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  1. Hilarious. We’re playing connect the social media dots .... let’s keep it going! All legitimate answers too. Would Beard have agreed already? I’m sure Pat has been recruiting him
  2. Would Calbert really be considered a home run hire?
  3. Alright. Thanks guys. I’ll try not to get carried away for the second time this week ... but how the hell are we supposed to fall asleep!?!? “And people saying Dolson got his guy. “. Oh man
  4. Honest question though - what can Indiana give him they Arkansas can’t? Pretty sure they could match any amount of money.
  5. Well he made some recruiting mistakes early that hurt him all four year. I’m sure he’d do a handful of things differently next time. He’ll get his chance too. I personally don’t think he had multiple years of success because he can’t coach. it didn’t work here. Sometimes that happens. He’ll go to another school. Build his resume back up. And earn another crack at a big program. And learn from his mistakes.
  6. I’m sure feelers have already been put out. Muss knows IU will pony up cash as will Arkansas. He’ll just have to determine if there is something at the IU job that Arkansas can’t offer him. Plus he’s already started building there. Last question is where does he want to go? Is Arkansas his destination? Would IU be a destination job for him? Would Duke or UNC be a destination job for him? Does he want to go back to NBA again? A lot of questions... but money won’t be an issue basically going forward. His payday is coming. Just up to him where/what he wants to do.
  7. Archie knows b-ball and can coach. His flaw was recruiting and a dud offensive system. No national recruit wanted to come here. Not an attractive program outside of “Indiana” kids. He knows hoops though. He didn’t get to Indiana on accident.
  8. My gut tells me Stevens was plan A. Maybe Muss/Beard plans B/C (either order). Matta plan D. Beilein, Woodson, etc etc next tier.
  9. Yeah. But would mean he left IU on a pretty high note. I think he views IU as a destination job - unless he wants to get back to NBA
  10. He won’t say it while he’s still in the tourney. But Dolson should probably expect an arms race.
  11. Only concern is Texas swoops in. I’m actually more intrigued by musselman.
  12. I think people are just making up candidates at this point. If you get some clicks, great. It worked. Not saying Matta is made up. But some of these names have to be.
  13. They going to pay him $3mm to coach and $3mm for a Vicodin addiction? This seems risky on so many levels. I feel terrible for him. But why take a risk here when there are other candidates who are equally as likely to succeed with less risk? I guess zoom/pandemic can help with recruiting, but still.
  14. All the more reason to get a proven coach this time around. Beard or Musselman would be solid. Beard has obvious success in Big 12, but wonder if Texas snatches him up soon. Musselman doesn’t have as much of a college track record per se, but his nba and other experience definitely makes up for it. They both have big personalities. Both would be good hires.
  15. Good points. The best part is, we are probably feeding all of the frenzy and Dolson is doing nothing but his job at this point. The only pause for concern may be potential concerns attached to the philanthropic funds. But the more I think about it, I don’t think Dolson would’ve accepted it under the notion of “Here’s $10mm, Stevens or IU guy”. in the end, Archie’s offensive product was not attracting national recruits. Given the unique transfer rules this year, he made the change a year early to accelerate a rebuild. He wants to attract kids nationally. All of IUs highest ranked kids were from Indiana. He couldn’t recruit out of state bc of the offensive product and defense first approach ... but mainly the offense.
  16. Fair. I understand that. But how is Woodson such a consideration and Smart not being rumored? Smart is 6-7 years younger, so wouldn’t that be a longer term solution? Is Woodson that much better? also couldn’t a coach like musselman who coached with smart or beard who is best friends with Pat Knight help bridge the gap with former players somehow?
  17. There were two reads on Dolson (not from me): 1) he’s the absolute right man for the job 2) he’s a puppet its Possible the buyout money had a very short and specific list
  18. If this truly comes to fruition, makes me believe there were heavy strings attached to that philanthropic money
  19. So you’re hiring two coaches with this hire? I dunno.
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