilein have good connections in Southern Indiana?
  22. Same. It’s like sewing a quilt. Cool outcome. Boring to watch.
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