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  1. Oh because of the in state thing. They could probably raise that in 15 minutes.
  2. I’m sure he’s a great coach, but is he a more than a 10 year solution at best? Seems a head scratcher
  3. How do Beard or Musselman not even get spoken to if Woodson is locked in? This would be brutal. I could see Texas beating IU to the punch for Beard, but Muss would deserve a conversation at least? Unless there were heavy strings attached to the buyout money.
  4. Only real lateral hires are like Woodson, Mack, Enfield and Mike White peegs allegedly mentioned recently. I’m sure I’m missing a couple. Do any of those guys run a dynamic system Dolson wants that would attract recruits nationally?
  5. To make a bold statement like Dolson did with Archie, it’s to make a bold hire. This would basically be the opposite... (or I guess bold in a very off there wall way)! But just don’t see it happening.
  6. Ha. I could see him as assistant at best. But would 100% be a head scratcher.
  7. Bennett’s and Beards offense fits what Dolson is looking for? I thought he said he wants something more modern, attractive to today’s players nationally ... ie - Not Archie. Archie didn’t land any big recruits outside of the state because his offense was not attractive. Unless I am not understanding what you are saying? I view Beard and Bennett as very defense first type guys. Musselman, however, as an Offense first type guy.
  8. Why would White leave Florida? He’s from there and making over $3mm. I feel like he’s regressed in recent years. Woodson has been brought up before. But would you pay a $10mm buyout to get him? I realize it gets offset- but it’s a bold statement- for Woodson?
  9. Theo Epstein had Cubs candidates do mock press conferences and media sessions. Similar idea.
  10. Same. Plus, like you said, kids are getting older, Lubbock is a dump, and I’m sure Pat Knight is recruiting him like crazy. His offense is my biggest concern personally.
  11. Given their respective track records, I could see Beard being a safer play today - which, given the fragile state of IU and really needing a sure thing this time around - may not be the worst. But it wouldn’t surprise me down the road if Muss has more success than Beard.
  12. Sounds like Drew has too many skeletons in the Indy area. Also why Glass never sniffed him 4 years ago. And not sure Pitino gets a chance here with his background.
  13. Plus - Muss is from Ohio, dad coached in B1G, so he knows what IU b-ball represents. And his Smart connection is definitely intriguing. No direct ties per se, but it’s not like he’s born and raised in New York. on the other hand, I’m sure Pat Knight is recruiting Beard to IU. They are best buds. Personally, I’m just overly sensitive to the fact IU just brought in a defensive guy in Archie. I know Beards success in the Big 12 far outweighs any A10 success, but Muss NBA experience and offense-focused approach has me more intrigued for some reason. I’m probably over analyzing.
  14. All true. Which, if all the rumors about Stevens were so close blah blah blah only to fall apart at the 11th hour, maybe the door isn’t completely shut. But as someone mentioned, it probably means someone built IU back up pretty good for them to leave.
  15. If muss relies on transfers - this is probably the year to hire him. But every candidate comes with risk like you all mentioned... would Muss leave for NBA? Would Beard take Texas job if Shaka went sideways again?
  16. Problem is, you need a new coach in like 4 years. When you start recruiting, kids won’t even know who their coach will be when they graduate. phenomenal coach no doubt. It’s possible he’s like plan F
  17. Sounds like Drew has some skeletons around here and Glass didn’t sniff him 4 years ago. But yes - makes you wonder for sure.
  18. Dolson made a bold move financially with Archie. I’m convinced it’s to make a bold hire ... not Altman nor Enfield nor Oats nor Pope. I’d be pretty shocked if it weren’t beard or musselman so tbd. Beard and Pat Knight are best buds - so I’m sure Pats pulling every string to help get him here.
  19. I definitely don’t think Drew. But you don’t think he’ll talk to Beard nor Musselman? I see beilien as option 4 - complete last resort. who do you think then?
  20. With the caveat of now it’s known that IU will spend 7-8mm/year allegedly ... do they float something to Donovan, Wright and Bennett for a whiff?
  21. I’d guess beard and/or musselman are the next two candidates. Then there’s a big drop off to the next group - which I suspect it wouldn’t get there.
  22. Probably a lot of feelers put out there. I’m sure there was some smoke to them pursuing Stevens. If it is in fact a closed door, probably have more serious conversations once teams likes Texas Tech, Arkansas, etc finish their seasons. Those coaches don’t want distractions now - but likley have given a preliminary indication that they’re wiling to sit down and talk after the season. I’m sure Dolsons plan A was to get Stevens. But Im assuming he has a plan B and C. And ultimately - this was definitely the year to do it give the free agency off season. Archie’s brand unfortunately wasn’t attracting national talent. So on to the next candidate(s).
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